Tesla Model S P85D Laps Nurburgring In 8:50 – Video

AUG 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 21



Nurburgring in Germany is one of the most demanding race tracks and it’s often chosen by drivers to truly test their cars.

Recently, a Tesla Model S P85D was tested and for the very first time we saw Model S time under 9 minutes.

8:50 is the new benchmark.

“Amateur lap with my Tesla.

Stock car with stock tires on 19″ rims.


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Is not really important that the Model S achieve a good result at Nurburgring, but for call it good has to go at least under 8 min.

european point of view

No reference of who was the pilot ,or when dit it occur .

The outside thermometer shows 27 deg C. Wonder if the inverter/motor will stay cooler longer if the temp was 10 degrees lower.

So glad we’re away from the drag strip.

The driver seemed pretty good, but not a professional Racer. I believe the car can do much better.

Funny that he started with so low range.
Maybe he wanted less weight in the “tank” 🙂 🙂 🙂

I would have definitely had my lights on!

I suppose theoretically having dual power delivery units means they divide some of the work up and don’t reach their heat limits as often.


You can see this driver has a few laps under his belt, he nails the middle corner apex of the corners before the 1st bridge. Tourists pick the apex on all of them 🙂

Also, what might not be really obvious here from the time listed is a mere number, the amount of courage needed for this sort of lap requires serious commitment.

Heheh, the tire squeal here is on par with my old SAAB when I took it there. #UndersteersAtTheLimit

8:50 in a car this heavy must have been a bit butt clenching at times, it does get a tiny bit skittish every now and then.

Playing the battery heat issue might be the thing limiting the P85D from another minute.

Early power limiting might actually slow the heating, and dicipline the driver to stay out of the pedal enough to have better average power, all the way around those TWELVE miles.

Going out like a sprinter, then burning up, is never a winning strategy.

Seems he knows this track well, and driving well, taking the Porche on the way, in the end you can see the limitation of power, maybe from battery, 8.50 is a good time!!

Porsches are notoriously slow on the ‘ring. We even overtook 3 in a friend’s Peugeot 206 1.1 with all of 60HP. That lil’ car is a hoot to hoon.

MUCH more impressive than the earlier video where the Model S got passed by a Mini, but we need to see a fully charged P85D in the hands of Sabine Schmitz. Then we would know what the car could do and not the “limits of the AMATEUR driver.

Nice drive in good hand.
Specialy on a 4 000 pounds car!
But why only 240 kW of available power in a P85D?
Is it set up in insane mode if it’s even possible?
I know that the power is rduce at the end, but is there one limitation at the beginning?

Need to see a lap with LUDICROUS mode!


P90D with Ludicrous Speed should do even better.

Here is a competition Tesla Model S vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLgJUmVChE8 filmed by German TV Magazin Grip. Model S P85D wins 1/4 mile , but loses lap race at the end of the 20 min video due to reduced power.

When the Tesla goes into reduced power mode, they used music from The Benny Hill Show as the background soundtrack and the driver loses his Tesla grin. 🙁

I wonder if it is possible for you to overheat and go into reduced power mode?

Racing the track isn’t even fun in video games.

Dont currrrr