Tesla Model S P85D Versus Dodge Challenger Hellcat – The Rematch Video


Three months ago, a Tesla Model S P85D took on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at the drag strip. The result was absolute embarrassment for the Hellcat driver, as the P85D blew the traction-limited Challenger away.

It was suggested that the Hellcat driver fit his car with some drag radials if he were to ever go up against the P85D again.

Well, that’s exactly what the Hellcat driver has done:

“Tesla is stock, Hellcat is modified with drag radial tires.”

The rematch result?  Well, let’s start off by pointing out the obvious: the Hellcat is no longer stock, it’s prepped to race, which we think gives it an unfair advantage.  Regardless, the P85D again beats the Hellcat off the line, but the winner, by a decent margin, is the Hellcat.

Quarter-mile results:

  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat: 11.08 seconds @ 125.92 MPH
  • Tesla Model S P85D: 11.92 @ 112.11 MPH
Rematch Time

Rematch Time

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This rematch was done without the 6.2 Firmware Update installed, I assume?

They’ll need to re-rematch, if so. 😉

To put special racing tires on one car but not on the other is called CHEATING. Any race horse or Nascar owner discovered pulling this stuff for a race will be disqualified. Anyone who has to win by an unfair advantage, just admitted they lost.

Truth be told the Tesla would not benefit from racing tires in this kind of match as the Tesla with all wheel drive hooks up fine. It’s simply not intended to be in this kind of match. The Hellcat was engineered for this type of racing. It’s in it’s DNA. The Tesla gave a great showing and as was stated…it’s a four door luxury sedan…..nothing to be ashamed of AT ALL!!!

The Dodge Hellcat did much better this time than it did the last time. I guess they found the red key. 🙂

Doh, so now the Hellcat owner feels all tough again.

Yeah… it barely beat a stock family sedan.

hahaha yeah

Almost a second, and more importantly the trap speed is around 12mph faster. The Tesla would need over 100 more horsepower to gain 12mph in the quarter.

The point should’ve been that the Hellcat would need AWD to launch without drag radials. Add 200 lbs to the Hellcat and reduce the power to the wheels by 50 hp to account for the weight and frictional looses of an AWD system that can handle 700 lb-ft and you have a much closer match-up.

Has Anyone ever even SEEN Tesla Racing Slicks (for this guy to pull the match together once more for a Re-Re-Match)!

Not Bad for a Car that can recharge/refill for so little $$ – or Even For Free!

I wonder when Drag Strips will get their own Tesla Supercharger Setup for the routine of races like this to be nearly continuous?

Is already being done a Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. Three level-two chargers donated by Tesla, and plenty of other 240V/50A charging available. Silent Thunder electric only drag racing and road racing will be there on 9/20/15

Tesla has skid mounted Superchargers for Laguna Seca events, etc. Good idea.

Its ok Hellcat owner do you feel better now?

Really bad run for the P85D. I had mine, with the 19″ OEM tires, at the local Sacramento drags and consistently ran 113.46-113.96 mph and ETs of 11.72 to 11.84

So I wonder what happened to the P85D? Clearly 11.08 is probably out of reach, but with the softer high performance tires, the Tesla also just had a “bad run,” and as noted with the latest software update (6.2) he might even get into the low 11’s.

I think they feel better now. The first time they had no clue what they were up againsted. This time they did, and they came prepared. I bet they have a lot more respect for an electric car now. They will never take Tesla or any other electric car for-granted again (although they won) .

Who Cares!!!! Jeez!! What is the infatuation with speed. How fast can the Tesla or Hellcat go? THE SPEED LIMIT. Jeez!!

but it is fun to get up to the speed limit quickly.

Tesla accelerated quicker at first

It’s just an appliance. Like a toaster. Right?

It is becoming pathetic – straight line Tesla racing. This kind of racing tells you absolutely nothing about how a car drives and performs. Why there are no videos of a real track racing involving Tesla? The available videos suggest (wrongly) that Tesla is a car that cannot turn. Are we comparing here cars or ICE and electric motor?

there are also no videos of sand rails on an oval track. who cares? let the car do what its good at. it handles better than any other 5000 lb car that I know of.

You probably do not even realize how stupid your comment is…

no, i dont but i do realize u r an a$$

Do you realise how misinformed you are?

Here is what a race car driver has to say about it : “Leilani Munter : Jonathan, the Model S has the lowest center of gravity of any sedan, it handles like it is on RAILS especially with the plus suspension which is only included on the P85D and is no longer available in the S. You can only get plus suspension now with the P85D”

And here is the handling test from an expert at Motor Trend on the “old” 2013 RWD Model S

I completely agree that the MS handles very well especially for a 4800 pound sedan. If that was not clear, I apologize to whoever I confused.

I was answering to Rob who don’t seem to have a clue on how the Model S is tightly engineered.

I don’t really blame him because putting so many battery weight in any conventionnal ICE frame would be a disaster.
(You have to follow the little corridors to know to whom we respond.)

Rob, as I, and so many more says, you have to test drive one to understand how advanced this vehicle is.

I own one.

99% of daily driving is straight roads what are you talking about LOLOLOL

Yes, everywhere all over the world the roads are 99% straight. You win one internet.

Hi, welcome to America! Where muscle cars have competed on exactly this metric ever since the 1950’s!

But clearly, you must be a fan of Japanese and/or European circuit racing, where suspension and cornering ability matter more than raw horsepower 3/4 of the time. That’s fine.

But this is America…

And this race cost the Tesla driver a few cents of electricity. Probably a few bucks in gas & oil for the Hellcat.

“the P85D blew the traction-limited Challenger away.”

You’re still reporting this? The Hellcat clearly redlighted on the first race, and therefore wasn’t competing when he did a burnout and then drove down the track. Disqualified before the race started.

Reporting that as if it was a resounding win for the Tesla because the Hellcat didn’t have traction demonstrates that insideevs.com doesn’t really understand drag racing, or listen to the feedback from the many readers who made this correction in the last article’s comments.

Two questions:

1.) Was the Hellcat using normal pump fuel or racing fuel?

2.) Was the Tesla using regular electrons or racing electrons?

Not really all that surprising since the Tesla is much heavier and has less power. You can’t fight physics, only hope the other party screws up (as they did in the first race).

ICEs currently have the advantage in top end gearing, but Model S will spank pretty much anything in a sprint.

Personally, I still see this as great results for the Model S.

The Model S clearly beat the pants off the hellcat until after they were well above legal speeds anywhere in the US. And that Hellcat wouldn’t hook up that well with those tires on a regular city street.

As for the criticism that drag racing is stupid — fair enough, and at least this is on the track and not on a street somewhere. But the alternative to talking about how fast the Tesla is and how many cars it crushes, is to have all the talk about EV’s be about how slow an iMiev is, or how slow a Toyota Prius PIP is when accelerating in EV-only mode.

Even if you personally don’t like racing, it is part of the entire rigamarole of selling to the mass market. And if you believe in EV’s going mass market, you have to take the bad with the good that comes with the mass market, and smile and play along.

The cool thing is that with Software Update 6.7 or 7.5, or whatever Tesla may develop in the future, the P85D might just be able to beat that hellcat with just a free software update delivered over the air.

Maybe a drag strip setting that is GPS activated when a Tesla P85D is on a drag strip that accesses more power, allowing the driver to decide how far past the limits of insanity they want to push it?

I believe the Nissan GT-R uses GPS to sense when it is on a race track, so this isn’t completely new.

Someone call the White Ghost.
That will be a honest race.