Tesla Model S P85D Tackles Snowy 14% Grade – Video


Ever wonder how the Tesla Model S P85D performs up a 14% grade in snowy, slick conditions?  Well, wonder no more:

“Tesla Model S P85D Up a 14% grade in extremely slick conditions. Michelin X-ICE Xi3 tires.”

A rather impressive climber when equipped with proper tires, don’t you think?

Tesla Model S P85D Climbs Snowy, Steep Grade

Tesla Model S P85D Climbs Snowy, Steep Grade

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David Murray

I got stuck in the ice once with my Leaf just a block from my house because I couldn’t get up the icy hill.

Robert Weekley
It’s all about the Tires! I used to get a great set of Sears Ice & Snow’s – (Made By Pirelli, they said) each fall, and traction and release were very predictable, and easy to read – even when purposely drifting and recovering – they locked in to the desired direction almost like a snap! Only time I had any issue – was when towing a trailer up North in B.C. – near Burns Lake or so, on Frozen Melted Compact Snow & Ice, with water on the surface: I saw a guy in the ditch ahead, and decided to slow down and see if he needed any help – first touch of the brakes lightly – and the combo started to slide: I had to put just about 1/4 the normal brake pressure to maintain control, but I did get it slowed and stopped and off to the shoulder – but it took about 1/2 a Km! I had to walk back to the guy in the ditch to ask if he was OK – and he had already called for a Tow, so – I went back to my car and slowly got moving again and back onto… Read more »

The worse city driving in snow I’ve ever experienced, was in the steeply hilly, unplowed suburbs of Pittsburg. That’s tire chain terrirory.

Anyone regularly use tire chains on your EV? What kind of range loss do you directly attribute to using them?


Isn’t this a P85D and doesn’t that have four-wheel drive? Having all four wheels turning with good tires is a plus on a snowy road for any vehicle.


There is no more efficient traction control than this one. All electric systems, lightning fast feedback and one motor for two wheels.
It grips in any condition. Far superior than regular AWD.
An automobile expert up here in my snowy country said that a safe traction control as this one should be mandatory for all vehicles!


Give me four wheel drive over two ANY day in the snow!
I don’t know why you think having an electric motor instead of an ice means it will grip in any conditions. That statement just sounds stupid!
It is the tread and compound of the tyres and how many are being driven that creates grip. NOT the means of turning the wheels.


Excellent video. This is the sort of video I’ve been begging for, for 2 years!

The P85D makes Tesla truly viable for snowy climes. Yes the old Tesla could manage in a mediocre way, but the new one appears awesome


Nothing exception to see here.

Any AWD/4WD system with good snow tires should be able to make up the uphill..

Anyone who drives up to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra knows this?


Well said…


My i3 REx with all weather tires had handled quite well in snow – just got to be careful when you let up on the gas because of the heavy regen breaking! Will fish tail if you let up too fast!

mike w

Knowing how to drive on snow and ice is also very important.


a panamera snow climb for comparison
I know not the same tires


You’ll have to wait for Model Y…