Tesla Model S P85D Gets Biebered In Chrome & Gold


Tesla Model S P85D Gets Chrome Wrapped With Gold Accents

Tesla Model S P85D Gets Chrome Wrapped With Gold Accents

Tesla Model S P85D Chrome Wrapped With Gold Accents

Tesla Model S P85D Chrome Wrapped With Gold Accents

Seen here at the new Tesla store in Montreal, Canada via the website Electrek, is a chrome-wrapped Tesla Model S P85D with gold accents.

Reminds us of Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma, though the chrome on the Model S is at least toned down a bit, or perhaps it’s more of a black chrome.

Justin Bieber's West Coast Custom chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber’s West Coast Custom chrome Fisker Karma

Model S images via Electrek

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Some people have just too much money and are too self centered.

“Let’s see, phillanthropy or a vulgar display of my own self importance…”

How is wrapping your car instantly make you have too much money and self centered? Does it look awful? sure. I wont bash on a persons choice just because I don’t like it. I see it the same as that ugly lime green cars that are driving around in that are PAINTED that color.

Because it is expensive personalization, obviously.

So you would rather them keep the money in the bank than pay someone to do it so that someone can earn a living? At least they had the respect of the workers to have them earn the money rather than weaken and demean them by just giving the money to them.

The chrome is toned down but that gold accenting next to the red break calipers? Might as well be polka dots.

Kill it with fire!

You accuse me again and again falsely to be an anti-Volt troll, but what are you if not an Anti-Tesla troll ? 😉

Nono, you’re confused. He’s just “anti-Bieb”. 😉

Biebs is awesome, if you go by what the media says about him then LOL

It’s very… uh. Very

I actually like the chrome

But the gold accents are gaudy and ruin the car

First. Leave the gold accents to a 1992 Lexus

Second, they turn a sleek smooth beautiful car into a blocky broken up Tron mobile

Bottom pic is definitely better.

That was my take. The darker chrome is kinda cool, but why oh why the gold? (puke)

I wonder how hard it is to keep this clean.

Why hasn’t Elon Tweeted a pic of this car to all his followers?

Because Elon has taste and most importantly, class.

Sven – come on now, you make Elon sound like the leader of a cult. “His followers”?!

You are a funny man!

Sorry James, but you’re a little bit behind the times and don’t understand how Twitter works.

To receive someone’s Tweets you have to click a button on Twitter to “follow” that person’s Twitter feed. On each person’s Twitter page it lists how many “followers” receive that person’s Tweets, how many Twitter feeds that person “follows” in order to receive their Tweets, and how many Tweets that person has posted on his Twitter page.

Here is Elon Musk’s Twitter page. As you can see, Elon has 1.62 million “followers”!!! Elon is also “following” just 41 other people, and has 1,161 Tweets posted on his Twitter page.



As a side note, companies pay celebrities big bucks to post Tweets about how much they like the company’s products. It’s a paid endorsement/advertisement to that celebrity’s Twitter “followers.”

If you earn it you have the right to spend it.

How do you know that this person didn’t inherit a boatload of money, or isn’t a spoiled trust-fund kiddie who has never worked a day in his life?

You have a very limited way of characterizing people. Do you seriously think there are significant numbers of people with trust fund money who never worked a day in their life? It’s like saying people on welfare are living a caddy lifestyle. The majority of people in either category do not fit your highly restricted view.

I agree. Compartmentalizing people in this way is rather annoying, though to be fair it is understandable, as it is just too easy to have standardized views of people. Assumptions like those above tend to tune me out almost immediately to whatever else the person relating them has to say, points which actually may have some validity.

Of course you do. You could spend it all on beer and Ferraris if you choose.

The point was that how you spend your money says alot about you.

Used to see his gaudy chromed Fisker in my neighborhood all the time. I assume he was there, due to all the “Medical Marijuana” dispensaries we have?

I was so happy when I saw he soon crashed it on the PCH. Maybe he’ll finally “Darwin” himself with the S P85D.

“Maybe he’ll finally “Darwin” himself with the S P85D.”

So you wish death on this Tesla owner because he wrapped his car in chrome?

Is that how Californians show taste and class?

No, the chrome has absolutely nothing to do with my dislike of Justin.

How he and his posy act irresponsibly, without regard for others on our roads and freeways– that I take issue with.

Mark my words; this vehicle will end up wrecked in the near future, just like the Fisker Ellen gave him.

Except he didnt crash it, his friend did. And he made it chrome so paps would only see themselves in the photos they took of him

So so wrong… :oP

One set of photos on the Tesla Motors Club website shows a “P85D+” badge on the back.

While there’s officially no such Model S variant, it’s possible that somebody who would chrome their Tesla would also make up a special fake model badge.

Two Forum members claim they’ve seen the car in person, though the one who posted the photographs is making bizarre claims that it’s a special high-power dual motor model and belongs to a Tesla VP who unaccountably lives in Quebec.

All he did was add the +

There is no P85D+, he did it for fun/to be unique/different/etc

Biebs made his Fisker chrome so when the paparrazis took pictures of him all they would see is themselves

I don’t know where that story came from, but when I saw it coming down Venice Ave. for drugs, the Fisker was the FIRST car you saw, reflecting the intense California sunlight like a beacon. It just screamed, “Hey! LOOK AT ME!!!” and “Let me BLIND you with how cool I am!”

The darker chrome looks nice on the Tesla (too dark to reflect the pap, which does not support your hypothesis), but agree that the gold trim is just gaudy and overkill.

As an electric car guy, I just like a custom EV getting attention. If somebody spends what seems like pointless money on an EV – just think how many zillions of pointless coin has been spent on less worthy custom automobiles? – The gold trim thing is goofey, though – just sayin’…