Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode Versus Lamborghini Aventador Thrust Mode – Video


“We’ve all seen how well my Tesla Model S P85D’s “Insane” mode accelerates against supercars that aren’t using their launch control. But how will it hold up against my Lamborghini Aventador when it engages “Thrust” mode?”

It's about to go down...

It’s about to go down…

Oh well, can’t win them all. Especially when the Tesla Model S P85D is up against a half-million dollar Lamborghini Aventador supercar, designed specifically for speed.

With both vehicles in their highest performance modes (Model S P85D’s INSANE mode – Aventador’s Thrust mode) the 5,000 lb Model S has an unbelievable launch, but the Aventador catches up and aggressively up-shifts away.

“Tesla Model S P85D and Lamborghini Aventador both have 700 hp, but the Tesla is much heavier. If you watch the video, the P85D manages to accelerate without any wheelspin. This allows the Tesla to get the jump yet again on the Lamborghini, but this time for only a brief second or two. Both cars accelerated at the same exact time.

Each time we activated Thrust Mode in the Aventador, there was wheelspin before gripping fully. We tried it in different times of day, and different weather and temperature and roads. There was always a little bit of wheelspin in the beginning. Thrust mode requires us to turn off ESP and Traction Control..

But it also put us in Corsa mode (we used Sport mode in the original video). In Corsa mode, gear shifts are reduced down to 50 ms (almost like a F1 car). You can really tell the difference between this video and the original one.

We didn’t have this problem with the Tesla at all. Every time we tried Insane Mode, it delivered without any wheelspin. Also we didn’t have to wait for the car to build up revs or turn off any safety features.

The sensation: The Tesla still feels like it’s giving us more G-forces from the start than the Lamborghini does. The Lamborghini gets to 60 faster (around 3 seconds) and to 110 faster (around 7 seconds), but the acceleration has to build up with each gear change. The Tesla starts off with a very fast acceleration and then dies down. They are two different sensations. Both are still pretty insane in their own way.”

This was not the first time these two vehicles were pitted head to head. This older race video is without the Aventador using Thrust mode.

Editor’s Note: High speed driving and/or rapid acceleration is strongly suggested to be conducted only on the race track. Not on public roads.

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Amazing demonstration of simple physics. Roughly same power and one “resting object” has less mass than the other. Math is simple. object with less mass changes state=velocity faster with similar force applied to each.


Tesla still won off the line (and it didn’t sound like someone dropped a fork in a garbage disposal).

+1 HA HA HA!!

An expensive fork, at that.

Sorry, but some of us get wood at the sound of ‘a fork in a garbage disposal’, which would never happen were I to go all electric…
Of course I’d get a semi when I’m totting up the outgoing expenses at the end of the month and see £00.00 under diesel 🙂

for your information, i have reported this incident to the florida highway patrol.

it seems like the only way to get idiots like this to cease this kind of reckless behavior on public roads is to report incidents like this to law enforcement.

I don’t think someone who owns a P85D and an Aventador is worried about a fine.

That doesn’t change the fact that by promoting this video this website is encouraging this sort of behavior, lame disclaimer or not.

Giving the poster more page views only increases the likely hood that someone else will pull stupid stunts like this on public roads.

Random FYI…this isn’t open road racing, it is a closed course. You might note this fairly prominent disclaimer in the video:

unlike some here, i don’t believe everything that someone puts on a video. look at the video again more closely and explain this: why was there traffic going the opposite direction on a presumably “cleared” road?

Sometimes its ok to just say ‘whoops’, goodness knows I do it frequently myself, (=

while i typically don’t read these kinds of articles, it is a point of profound annoyance to me that you regularly post this kind of garbage. i agree with paul stoller; it is wholly inadequate for you to post road racing videos, and on the one hand, and write articles expressing juvenile admiration for these idiotic stunts, while on the other hand, ending the article with an “editor’s note” that purports to be a disclaimer.

i call stuff for what it is: these videos aren’t “cool”, they represent a nadir of stupidity; much like the “jackass” videos that were popular a few years ago. people will watch this stuff and will try to emulate it – and one of these days, somebody is going to get hurt or killed.

that’s why these “jackass” racing videos make me so angry…

Your the type of guy to ask the teacher out loud about turning in homework and the whole class cringes and cusses you out holy crap

You gotta be trolling

I for one enjoy it. And keep on posting these videos. It’s really amazing what electric can do! Additionally I think that what these guys are doing is fairly safe.

“no comment” said:

“…why was there traffic going the opposite direction on a presumably ‘cleared’ road?”

Yeah. That ain’t a racetrack, nor a “closed course”. Apparently in this case, “cleared road” means “We looked around for traffic and didn’t see any nearby, so we decided it was okay to do a drag race right then and there.”

Substitute ‘traffic’ for ‘police car’ and you would be correct…

Roads were emptied with the help of police.
Amazing what you can do with money…

Did you happen to see the Sheriff car at the end of the video, on the right side?

I’m not positive, but I would bet that there’s one on each end of this particular strip of road, making sure it’s clear.

It’s not like roads have ever been closed for filming before, and things that would be illegal are permitted for filming purposes.

you could be right, but the thing is, there appeared to be traffic going in the opposite direction. if they were going to clear the road as a planned event, i would have thought that they would have cleared traffic in both directions in case one of the drivers lost control and crossed the median.

i mean, would they really have had no choice but to use a public road? don’t you think that there would have been a race track or other closed track that could have been used?

You are an idiot. Allen Wong has cop friends and they allow him to drag down this road all the time.

Reporting this to police? ROFL

Im dead, you cant be serious

Okay, I hope you’re right.

I’ve reported you to the jerk police, ‘no comment’…

Says clearly on the video, “Professional drivers, Emptied Roads”, and there is a Sheriff on the side of the road.

I have no problem with professionals driving on roads that have been cleared of innocent bystanders.

it also said “do not try this with your tesla and lambo”. how many people actually own a tesla and a lambo? furthermore, what about that video even remotely suggests that people should “drive responsibly” as stated in the video?

do you actually take the “disclaimer” statements in that video seriously??? i mean, really, how is it possible for people to be so stupid?

I applaud your deep sense of irony.

Furthermore, ur a troll

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Comment removed for going too far – please no morbid/death references, please lets just move on to next thread/story
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Your now deleted “mod edit” said my comments were deleted because my viewpoint was already adequately expressed in this thread. Please tell us about this new policy at InsideEVs that deletes and censors comments after you arbitrarily determine that a viewpoint has been “adequately expressed,” but allows opposing viewpoints to continue posting comments. To me it sounds like the policy is that InsideEVs will delete and censors comments if it doesn’t agree with that point of view. In this thread “no comment” has been called a troll, an idiot, a jerk, a troll for a 2nd time, an idiot for a 2nd time, and told to f*ck off (and the expletive even got past your filter). I respond to one of these commenters telling them their comment is ignorant, and my comment is only one that gets deleted. Really? So I can’t post comments critical of street racing, but I’m allowed to post comments that street racing videos are cool and call “no comment” disparaging names? Why is one viewpoint “adequately expressed” and forbidden/deleted, while an opposing viewpoint allowed and encouraged? Please don’t delete this comment. I look forward to your response, as I don’t want to run afoul of… Read more »

Hey Sven,

I am going to take this one, as I was the one who changed/deleted the original mod edit.

The fact is you utter a wish to another poster to end up dead. I know this may have been light-hearted…but there was nothing in your short statement to that effect. And even if there was, it is still on the (very) short list of offensives that get you banned permanently.

Due to your long-standing participation here, and my belief/hope this was you just taking things a bit to far in the heat of the moment, I adjusted the edit and subsequent comments in this thread (from several posters) to try to get things back on track.

I would ask you respect the decision when it comes to this thread, and just leave it be. I think I have probably only explained the site’s position on a moderation 4 or 5 times over the past 3 years…it is not a common thing (nor is any moderation). Your comment went too far. It was removed.

Here is the policy – don’t wish/threaten anyone to be dead. It will get removed.

“This allows the Tesla to get the jump yet again on the Lamborghini, but this time for only a brief second or two.”

And by “brief second or two”, from the video I make it out to be about 4 seconds.

Can’t people count?

What’s next? Tesla against an F-18 ? How about a alcohol funny car? Get over it already.

Googles “Lamborghini Aventador”

2014 Lamborghini Aventador
Luxury vehicle
***MSRP: From $397,500***
Horsepower: 691 to 720 HP
MPG: Up to 11 city, 18 highway

No shame in losing to that. LOL at that MPG!

Who is this idiot making all these ridiculous statements sounds like my grandfather he must be 90 years old

P85D has proven it’s point already. I think there won’t be many new supercars without electric drivetrain of some sort.

Congratulations Lamborghini, you just beat a family sedan.

An expensive family sedan, but still a sedan.

I hope you’re proud of yourself.

With the other story about the new Tesla 70D, I am guessing the P85D is going to be bested by…
a Tesla P100D! (With 470+ Hp in the Back and 370+ Hp in the Front!) – Before the Model X Arrives!

Does anybody else think that having a man with a camera poking up out of the roof might have an effect on the Tesla’s performance?