Tesla Model S P85D With Software 6.2 Accelerates From 0 To 60 MPH In 3.05 Seconds

APR 13 2015 BY TDILLARD 28

Yeah, we’ve heard all about the Tesla Model S 6.2 software update, but who’s run it?  Well, DragTimes, in a P85D, of course.

Here’s the story and below is the important stuff:

Version 6.1Version 6.2
0-60 MPH3.143.05
0-100 MPH8.3038.13
1/8 Mile7.406 @ 94.9 MPH7.32 @ 95.3 MPH
1/4 Mile11.6 @ 115.5 MPH11.5 @ 115.7 MPH
Oh, right.  The video:

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what message pops up under the speedometer?

While interesting this is news why? The Model S has far more useful and practical attributes besides just reaching 60 mph.

But then I guess this is a “Drag Times” article

When I see a title to a story that I’m not interested in, I simply don’t click on it….

I certainly don’t click on it, and then read it if I’m not interested.

And after that I really, really don’t post on a story that I’m not interested in.

Finally, I absolutely don’t come back later, click the story I’m not interested in AGAIN, and go and comment more in the comment section for a second time. How about you?

Haha… I see what you did there.

(Let’s wait to see if he comes back. *giggle*)

Why Yes, I do come back. to see how many idiots take the time to read and then respond to a comment they obviously had no interest in and plan on coming back to see if the poster returned. *giggle* have a nice day gentlemen.

You’re so Meta.


Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark.



that is absolutely amazing

Electric is now synonymous with extreme performance. Thank god for Musk, otherwise electric cars would be jokes with their needlessly anemic performance.

Pardon me, but I believe you meant insane performance.

He got it right. No other production electric has “insane” level performance.

The fact that there was a Hellcat owner who made a video warning other Hellcat owners not to drag race electric vehicles means Tesla is doing something right.

In honor of Space Balls, their next software update will bring you “Ludicrous” mode. Then you can really thank God (the Almighty, capitalized) for Musk. Those poser Greek gods (lower case) don’t have much to offer. 😉

Indeed, without Tesla, we all would think that Nissan LEAF is the best thing what electric cars can ever be. And this of course was the perception on electric cars what established car industry tried to create and maintein.

@Big Solar:

Blind spot warning disabled (at extreme speeds)


Thanks, I could not figure it out.

Gives a different meaning to the phrase…



Because at 126 mph, if a deer jumps out into the road, everything will be ok in a Tesla.

Probably better off statistically in a Tesla, due to its very solid, monolithic construction. But again, the mortality and morbidity data typically favors larger vehicles in terms of survivable collisions.

I suppose as cars enter this new era of Digital AWD, faster acceleration and higher torque, new patterns will emerge in the resulting data over time…

The most revolutionary thing is that a car company will upgrade your car ‘for free’ to give you better performance and more features without you having to pay for it. Silicone valley thinking again.

No car company would ever do that and never even thought of doing that. It’s just not in their DNA.

Yeah, it’s time to burn the box that everyone’s been stuck in for about the last 100 years. 😛

Well said.

Impressive how bloody QUIET these cars are when they launch, and at such high speeds.

It’s sad how every other automaker really did everything they possibly could to avoid giving people refined, sustainable transportation technology with an exceptional level of performance, in such elegant and easily upgradable products (OTA firmware).

Can’t wait for Model X and its design secrets to be revealed. And of course, some initial hints at Model III…

Why waste energy on noise? That’s the awesome thing about electric propulsion. So little waste of energy on noise and waste heat.

Don’t any legacy automakers feel stupid yet?????

feel stupid, probably. admitting to it is another thing.

But will it be able to beat the Energica Ego with that new firmware…

Check this amazing Energica dragrace video out!

Looks like this will make it much closer but no not beat it at that setup, but it was pretty close with that version. Roadster got smoked.