Tesla Model S P85D Races A Greenwich Polo Club Horse – Video


Watch Model S P85D race against one of Greenwich Polo Club’s fastest ponies. #horsepower

Posted by Tesla Motors on Thursday, June 11, 2015

And they're off!

And they’re off!

Now this is an unexpected matchup.

A Tesla Model S P85D goes up against a Greenwich Polo Club horse.

The race is done in a field of grass, and both the horse and the P85D race to one point, turn around, & come back.

Of course, both are completely different forms of transportation, so this is just a for-fun 20-second video.

The horse is in need of approximately 690 more “horses” for a chance at winning this race.

Hat tip to kdawg!

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Great PR if you’re trying to sell a Tesla to the 1%. Bad PR if you’re trying to convince the 99% that a Tesla is not just a rich man’s toy. :-\

Economics does not trickle-down, but desire for the finer things in life– certainly does.

I never believed in trickle-down economics. Recent history makes it seem more like tinkle-down economics. 😉

Trickle down seems to be working OK for me. I’ve worked at the same company for 26 years, and my net worth has increased nearly every year during that time. The only exceptions were the recessions in 2000 and 2008.

Trickle down is a choice. Just work hard, plan ahead, and live within your means.

(Putting on my monocle): So tell me good sir, how many miles per pound of grass can this Model S do?

I couldn’t see the embedded one but this one displayed OK for me.

Can’t wait for the video showing Tesla drag racing the tortoise and the hare.

Honestly, I am a BIG fan of Tesla, but these are getting old. Unless, of course if you have the tortoise and the hare video, I’m up for that one.

I actually thought this one was kinda new, since it wasn’t a Tesla racing another exotic sports car.

Here is a Tesla Model S out running a pack of giant killer robots fighting it out with giant unicorns. http://www.deviantart.com/art/We-have-to-stop-them-from-getting-to-the-City-515231836

Will the Tesla be able to make it? Well of course it will it has 300 mile battery range and can out run any sports car or giant robot out there.

Personally I think the Mitsubishi i-miev is more fun to have in crazy set ups like the one above. This is due to the i-miev or leaf having horrible range and lack of quick chargers.

The horse made a pretty good showing.

Besides, horses are better at crowd control during a riot. Imagine a Tesla police car being set on fire.

Tesla vs Usain Bolt…should be next up

Mythbusters did this. They had a race car driven by either Adam or Jamie, vs one of them running. Then they tested with an actual sprinter.

Tesla vs American Pharaoh

By saturating us with this sort of silly news Tesla brand will become boring & “has been” before its natural “best before date”. It would be a shame considering efforts and time its CEO does invest into Tesla com.

Most companies pay for PR Saturation. We call them, Commercials or Ads. Tesla seems to currently get theirs for free.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

What’s next? Will someone rig up a paddle-wheel ferry to be powered by a treadmill run by the wheels of a Model S, and race that against a goldfish? 😀

Can we get the video of the EV-1 beating the Mazda Miata from the 1990s? That i’d like to see again. Enough of the Tesla races already. What’s next Tesla vs a Nascar? Guess what, it would lose.