Tesla Model S P85D Smokes Ferrari 575 – Street Race Video

DEC 15 2014 BY JAY COLE 20

"What Have You Got In There?  691 Horsepower..."

“What Have You Got In There? 691 Horsepower…”

The first Model S P85Ds were delivered to customers and Tesla boutique stores last week, so you just knew it wouldn’t be long before the videos of them hitting the street and track wouldn’t long to follow.

It turns out the first one was a pretty good one.

The video starts out with a quick demonstration of what the car can do, then an impromptu race (and chat) breaks out with a 575 Ferrari.

The days of the supercar being powered by just an internal combustion engine are now pretty much done.

We look forward to seeing some track races with other popular sports cars of today – which are no doubt are being filmed now.


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I just cannot fathom the car’s acceleration from the video alone. It makes me sick. I feel like I’m watching those 60fps videos when it guns from a stop.

Hmm! After the first few secs, the Ferrari left the other car in dust.

? – Did you watch the video?

When your livelyhood depends on Tesla losing, it can be hard to see reality. 🙂

Come on now, this is See Through we’re talking about. S/he only sees what s/he wants to see.

You mean like after he let him pass?

You don’t see the Ferrari again until 16 seconds after the start of the race. By that time they are both slowing down anyway because after 12 seconds they are both doing well over 100 mph anyway. When the Ferrari passes the Tesla has already let off the throttle and you can see the passenger waving goodbye/thanks to the driver of the Ferrari. Notice the Ferrari only has one person while the Tesla is loaded with people.

Looked like some confusion on who should start. “Go”, “No, you go”, “OK Go”.

Where’s a hot girl w/a flag when you need it.


Here, Hellkitty.

Well, the 575 is a fine car but it’s also about 11 to 13 years old. Unknown if the 575 had a six speed manual or the F1 tranny. Bragging rights for both. And for both, morons for street racing. Take it to the track.



This is pathetic. It shouldn’t tarnish the Telsa name. Take it off please.

It’s not clear who won in the end–the Ferrari ends up passing the Tesla eventually. It’s possible the Ferrari has more at the top.

On a sufficiently long stretch of road, the Ferrari will always win because of the higher top speed. However, most “street contests” don’t go that high (they “let off” well before that).

They launch at the 44 second mark and the Ferrari doesn’t appear next to him until the 1 minute mark, so the Tesla was ahead a good 16 seconds.

And in the 1:05 mark you see the passenger in the Model S waving at the Ferrari, before it pulls away, so it seems they “let off” before that.

P85D also has 20mph more top end, to 150mph. So, I suppose even if these guys wanted to be stupid clowns,

There were 5 adults in the Tesla, we learn at the end of the clip. Thats what you always have to remember. This is a sedan!

The Ferari can hold 2 people and their golf bags.

Many car manufacturers advertise power and speed.
They know the internal combustion engine is technology of the past.
It’s there last breath of life.
It doesn’t matter what the Ferrari did.
The electric car has a arrived.

Bingo! …ahem …I mean +1