Tesla Model S P85D vs Model S P85+ Drag Race – Video

SEP 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla Model S P85D v Model S P85+ Drag Race by CarAdvice.com.au

Tesla Model S P85D v Model S P85+ Drag Race by CarAdvice.com.au

Australia is still to get its Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode, so for now here’s a Down Under test of the P85D and P85+.

High quality comparison.

“The recently released Tesla Model S P85D is fast. With dual electric motors and a 0-100km/h time of just 3.3-seconds, it is the fastest four-door sedan in the world.

To put its speed into perspective, we lined up the Model S P85+ for a drag race to show you just how fast the P85D really is.”

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This reader is getting really tired of these sorts of articles depicting the acceleration capabilities of the Model S. Very interesting some time ago, but surely the narrative should now move to much more important achievements and challenges.

Otherwise, a really great place to visit more than once a day

So, let me get this straight(away), you’re saying…

that these articles are getting old… fast?

that you’d really like to put the brakes on these articles?

that you’re putting your foot down about all these acceleration articles?

and (wait for it…)

that these articles are dragging?

Yeah, we should really put the pedal to the metal and stomp on these articles, since they are such a drag.

I suspect it is just a slow news day.

Everyone else is tired of people who could have just ignored an article, but instead clicked through to post a whine about how it’s an article they’d rather not read.

Excitement sells metal. I enjoy reading about how Tesla performance is still new, fresh, and exciting to people, even after all this time.

Posting an email to the editors is a much more mature and efficient way to request a rebalance of content, but you won’t impress any of your peers with how jaded you are if you do it that way…

Keep reporting. Expensive performance cars are exciting. It an important halo effect for Tesla to be near the top. BMW, Audi, AMGs, are all ultra fast sedans. If the Tesla can at least beat them in off the line quickness, and make a decent showing in quarter mile trap speeds , that will be a good thing. I want to see some more Hellcat vs Tesla videos!

This is the first video I’ve seen comparing the two cars. Very interesting to see what a huge difference the “D” makes.

Next, I’d love to see a race between an 85D and a P85. The numbers are very close between the two of those. I believe the P85 has the nod on paper.

Lastly, I’m very interested to see a race between a P85D and a P90D to see if the difference is all that dramatic.

Yeah, a Model S drag-racing another Model S was the “twist” here. 🙂

Fan of any Tesla drag race

thats where the fun is

As a P85+ owner (or, as I now refer to it, the iPhone3G of Teslas), videos like this make me simultaneously happy (to see what Tesla has achieved in such a short time) and sad (to see just how far behind my car as fallen in the same period).

A question about testing methodology: were the cars fully charged at the time of the race? I’ve heard that SOC can noticeably affect acceleration times, especially in the P85D.

I love watching these Tesla Model S drag races, so I am looking forward to witnessing Ludicrous Mode in action.

Pretty soon, we will have more of these electric cars drag racing each other, leaving gas cars out of it entirely.

These races will have to be all done over again, after firmware 7.0 comes out with Torque Sleep and Performance Tweaks for single motor MS’s, comes out…