Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 – DragTimes Race Video

JUN 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

Here is another Tesla Model S duel against an uber-sportscar..

Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Drag Race

Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Drag Race

This time we find a Model S P85D Ludicrous having the opportunity to race with the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 thanks to DragTimes

The Huracan with a 5.2L V10 (602 hp, 412 ft lb of torque) and AWD on board won, but as usual the first meters belong to Tesla.

The Lamborghini as tested costs $278,000, which is around twice the Model S.

“Tesla Racing Channel’s P85D with the Ludicrous upgrade takes on the DragTimes Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. Check out how these all wheel drive monsters running 0-60 MPH in less than 3 seconds do against each other.”

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Wowzers that Lambo is crazy quick.

Off topic, but with the US$ on the rise you may see Tesla sales to the rest of the world start to slow.

I think this is the first racing video I’ve seen where the Model S is clearly outmatched by the gasmobile, even in what appears to be the 1/8 mile distance.

Kudos to Lamborghini. (…but it’s still a gas guzzler!)

It P85DL, not P90DL. Lambo driver seems better, but you can hear the RPM drop soon after launch. Unless you have extreme expert driver and/or luck, Tesla will be quicker.

Well, certainly the Lamborghini driver got off to a start faster than the Model S driver in the 3rd race. But it didn’t look like that was a problem in the other two. So again, a clear winner for the Lamborghini.

First one had Tesla being ahead Lambo in the beginning. If third had same start, it would be the same as first one; Tesla leading in the beginning. In all cases, you can hear the Lambo RPM drop after initial launch. Lambo could’ve done better is all I’m saying.

OK, then, how about versus a modern Tesla Model S ? P85D’s are like nearly a year old now.

The latest P90DL appears to have gotten a little faster.

I think this is the first time I heard the Tesla challengers bring the ICE RPM up to level for the best launch.
I believe it’s called launch mode.

(…but it’s still a gas guzzler!)

…..had to use PuPu’s comment. 😛

And the Lambo can curise at 200 mph and take corners at bat s*** crazy speeds…

if they race with no one else around who cares…

a bigger issue is people with high horsepower cars who dont know how to handle the hp but still want to mash thè pedal…

And the biggest issue is people who text and drive…

Thats cool and all but no regular person is going to be doing that on their commute to work.

Tell me when you see a Lamborghini commuting to work in the week. Only on weekends.


I am going to laugh my @$$ off when these clowns finally get popped and the story that runs here on InsideEVs is about how they’re in jail and need their wives to make bail for them.

Street racing is stupid.

i think these guys use a private road.

It’s obviously a road running right beside a freeway, which means it’s a frontage road, which means it’s almost certainly a public road.

I really, really don’t understand why nearly all of these drag racing videos show racing on a frontage road beside an Interstate. Is it really that hard to find a private or closed road somewhere to do this sort of thing?

And again, I call for InsideEVs to stop promoting what appears to be illegal racing.

Thank you for that call.

I, too, am asking insideevs.com to stop posting drag racing news/videos. It is totally against what is one of the most important reasons – if not THE most important reason – to develop and buy electric cars: not harming the (local) environment.

Sure thing, we don’t want to drive cars slow as carriages but does it matter if it goes 0 to 60 in 3.0 or in 2.9 seconds? I don’t think so.

There are drag racing sites on the internet for those who care about that .1 second. Let’s not have this kind of crap here at an EV site. Thank you.

We don’t know if this was illegal race. Maybe they got permission to block off the road. I’ll say innocent until proven otherwise.

As for drag videos, people get excited about car’s acceleration, and many get turned off by “green” moniker as that used to mean boring. If EV are to have wider adoption, these kinds of videos (done legally) are absolutely essential to dispel the notion that all EV are nothing more than golf carts.

Indeed, if Tesla are green to the max (or convert CO2 to O2 as you drive), but accelerate like Zap cars or even like Leaf/Mirai, you wouldn’t have 400K Tesla 3 reservations.

Wow. Bunch of cry babies.

Complaining about “illegal” street racing. There are ZERO cars on the road and ZERO people around. Where’s the harm? oh they probably ran over a few ants lol

Its a long open empty stretch. There is no problem.

Stop whining.

I agree. And I might add: ZERO tears before you came along. 😀


Yeah, if you don’t care about little annoyances like, you know, THE LAW or the consequences of maiming or killing an innocent bystander who did not plan to paticipate in your little game that day, no big deal, right?

Nobody plans to have a mishap while street racing. But it happens all the time and innocent people lose their lives. That is inexcusably selfish on the part of the racers.

In California, they crush your car if you’re caught.

If anyone gets hurt, its a felony and you’ll be in jail for a long time. That’s a high price to pay for a few seconds of “fun”.

Don’t be a d—. Take it to the track.

I bet it’s still more fun to be in the Tesla because it’s faster 0-30 and it has constant/linear acceleration. AKA roller coaster feel.

Oh, and you don’t go deaf.

Always find these videos informative. Keep them coming. If drag times post them, many people are watching them anyways. It’s not like they produced them for Inside EVs. So don’t exclude our forum from the informative videos. Many of us cite these examples of how exciting EVS are to naysayers we try to convert over.


Until you wake up and realize that promoting criminality is a bad idea.

“The Lamborghini as tested costs $278,000, which is around twice the Model S.”

Also twice the sex appeal.

You probably attract more chicks/dudes with Tesla than with Lambo. And the chicks/dudes who are attracted to Tesla are ALWAYS sexier than those attracted to Lambo. It’s a scientific fact! 🙂

Go Lambo! Enjoy it now because Model Y will give you a spanking soon enough.