Tesla Model S P85D Races C7 Corvette Stingray – Video

JAN 24 2015 BY TDILLARD 19

We just can’t get enough of these Tesla Model S P85D drag race videos.  Here’s the latest:

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so a purpose built sports car just barley beats a heavy luxury saloon.

Tesla is purposely built for fast 0-60mph, especialy the P85D version.

The gearing ratio tells all the information you need.

NO other performance car is designed to have max torque reached at 43mph or max hp reached at 71mph unless you are intending to dominate 0-speed limit and nothing else.

I don’t disagree with the statement, but electric cars are certainly a different animal. The typical HP/torque curves no longer apply.

I suspect this is a P85. Or the Corvette has been altered to go faster than 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

A P85D should smoke the C7 Corvette no?

Sometimes it’s about the car. Sometimes it’s about the driver.

Only when there is shifting, braking and cornering involved.

Closer to a dead heat as the p85 D does the quarter in 11.6.

The P85D wanted to race. Corvette Stingray was their Huckleberry.

New Z06 is still sitting on the porch, waiting.

Good one, Ted. So the stingray costs half of P85D and still beats the crap out of P85D, even in a 1/4 mile drag race? A gas car with no range concern? Unbelievable!

Obvious troll is obvious…


Why do you bother to come here if you don’t like electric cars? Very odd. So, I suppose you believe that we should still have tetraethyl lead in (your) gasoline, too, huh?

Trolls — I guess I just don’t understand that type of need for attention.

very poor reasoning, fail troll

You must pay a lot to drive a Corvette. You pay very little to drive a Tesla. You pay in advance and you get a big family car made in aluminum so it will lady for ever.

Since you love asinine comparisons, let me point out that a Hayabusa is less than a third the cost of a C7 stingray and embarrasses it in the 1/4 mile.

See Through must be a gas station owner troll getting nervous with all the EVs popping up around him. Tesla beeing a particular tread with the Superchargers – get over it, ICEs will die… It is a matter of time. Pertol is too precious to be simply burned to move things.

Totally agree.

Well I have seen p85 beat a c7 many times
I suspect the driver did not put the pedal to the floor properly off the line they were even and that tels me what happend I have a p85 d and I have a 700 hp gt2 porsche as well and off the line my tesla kills it the porsche is rear wheel drive and is hard to not spin at the start the d will eat corvetts all day long

That was close. I want a rematch. Put some sticky drag radials on the Tesla so it will put more power to the ground. Maybe even open up the reduction gear box and send out the gears and get some made up with an even more ideal ratio(up or down).

Get Tesla to offer up a premium model with the big motor in the front also. Maybe even stick 2 motors in the back? Double stack a pack of batts in the floor? Or string the cells different and run a 1200 volt pack?

Or make a 2 door model and make it weigh half as much! It’s said that for every 100 lbs weight reduction; expect 1/10 second better in the 1/4 mile.

For an aluminum car; it sure is heavy. Same problem the Vette has always had despite being made of fiberglass. It’s getting better though. Make it like the BMW i3 instead.