Tesla Model S P85D Meets Its Match In Porsche 918 Spyder – Drag Race Video


The Tesla Model S P85D can’t win them all.

Honestly, the Tesla had no chance at winning this one, not when it’s up against one of the most formidable plug-in vehicles on the planet.

But…the P85D does grab the lead for a split second. After that it’s all Porsche.

Let's Race!

Let’s Race!

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Well at $850,000 would I hope the Porsche beat the P85D 🙂


No kidding.

Tesla Fraud

Tesla is bilking the California government of hundreds of millions in fraudulent ZEV credits for their fake battery swap station. The link below shows some great investigative work uncovering this fraud. Tesla claims $20K from state coffers for each of the fake battery swaps. Seems both CARB and Tesla are involved in the scam.


Al S

Actually, Tesla Motors hasn’t received a dime for battery swaps and ZEV credits come from manufacturers, not from State coffers.

You may wish to look at FCEV credits for fast-refueling and compare real life to claimed hydrogen fill-up times.


Beat me to it.


lol, +1
The price difference is about a 4500 SQ Ft house.

But the Tesla got beat while burning no gas.


…… but to THE point!!

The P85D wasn’t putting any CO2 into the atmosphere.

90% of air pollution comes from transportation.

TESLA is about the massive task of reducing global warming.

Yeah! It’s that important ….I had to comment.



Joshua Burstynn

The Model S also seats as many as 7 people…

V. Bowman

Pretty much what I was thinking…I’d like to see you stuff 5 people in that Porsche…ouch! 🙂


Charging the P85D from the grid does put a fair amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Transportation does NOT produce anywhere close to 90% of air pollution.


Charging the EV doesn’t have to put any CO2 into the air; that’s strictly optional.

The ICE powered vehicle can’t help but combust. 🙂


@Sven, in New Zealand we have 75% clean renewable power to charge the EV’s. The only sad fact is that Tesla still refuses to sell their cars in New Zealand.


Is it “refusal” or is is it not wanting to jump through the legal hoops?


the Porsche are really clean cars ,a lot more than the normal car.but ya the tesla is a little cleaner .

philip d

It would be interesting to see how close it would be if you simply took a P85D, stripped it down and placed the drivetrain into a reconfigured minimal 2 seat sport configuration.


I like that you can drive 18 miles all electric without using gas in the Porsche 918 Spyder. Amazing, the fastest street legal car on the planet is a Volt like extended range plug in.

philip d

I believe the original concept was claimed to get 18 miles but the EPA rates it at 12 miles.

But it is the only plugin available that I know of that can drive around in EV only mode with good acceleration like the Volt. The 918 in EV only mode has 280 hp and weighs about the same as the gen 1 Volt so it would drive quite nicely around town.


If Tesla ever considered to build a new Roadster, this drag race will become interesting again! The old one did 0-60 in 3.7 seconds with around 300hp, now imagine 400 horses more…


And AWD….


With everything the folks at Tesla Motors have learned and refined over the last 12 years, a next gen Roadster would be pretty amazing.


90% seems too high.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists web site:
“In 2013, transportation contributed more than half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons emitted into our air.”

Still way to much, IMHO, but not 90%.


Meh…. I’ll still take the Model S as I can haul my family in relative comfort has a ton more cargo capacity, uses no gas and on top of that it is still performs at near super car levels. All wrapped up in a practical family sedan.


*super sexy super sleek super safe sedan


The Porsche 918 Spyder is actually one of the slowest accelerating vehicles out there when you are talking about G’s per dollar. By this comparison, the Tesla is almost an order of magnitude faster.

Go Tesla!



P85D got spanked…

But to put it in respect, losing to the FASTEST production car in the world is NOT such a bad thing. It is still the fastest production car in 0-60mph with 4 doors… =)

BTW, all the excuses about seating 7 and using gas are just useless because it is about acceleration and performance. The same excuses can be made to explain that P85D are designed specifically for drag racing with its gearing ratio in sacrifice for top speed and it won’t even stay close on the corners.

Performance cars are designed to perform. Tesla P85D is designed in a way you can spank everyone on the street in 0mph to the next traffic light while carrying 5 adults and burning no gas…

Different class of vehicle and different intent.




0 to the speed limit is all that matters. Model S is a real car for the real world, its not designed for top speed.

And those are not excuses, they are facts

dont be mad you can only fit 1 whore in the porsche, i can get 5 strippers and 2 midget strippers in the rear jump seats and throw some hookers in the frunk as well







I guess American only understands “drag racing”.

In order to be a “performance car”, you have to be able to performan on the straight away and corners.

Tesla can carry more people but also weighs than 5,000 lbs (1,400lbs) more than Porsche.

Carrying more whores is just another excuse for losing a performance test. You can always make another excuse that Tesla Model S is only 1/7 the cost too…

Keep the excuses going… Typical Tesla “whores”…


Well $700k+ does make a difference..


I like the tesla, but the Porsche is much better looking. I would take the 918 and the girl with the checkered flag. Sweet car!


super sleek and sexy spaceship > low generic porsche shaped supercar


Look guys there is no limit to an ac induction motor. Tesla could easily update the software to make it go any speed or any acceleration they want. The question is Is it worth it? The answer is No. I wouldn’t use the insane thing with my kids in the car just to win a fraction of a second.

I would like to see the crash test of this Porsche and compare it to the Model S.


Actually the Porsche 918, is the only car the germans are confident to race against the Tesla !

It already beaten the Audi RS7 and CLS63S AMG in german tests.

It deserves great respect what performance and practical use Tesla offers for a fraction of what a 918 costs.


All these 0-60 tests are boring. I’d rather see how the P85D handles a few laps on the Nuerburgring. Does the AWD help with the heavy car in the turns? Does it start heat-throttling? Etc.


Drags are all about weight, torque and adhesion.

Dump half the batteries and 600 lbs off the Tesla and you have a race; dump the ICE out of the Porsche and you have a better super car.