Tesla Model S P85D “Insane” Spells End of Drag Racing As We Know It – Video


Yup.  You read that right.  Drag racing is going to join the ranks of the Infernal Combustion Engine and other vestiges of bygone eras (errors?).

Via our bad-boy drag-racing buddies at DragTimes.com, we have a sweet little clip of what the Tesla Model S P85D, 691 horsepower, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive badassery looks like on the track, in both “Insane” and “Sport” modes.

Here’s the video:

And graphs?  Of COURSE we have graphs.  Well, DragTimes has graphs.

Why is this the end?  Well, heck.  Anyone who’s been to the track knows drag racing is loud.  And exciting.  And loud.  And demands skill and expertise in timing shifts, keeping the car on the track, and keeping the rubber side down and the shiny side up, right?  And not to mention, loud?

Well, you can hear for yourself how loud this is.  They’re pulling a 3.17  second, 1.3g run, and you can still hear the creaking of the brackets holding the GoPro.  There’s no smoke, and there’s no exciting drama.  And skill?

“There is no complicated launch control to engage, no traction control to disable,  no power braking, no RPMs to worry about, all you have to do is stomp on the accelerator and off you go, pulling over 1.2 Gs off the line, enough to embarrass and give a hard time to just about any car that might be next to you.”

Aw, shucks.  What fun is that?

Now this.  THIS is what a drag race is all about:

You’re welcome.

…and see more of Drag Times‘ work on its Facebook page.

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All P85D owners should put on their missionary clothes and preach by partaking in open drag meets this summer. Blow away those ICE dragsters and drop a few jaws in the process.

Let’s hope they don’t kill too many before they figure out that money doesn’t make you a professional race driver.


I’m not sure it will go away as much as morph into a new form.

Don Garlits is already running all-electric drag racers (previously reported at InsideEVs). He is very close to breaking the 200 mph trap speed for 1/4 mile using 2000 hp worth of GE motors. No Tesla can do that.

“Toyota will invite royalty-free use of approximately 5,680 fuel cell related patents held globally, including critical technologies developed for the new Toyota Mirai.”
Deja Vu, all over again.

How do you even manage to register 5,680 patents about fuel cells? There can’t be much ‘meat’ in most of them.

The company made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It will release a total of 5680 patents, many of which concern technology from the Toyota Mirai (below). 1970 patents are related to fuel cell stacks, a further 290 to do with high-pressure hydrogen tanks, 3350 for fuel cell software systems, and 70 related to hydrogen production and supply.

Toyota releasing the Fuel Cell patents is deceiving because if you look at their official announcement it says they are ‘royalty free until 2020’…so a car company takes 3 years using the patents to develop a FCV and then has to pay Toyota starting in 2020 for usng those patents???
That’s sneaky and shady

Most of drag racing is actually “bracket” racing, where cars are pitted against other cars with the similar 1/4 mile qualifying passes in the same “bracket”.

A Model S P85D would end up being pitted against highly modified cars that would end up in the same bracket, not against other stock vehicles.

Bracket racing against modified gassers will actually produce some VERY entertaining races, considering how different the acceleration rates are on each type of car. There will be a lot of races where it all comes down to whether a gasser will be able to catch the Tesla at the end of the track or not, after the Tesla got the jump off of the line.

I’d like to see Tesla offer up a Model S with double the power even if it cost twice as much(which it shouldn’t all things considered).

I don’t see how a car that runs a 11 Second 1/4 mile is going to end drag racing. If the P85D ran low 9’s that might cause a huge change. But I could build a $5000 ice car that is faster on the drag strip then the $130,000 Tesla… Don’t get me wrong, Id love to own any Tesla but as a avid racer the P85D Is just another rich guy toy

IF you were willing to strip a Model S down to the equivalent of your $5k (seriously?) 10 second car, I’ll bet that the Tesla would Also be a 10 second car.

I believe the point they are making is that your Grandmother (presuming she can take the acceleration g’s and Hang On) can pilot This car through an 11 second quarter and enjoy a nice cuppa’ afterwards, LOL.