Tesla Model S P85D In The Snow – Video


Here’s a brief video that shows the all-wheel-drive, dual-motor Tesla Model S P85D accelerating in the snow.

It’s not a snow test drive, or a winter testing video.  Rather, you’ll briefly see the P85D blast down a road with barely a coating of snow.

The video quality is far from top-notch and we’re still eager to see what the P85D can do when the snow really starts to fall, but at least we get a glimpse here at how the P85D might fare when there’s more white powder coming down.

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

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“…you’ll briefly see the P985D blast…”
* P85D

It’s the new hotness haven’t you heard? 2,804 EPA ranted range.

P985D is the 3000-mile Tesla!

Really? Kind of silly.

Can you hit a button and raise the car for cases of deep snow?

Yes, if you have the active site suspension option

So… accelerating like a bullet through an enclosed tent and then onto a public street is a good idea?

It was in Montreal and the streets were closed by the police on purpose.

…at the opening of the biggest Tesla Store of the continent.

And up here we don´t call this “in the snow”.

The streets didn’t look closed when the car crossed in front of them…. 😉

Am I the only person tiring of 0-60 videos?

Show me 0-5 mph in 1 foot of standing snow. THAT is why I lust after an AWD EV.

Even Bjorn who makes a billion mostly great videos hasn’t shown a single video of his tesla in a blizzard.

Also, please don’t ever accelerate like that in winter. It’s extremely dangerous. Especially the 60 to 0 part.

Looks like a similar setup from the P85D’s launch party. Not on an airstrip and no automated driving course after the acceleration.