Tesla Model S P85D Smokes McLaren 650 S – Race Video


Elon Musk Tweets About McLaren-Beating Tesla Model S P85D

Elon Musk Tweets About McLaren-Beating Tesla Model S P85D

Last week via Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk alerted us to a race between a Tesla Model S P85D and a 650 hp McLaren 650 S.

Here’s the video description (via Google Translate):

Ultimate stoplight sprint : Electric car makes mincemeat of supercar


Autovisie TV – Can an electric car like the Tesla Model S P85D chopped making a supercar such as the McLaren 650 S at a stoplight sprint ? Yes ! Werner Budding took the acid test and challenged a typical lease car driver with a Tesla to take on a brutal McLaren supercar like this

And here’s the race video (actual race starts at 2:20 mark – but still do check out the professional intro for the McLaren):

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9 Comments on "Tesla Model S P85D Smokes McLaren 650 S – Race Video"

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I’m disapointed, this is no race. This is a start of a race, not even one full cycle.

drag race

that wasn’t even a drag race, this was “how does the model s behave at a stoplight compared to Mc Laren 650s”

“a race between two cars over a short distance, usually a quarter of a mile, as a test of acceleration.”

Sorry, but no matter how much you butter it up or argue semantics, that WAS by DEFINITION a drag race.

Stoplights are the only thing that matter buddy!

thats real life fun, real life acceleration,

Tell me the last time you seen a McLaren going 100+ on city streets or anytime in traffic.

Model S is the ultimate car

But… but… the Toyota Mirai was a pace car!

I want to see lap times around a road course. ENOUGH DRAG RACING TESLAS!

lol and i love drag racing i just want to see the model S slung around Watkins glen, Laguna Seca etc vs some sportscars.

Laguna Seca?… Ok, that would be fun. But unfortunately I’m never going to race there, so stoplight behaviour is the only thing that matters for me. Ok, this and good stability in roads. In both Tesla is great.

McLaren Driver Sweating, Struggling, finally nails it: Configures Launch Control! Tesla Driver, Relaxed, waiting for the go signal!

Start – McLaren Driver struggling to not put down too much power and loose traction, enough power to get back that Lead the Tesla has!

Point – Absolute [McLaren] Power Corrupts (Traction)!

Traction + Torque + (Almost) Infinitely Fast adjustment = straight forward and simple Launch (Tesla!)