Tesla Model S P85D Partial Autopilot Demo – Video


It brought the Model S to a complete stop and held it there!!!

It brought the Model S to a complete stop and held it there!!!

Firmware update 6.1 was recently released for the Tesla Model S. For those who have the autopilot hardware equipment, you’re in for a treat!

6.1 firmware update gives the Model S multiple new features & enhancements. One in particular is the ability to use a part of the autopilot goodies. It is called “Traffic Aware Cruise Control”  (TACC).

As you set your cruise control to a speed, TACC will match the speed of the vehicle in front of you and will adjust accordingly as the vehicle in front goes slower or faster.  Additionally, you can set the distance between your Model S and the vehicle in front of you on a setting from 1-7.

You will see in the video above how it all works. For those who have the 6.1 firmware update, how are you liking it so far?

Four System, Including Forward Looking Radar And Sonar Assist In Tesla's New "Auto Pilot"

Four Systems, Including Forward Looking Radar And Sonar Assist In Tesla’s New “Auto Pilot”

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Have to love it. However, “Partial Autopilot” seems over the top as a description. I think my wife had a system like this on her 2016 MY Acura, so not exactly cutting edge technology in 2015.

The new stuff on luxury cars is much better. You would never see the lag from the traffic light that you saw in this video.


Should have been 2006 MY Acura. The car would be roughly ten years old at this point.

Jeff Songster

Looked to me like lag from light was caused by distance setting… 7 cars would lead to a fair delay before resuming… anyone know for sure?


Interesting bug, if true. The “distance” setting should actually be a time delay, not a distance delay. That is, your car should go thru the spot which the car in front of you drove thru, X seconds later. That would result in closing up the distance at low speeds, and letting the distance fan out at higher speeds.

Perhaps that will be a future software enhancement.

Peder Norby

that is exactly what the i3 does, at 70pmh it will keep a 7 car length distance for example, at 10mph it will close to 1 or 2 car lengths. I suspect the Tesla will be the same.




Adaptive cruise, for the lucky stiffs, from basically October ’14 on.

As a Volt owner, I remember what may as well be called “Grid line-Gate”, when Chevy changed the graphics on the backup cameras. What did Tesla do with 6.1? They just added grid lines in their download. Done.

Peder Norby

Yes, this is not new stuff, the BMW i3 has ACC (with five distance settings) as well as ped collision avoidance, traffic collision avoidance and self parking.

But it’s good see the Tesla model S coming up to snuff on this.


It’s a good base to build an evolving suit of features and functionality upon. As the system evolves and is validated, each car is wirelessly updated while you sleep…

Micke Larsson

Good for Tesla. Getting a step closer to catching up.


Awesome! I’ll just go out and buy…. wait a second, that’s right I can’t buy one

For a year I was sure that I wanted this CUV.

However with the massive problems they have had with winter range *(engine runs the car in cold weather even with full battery) the constant delay, and the lack of range compared to the new Volt, it’s looking like I’ll go with the Volt unless Mitsubishi stops messing around.

Sad cause they will lose many prospective sales die to their dilly dallying


What vehicle are you talking about?


Love me some Tesla, but we need to see the full autopilot feature-set soon… TACC, or Adaptive cruise control, has been on the prius for about 7 years.