Tesla Model S P85D Versus BMW M4 – Rolling Start Race Video


Benefiting from a rolling start, the BMW M4 actually keeps pace with the Tesla Model S P85D before pulling well into the lead later in the race.

We wonder, would the Model S have won if it was a standing-start race? Probably, but at a certain speed the Model S simply runs out of steam, meaning that the M4 would still pull ahead at some point late in the race.

Rolling Start Race

Rolling Start Race

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Bah Humbug! A rolling start? That’s pretty fast for a rolling start.

We really need to see EVs using gearboxes. If the Tesla had one it would clearly win a race like this.

Tesla tried a gearbox with the roadster and that failed miserably.
Besides, we don’t need to win drag races. We need affordable EV’s that are compelling enough for Joe Sixpack to buy.
EV’s need to be mainstream to have any useful impact.

Yes, but Tesla is far from affordable and 2000$ more for a good gearbox would be aceptable!

Hopefully they haven’t ruled them out entirely, but the previous efforts to put one into the Roadster didn’t work out very well. The most interesting stuff in that department are magnetic gearboxes. No gears, just magnets, not quite touching each other.

It definitely offers some interesting possibilities, but that sort of thing is still in early development, so who knows what will happen.

No we don’t. The Tesla tops out at 155 mph, what’s the point of making family cars go faster than that? In fact, even that is way faster than it needs to be.

Bring on the P90D Ludicrous!

Haha this is the only way they can win lol, if it was p90D tsla wins, if it was race from the start line TESLA WINS, and tsla probably in a couple of months will release P95D hoho then even these cheats will fail 🙂

your comment, this the only way the M4 wins..
Not true.

….or if the cars are required to go around a corner or two,
…or if the cars are required to be driven hard for more than a few minutes,
…or if the cars are required to complete more than one lap on a track.

you know, like real performance cars do.

Because im going to do that on my commute to work?


all this race track shit is absolutely worthless and a waste of gas and rubber. Racing is f**king stupid in real life. Only fun in video games.

Accelerating in real life is where you have your fun while listening to music, simple.

All cars that get above 80kW are not needed. Yes. And 99% of expensive cars are not needed, especially for comuting. Tesla claimed performance, but they can deliver it only a short time.

If you commute you only need a Leaf. Either you compare sports car vs. Sports car vor you look for cheap. AS you stated one category is won buy the BMW, the other by the Leaf. In both ways (racing or commuting) Tesla is not the best car.

This is actually a much more realistic scenario on the autobahn than those stupid drag races. Probably one of the reasons why the Model S isn’t exactly a raging success in Germany.

No being a German car company is the biggest thing going against Tesla.

They are doing better than Cadillac.

“Cadillac sold only 430 cars in Europe last year, off from 3,000 cars in 2007.”

Cadillac is part if GM (?) which closed all dealerships this year in Europe! You cant make sales without selling.

GM wouldn’t have closed the dealerships if they had the sales so you’ve proved him right.

Possibly. There’s a YouTube video of Bjorn driving his model S on the Autobahn at around 200 km/hr for about 12 minutes. He consumes about 20.8 KW hr in that time or about most of the usable capacity in my Leaf!! Assuming he could use the entire 85 KW hr of the Tesla his range would be down to around 100 miles.

However, here in Ontario the highest speed limit is 100 km/hr and you get charged with stunt driving if they catch you doing more than 150 km/hr. So even if I could afford that Tesla, I’d never have the Autobahn range problem. 🙂

Yes because the only way to get from any point A to any point B in Germany is the Autobahn. They do have cities and stoplights in Germany. Also not everyone drives the unlimited sections of the Autobahn.

If I buy a $100K car in Germany, I expect it to perform well on the autobahn and pass easily.

PS: I’ve lived in Germany for the majority my life.

Yes, most of the people that buy a 100k car don’t want to “sacrifice till it hurts” compared to prius guys or me 😉

In the US its no limitation because you have stricter speed limits, but in germany it will hurt sales in this price category.

Not realistic in the United States

Speed limits on city streets are 35 -55

So its 0 to the speed limit at red light or stop sign. After that you are speeding.

Then on freeways its 65-80

Low end power is all that matters, a car that can go 200+ is stupid

Around 90% if the cars are stupid. Go cycling. 🙂

You’re aware this is a car-oriented website?

I am not aware of the gearbox issue on the Telsa sports car. Can someone briefly decribe why and how there was a problem.

The Roadster had a two-speed gearbox. Unfortunately, the massive instant torque of the EV drive unit caused longevity issues.

Seems like a problem that is solvable with Software since Motor controlling is Software. Torque control is easy.

That’s because Tesla didn’t use a heavy duty transmission. Plenty of gas and EV racers use aftermarket 2 and 3 speed manual-shift automatics (i.e. planetary gearset with manual valve body) without issues. BMW, Porsche and the upcoming NSX also use gearboxes for their hybrids.

Gas cars also hit the transmission with massive torque off the line with launch control or a transbrake in drag cars.

Why did they have the passenger window down on the “S” ? I saw it roll up well into the race? Not that the outcome would have been any different but having windows down creates huge wind drag as speeds increase

M4 uses gasoline. Automatically loses.

Depending in the numbers of dinosaurs you burried in your garden 😉

Geez…. That BMW becoming so fast a dot on the horizon. Why paying so much for that and little practicality. My personal champion is the 2016 Volt. It has a huge performances/price ratio. Bring it here please !!

The gearbox in an electrical vehicle would be simple. All you have to do is take the Prius transmission and substitute an electric motor for the gas motor. I’m not sure why no one has done this before.

So BMV needs a rolling start to beat the Tesla. The is the most pathetic race BMV just put themselves into. Rolling stats is like giving your opponent who you know will lose a fighting chance. In the end Tesla always wins cause it’s 100% Electric.