Tesla Model S P85D Versus Audi R8 V10 – Drag Race Video


Sorry Audi.  Maybe next time.

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We’ll Put Our Money On The Tesla

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Tesla is very fast, but there is .15 reaction time difference between the two riders.
The R8 was just sleeping on the start.

He was probably too enthusiastic about the noise his car was making!
Probably thinking that would have intimidated the other rider.
Just a reality check, stopping fantasming about the noise and getting down to business would have done a much tighter race.

.. and Tesla does not need to have a “launch” mode like gas car, however Tesla did eat Audi’s lunch

its a wonder the Audi didnt break down on the track

…or catch fire. Have you seen all the photos of R8s on fire? It’s scary.

I don’t think the Audi suffered that much of a delay.

Key thing is, the Audi didn’t really start catching up, like some other cars do. Tesla dominated that one.

Was that the outgoing R8 model or the refreshed version?

Even if it was the outgoing R8, it should be capable of a 11.3 second time, but only managed a 12.027 second time in this race.


And these cars cost about the same ~$125k

Not really. This is the R8 with a V10.

Audi R8 V10 starting MSRP: $160K
Audi R8 V10 Plus starting MSRP: $174K
This is from their website.

Tesla P85D starting MSRP: $105K
Tesla P85D completely loaded out MSRP: $125K

Good to see an actual track video, instead on on the streets.

I think with all the actual legal track videos that keep coming out with the Model S, that there really isn’t much need to post anything that isn’t on a track, or verifiability on closed roads.

The rear wheel drive sports car is dying. If you want to compete in today’s fast car world, you better bring all wheel drive with at least one electric motor for torque.

Wheel slip on the R8 cost him dearly.

I agree. Especially that race video of the Tesla getting spanked by the GTR at night. That race was clearly not on a closed road as you could see cars approaching them in the distance.

Sorry, I replied to the wrong post. I was supposed to reply to Nix’s post about street racing.

Ironically apropos. The GTR is all-wheel drive and will be a hybrid next year. But apparently, it will not have a plug. 🙁




These drag videos, all they do is provide hype for Tesla. Win or Lose, it’s a Plus Plus for Tesla.

Here’s why:

Win: Of course that’s a positive, that’s a gimme.

Lose: It takes a car specifically designed to race or a highly modified one that is usually 75% or more in cost to beat a 4 door large sedan.

Either way, it’s free advertising for your stock in TSLA.