Tesla Model S P85D Versus BMW i8 – Drag Race Videos


Both from a dead stop and starting from a roll, the Tesla Model S P85D makes the BMW i8 appear to be launching from mud.

It’s no contest.

*Note: The Tesla is dialing back power in the rolling race, according to DragTimes. The car showed a message and a reduced power line on its cluster.

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30 responses to "Tesla Model S P85D Versus BMW i8 – Drag Race Videos"
  1. Mutwin Kraus says:

    It will look different on a real track. The Tesla’s off the line speed is impressive, but real racing takes place on a track with corners.

    1. Stimpy says:

      Well sure, the Tesla weighs the same as a fully optioned F150 crewcab. It’s still impressive. It has nothing on i8 looks, however. Interior or exterior for that matter.

      1. Dan Hue says:

        The Tesla’s size and heft are tied to it’s performance. As of today, it comes with the territory, and you can’t wish it away with what-ifs. I think both cars push their conceptual envelope, and are equally praise worthy.

      2. Koenigsegg says:

        Tesla is sexy, sleek, clean, futuristic and cool, i8 is really futuristic and cool, not an overall clean design and certainly not “sexy”

        hard to beat the looks of a Red Tesla with Grey 21’s

    2. Jimage says:

      I wouldn’t Give You 10Cents For That P O S i8..What a Poor Excuse Of a Car …Oh Yea, Wait Untill we get on a Real Track….Tesla Pulls 1.9G’s in corners ….That i8 is a Child’s Toy At BEST!

      1. ELROY says:

        It doesnt pull 1.9gs! And at 140mph on the autobahn…the Tesla couldn’t even run half the distance of the i8, and would not keep up on a roadcourse. The fact that the i8 is that close in a 60mph roll is amazing for only having a little three cylinder and less than 145hp electric motor! Hopefully ludicrous versions will fix the Tesla top end weakness.

      2. taser54 says:

        Is this really what Tesla wants as a fanboi?

      3. protomech says:

        Less trolling and random capitalization, more spell checking please.

        1. ffbj says:

          In some random universe this is probably true. Though the people there are more boring they are less irritating.

    3. Koenigsegg says:

      When does anyone do real racing in every day driving?

  2. 2013VOLT says:

    Is this on a public road?!! If so, these people are morons. If you can afford either of these cars you can afford to take them to a track.

    1. Foo says:

      They can obviously afford face-blurring video effects, though.

    2. Koenigsegg says:

      How are they moron, the road is empty, morons would be swerving in and out of traffic

  3. ffbj says:

    …and I would want to buy an i8 for what reason?

    1. Anon says:

      Sit in one, then try to get out of it.

      They’re not very ergonomically friendly. The i8 is not meant to be a family or touring car.

      They are prefect for rich loaners, however.

      1. sven says:

        It’s loners, not loaners. 😀

        You’re wrong Anon. The i8 is a chic magnet, so it’s the perfect choice for rich single guys who aren’t loners. The perfect choice for rich loners is . . . (drumroll) . . . the Toyota Mirai! 😉

        1. ffbj says:

          Hard to argue with that.

        2. Koenigsegg says:

          A Red Tesla is the ultimate chick magnet

          Im single and can pick up 4 hot chicks and put 2 midgets in the rear facing jump seats and some in the frunk 🙂

  4. Jay Donnaway says:

    Okay, so the i8 is to be relegated to the niche with other stuporcars- look nice and take corners crazy fast, but only on a track. Want a family sedan that will spank supercars off the line and up every on-ramp?
    Go TESLA, and now that all your patents are ours, how about our right to repair?

  5. philip d says:

    Can’t wait until Tesla puts out the next Roadster. It will surely be designed more for the track than the first generation Roadster.

    This time built from the ground up as a purpose built performance car with a more robust active cooling system it should be able to go the distance around most tracks at full power output.

    To achieve this it will undoubtedly cost more than the P90D but it will spank not only the i8 to 60, the 1/4 mile and around the track but many other $200,000+ supercars.

    Then we can stop comparing the Model S family sedan to track cars and 1/4 mile muscle cars and let the new Roadster do all that heavy lifting.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      I could be wrong, but I just don’t see Tesla trying to develop a production car that will perform well as a racetrack car, at least not until batteries improve quite a bit in energy density. Current EVs, even Tesla’s EVs, are too limited in how much power they carry. Look at Formula E races! They run them as relay races, because no EV can carry enough power to run very far at top speed.

      Other car companies spend lots of money supporting racing teams, using purpose-built racecars, as a method of attracting attention to their brand and to promote their engineering. Tesla accomplishes the same thing by repeatedly upgrading how fast the Model S can accelerate from 0-60.

  6. jamjo says:

    so…., mr editor here picks & chooses the Replies…LEAVES OUT THE ONES THAT DO NOT FAVOR HIM ….ONLY SHOWS THE ONE HE WANTS TO SHOW…..GO TO HELL!!!!! MR EDITOR!!!! YOU DICTATOR!!!!!!!a COMMUNIST & a NAZI!

    1. Staff says:

      As mentioned before to you, using multiple name IDs in the same thread to make is seem as though many people are sharing your position is against the community guidelines.

      This is why your first comment under the name “Jimage” (despite its immaturity level)remained, while the subsequent two were removed.

      Now given previous warnings to yourself, and the fact you are frequently abusive (which is why we are leaving the above comment ‘as is’ to demononstrate) is why you have now earned InsideEVs’ 9th ban person award.

      1. David Murray says:

        Thank you!

      2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Thank you indeed.

    2. David Murray says:

      Freedom of speech does not guarantee you an audience. Nobody wants to listen to a troll with an IQ of 50 post a dozen negative comments about one product on a single post.

  7. Koenigsegg says:

    Never understand why people talk about the track

    When the heck is anyone driving a Model S to work everyday going to drive the track that day as well?


    Acceleration is all that matters, launching from stop lights is everyday fun.

  8. Jon says:

    Really nice. Even after seeing the tesla and i8 in person- I’d get the i8. Lucky to both owners in owning a a nice car.

  9. Dr. Pete says:

    Both cars are sold for road use, not for the racetrack. Only the Tesla is also sold as helping to combat climate change. Compare the distance both cars can go in electric only mode! It’s no contest.

  10. Mayhemm says:

    The i8 forgot to turn its fake engine sound to “high”. Then it might have done better.