Tesla Model S P85D Versus Ferrari 458 Italia – Race Video


From A Rolling Start, The Tesla Model S P85D Can't Keep Up With The Mighty Ferrari

From A Rolling Start, The Tesla Model S P85D Can’t Keep Up With The Mighty Ferrari

The Tesla Model S P85D is the new target in racing. Seemingly every exotic car owner on the planet wants to take down the Tesla.  Most have failed, but a few have succeeded.

In this matchup, a Ferrari 458 Italia dominates, but we should point out that the rolling starts actually benefit the Ferrari rather heavily.

Due to the rolling starts, the P85D isn’t able to show off its mighty off-the-line, instant torque, so really the Tesla had no chance at keeping pace with the Ferrari.

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If I had to guess, I’d say 4k-5k engine RPM, @almost 40mph, is where this “race” started for the Ferrari. That’s a far cry from at-rest, or even a giant roll-out. I’m impressed the P85D didn’t loose more convincingly. Speeds were illegal (U.S.) probably within the first second. Otherwise, the 5,000lb beast just about marked him.


This shows that it takes a $235K car to beat a 4 door sedan.

Good job Ferrari!


Maybe Ferrari doesn’t know how a drag race is done….


Shows that 2-door exotics are already running scared of the future Gen III based Next-Gen Roadster, so they are trying to beat the Sedan.


Entertaining; but, apples and oranges; doesn’t prove anything.

Warren M

Same thing will happen with any of these sports sedans or sports cars that trap in the 120mph+ in the quarter mile. In a rolling start, they will walk away from the P85d which only traps around 115mph. Even the M3 traps 119mph. So contrary to what people think after seeing a M4 get slaughtered off the line by the Tesla. Upper speed acceleration would turn the table to an opposite result.

Roy LeMeur

A rolling start isn’t even close to being a real drag race. Many races are won and lost in the first 60 feet not to mention reaction time.

As everyone points out, the P85Ds strong point is in that launch.

This _contest_ is totally biased toward the Ferrari.