Tesla Model S P85D Owner Parodies Lincoln’s MKC Matthew McConaughey Commercial – Video


Here’s the latest owner-made Tesla Model S commercial.  This one features the Model S P85D and parodies the Lincoln MKC  “The Bull” advertisement that features Matthew McConaughey.

“Tesla Model S P85D parody of the Lincoln MKC commercial with Matthew McConaughey.”

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13 Comments on "Tesla Model S P85D Owner Parodies Lincoln’s MKC Matthew McConaughey Commercial – Video"

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A missed opportunity. If this was a higher quality (less reflection, smoother movements), I bet it would go viral.

Ironic the guy has $TSLA Stock chart on his screen, sums up the Tesla Zealot front nicely

That’s his energy usage chart.

Funny thing, they match 😉

Bad lighting, unimpressive set location, drone shadows, fat frat rat actor… but the worst miss was the unwitting reminder that Tesla still hasn’t come out with their long-awaited MKC killer.

I hadn’t seen the bull one. That was hilarious.

For an owner-made tongue in cheek parody I found to be pretty good. All the ‘amateur’ flaws everyone points to only add to its humor and the fact that this wasn’t meant to be a serious jab at the bull or the MKC. I applaud the effort frankly.

Ditto, V. Bowman. He did a lot better than most of could.

** insert ‘us’ where appropriate. 🙂

What is he doing with his fingers at the beginning? Rolling a booger?


That was cool. Folks, it’s a home made Parody not a damn full production…….DAMN!

I like the the shadow of the Drone……lol

@Sarcasm, I think you’re right, it’s a BOOGER!!!

Ole’ Sirus: 1800 lbs of he can do what he wants.
An 18 wheeler 60k lbs rolling down the highway equals 1800 lbs of Sirus burger.

Lincoln MK what? Oh you mean that Volt hiding in a different skin? Please…. the MKZ, MKC, MK whatever has nothing over on the Tesla P85D. I liked the parody, but he should have tore ass with the Insane Mode down the street!