Tesla Model S P85D Insane Launch Video Captures Flying Objects In Slo-Mo


Slo-Mo Video Captures Objects Flying Within

Slo-Mo Video Captures Objects Flying Within

Secure your belongings, or else this will be the result if you launch a Tesla Model P85D in Insane mode.

Per DragTimes:

“Insane mode in the Tesla Model S P85 is all fun and games until loose items you might have in the car go flying around and break due to the instant torque and g-forces measuring 1.3 g.”

The video above shows the launch at regular speed and then in slow motion.

DragTimes adds this cautionary note:

“If you try this at home, make sure you kids are properly protected with quick reaction skills or a face mask.”

Source: DragTimes

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Can you say child endangerment?

Ah, good times they’ll remember forever.

Did you watch the video?

He clearly prepared his kids, and even put a catchers mask on his younger son.

I love the mask. That should come with the car.

Can you say kids secured by safety belts?
And how about less object-moving g-force than breaking hard in an emergency?

We can’t all afford the Franco bubble.

Believe it or not, it is a ticket here in California. I was bored once and did a skid out in a Volkswagen Cabriolet (I know, huh). Unfortunately a cop was sitting in the opposing traffic at the same light.

Short story, I got a lecture instead of a ticket, but that is the law. Its “demonstration of speed”, ie., you don’t have to even break the speed limit, just “demonstrate” that you want to.


I thought my local traffic court judge explained that it was against law to “not fully in control” of the vehicle by attempt to “race”. Once the tires spin, it “demostrates” that you have applied excessive power to the wheel with the intent to race…

Then again, there is no tire skiding in the Model S due to traction control, how would the cop prove the intent or “demostration”?

Of course, traffic laws are written based on the stats with cars that were about 1/4 as good as today’s….

I just *LOVE* the sound of the drivetrain…

This makes me wish my Dad could have lived long enough to drive a Tesla S. He loved fast cars.
Those kids are going to save this video and show it to their own kids someday.
And I loved the catchers mask, though the girl probably should have been wearing it! LOL!

I learned the cup-holder needs to be deeper.

And maybe angled forward a bit. Although that could be a problem when braking hard. Perhaps it needs to be on a gimble.

I would say that just exposed the fact that the cupholder is improperly designed for the application… =)

Maybe Tesla should recall the car and fix the cup holder so the drink bottles don’t fly out during their “insane” mode operation.

That’s it. I am not buying a model S because of the cupholder.

No really, thats the reason…

You sound Chinese. 😉

It’s a McDonald’s/Hot Coffee lawsuit waiting to happen.


I think there is a class action lawsuits waiting to happen with neck injuries due to whiplash…


Please nicht notice the non existing lag once he floored – thats the magic we are talking about

Tesla earnings coming soon.

Hot dad, drive me insane.