Tesla Model S P85D Gets Stomped By Black Pearl Electric Porsche – Video

JAN 22 2015 BY TDILLARD 40

While everyone’s all a-twitter (get it?) about the video where the Tesla Model S P85D walked away from the Hellcat (Tesla Model S P85D Sets 1/4 Mile World Record, Hellcat Chokes and Smokes), Lawless Industries posted this slick video of a custom all-electric Porsche handing out a little (very quiet) whoop-butt to Tesla.  Granted, the Tesla is a production car, the Black Pearl, not so much.

Video of the first heads up run between the Tesla P85D and the Lawless sponsored Porsche 944 “Black Pearl”. Tesla ran an 11.90 second 1/4 mile to Black Pearl’s 10.50 ! Nice job Lowell !

No video (as yet) on the YouTubes or anywhere else, and no answer to our messages, but here’s the Facebook video:

…and the car:

The "Black Pearl"

The “Black Pearl”

The Black Pearl is the project of the Miramar High School EV team.  Yes.  You read that right.  Under the guidance of one Mr. Lowell Simmons and a team of dedicated faculty, this team has been handing out whoop-butts since 1998, according to the website.  There’s a little more on the Black Pearl’s EV Album page, but here are the specs from the school’s site:

944 Porsche
Motor2 – Netgain 9″ Warp Motors
Drive Train2 Motors coupled tail shaft to input shaft via chain coupling. Motors coupled to rear Porsche transaxle via stock drive shaft and torque tube (clutchless design).
Battery Manufacturer, Model, and VoltageHTS Lithium Cells designed and configured by High Tech Systems LLC, Denver Colorado – 274 Volts total
Posted GVW, Total Vehicle WeightGVW-3430; Total weight 2450
ControllerZilla Z2K HV
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC 30
Suspension and SteeringStock Porsche
Safety FeaturesController and ALL High Voltage components enclosed in waterproof electrical enclosure.
Highly reinforced battery enclosures
Multiple battery fuses
Mechanical motive voltage disconnect
Complete HTS Battery Management system
Conversion TimetableVehicle conversion from 2005 to date. Vehicle is continually updated for performance and safety.

Check back – we’ll post more info as we get it.

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So it got whupped by another BEV, made by schoolkids? Perhaps calls for modifying the title. I was sure it was some ICE mod until I read the details.

Astounding technology, this P85D! Even high school kids can beat it.
Kudos to the P85D for trying to keep up.

Yeah the Porche is not a huge sedan and is probably custom designed to be great at drag racing. I doubt it’s got the same range as the Tesla.

Seriously just give up.

But in a way, Tesla is designed to go fast in 0-60mph and NOT so much after 70mph…

So, 0-60mph is something that “anyone” can do it fast…

1.) Not a production vehicle.
2.) Constant development and improvements since 2005.
3.) Elon might offer this kid a job.

You let us know when he makes you a job offer.

Well said.

Thank you.

Custom built? Meh. I care more about comparisons to available stock models. In this, Tesla wins.

I bet this one doesn’t have a 243 mile range.

Would you consider yourself an “all around hater” or just a troll?

I am pretty sure a Rimac Concept One would blow the P85D away… But it would cost a lot more…

EVs rules!

It will be quite interresting to see the perfs of a customized Roadster 2.0

What are EV’s rules?
Care to list them?

We need to see more EV conversions on Inside Evs. Love this stuff.

Until the OEM’s start making rwd coupes, convesions are the only way to go.

Conversions welcome Patrick. I tried to pursue even a rough estimate of the conversion count in the US. I contacted several conversion shops trying to get a number, but the information eluded me. You would think this information could be obtained through registrations some how. If we counted electric motorcycles conversions alone, Dillard might even move a decimal point all by himself…

Here’s over 100: http://registry.evtv.me/

Not a fair comparison stock vrs. custom, and a car specifically designed for the quarter mile.

Also not a fair comparison, in that one had a drivetrain with millions of dollars of custom engineering by people with degrees from prestigious universities, while the other was designed by kids who can’t even vote.

With plugged in parts that were engineered and made by other companies that spend millions developing them. Give me a break.

An 11 sec drag race, where wind noise was the loudest thing.

There is likely a future Tesla engineer on that Miramar HS EV development team.

Did the Porsche drive to the drag strip and then drive back to it’s “home?” It would appear that while this was a “race” between two BEV vehicles, one was simply a “family sedan for daily use” and the other a “trailer queen” showing off her only “trick.”

it does appear to have plates

So the P85D can thus far be only beat on a drag strip by another custom BEV at half the weight. Medals all around! BEV rules!

Congratulations Porsche! Could this have been Porsche Motorsports ? The LMP1 team. The new silent Metzger (a horrible oxymoron)?

..am I just dropping search hits?

Seriously, its funny how when the sound goes away, what you see is that much more impressive. Those tails get small, real fast.

How would a Telsa Roadster do vs. the competition?


Tesla Roadster is actually much slower than a P85D.

Maybe that next generation Model R (Roadster replacement) will be different.

Want the Fastest EV? Try to search on Rimac Concept One with over 1,000 HP and 4 electric motors.

Drag racing is normally pretty dull but watching 2 ev’s pull off silently into the distance has taken it to new lows for me.

I love the Tesla and think it is great that high school kids are getting an opportunity to build EV’s but really I think drag racing is going to go the same way as the petrol pump if this is the future.

This. I’ve never been so sad watching a drag race.

Funny that the stock 944 would only do a 0-60 time of 8.2 seconds and a quarter mile of 16.4 seconds. Not exactly fast by today’s standards.

Maybe someone will put a HUGE electric motor into a Tesla, along with some race slicks, and it will break the 10 second quarter… Oh, like this article, it’s pretty pointless. 🙂

It would be better if someone would put 4 electric motors in the Tesla instead of just 2 and get about 1,000 HP out…

These type races mean nothing; just PR stunts by Tesla to show they can accelerate 2 and a half tons of mass down a racetrack; doesn’t even make competitive sense.

The purpose-built 944 at a ton with DC motors and only the necessary power batteries does and even has a class to run in other than “Everything Else.”

Having said that, it is amazing to watch the Tesla heavyweight move out smartly. and I can’t help but wonder what it could do at only a ton.

To people who bash Tesla:

Get over it. A custom BEV will always be the king of drag race. For a stock performance car, no car can launch as consistently as the Model S. It is so easy even Grandma can do it.

To people who defend Tesla:

Get over it, Tesla is as much customized specifically for 0-60mph as this EV conversion b/c no other Production Performance Car is geared as much as the Model S for 0-60mph. That is why Tesla is smart at only designing the car for 0-60mph where other performance cars are designed to do well in 0-60mph and 1/4 mile and track speed and top speed.

But since Tesla keeps bragging about it, it is only fitting that it can smashed from time to time…

Yes, finally a drag race in which the Tesla loses.

It’s become boring watching them win all the time, even though I’m a huge fan.

I was hoping to see a Tesla v OEM vehicle. This is a kit car with drag slicks vs a stock Tesla P85D? Is it even street legal? If you guys are just looking for clicks there are better ways…

The price is going up?

Great video, love to see kids aim for a goal and achieve it. I hope EV Drags become a part of NHRA someday. I’d love to see a top fueler get beat by a custom BEV.