Tesla Model S P85D Firmware Update To Cut 0-60 MPH Time To 2.8 Seconds? Update: Make That 3.1


Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

The Tesla Model S P85D is such a slouch off the line that Tesla will reportedly roll out a firmware update to quicken its responses.

Well, of course an official 3.2-second time from 0 to 60 MPH is lightning quick, but a sub 3-second figure is the holy grail for cars.

According to rumors on the net (and from what we have heard ourselves from the company promising some level of improved performance once internal validation was complete), a future P85D firmware update will bring the official 0 to 60 MPH time into upper 2-second territory, a figure achieved by only a handful of road-going cars.

Hello folks,

I’m happy to bring you a TMC exclusive rumor. According to my sources deep inside Tesla, a firmware update for the P85D will increase its 0-60 performance from 3.2s to 2.8s. I have not personally operated this P85D, but my sources have allegedly seen it in action and historically these sources have been accurate for Tesla rumors. Please take it with a grain of salt because I have not seen or operated this vehicle myself.

If true, the P85D will join an extremely exclusive club that includes mostly hypercars priced at $1 million and up.

Update (January 29th):  Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter (naturally), that the P85D will indeed get a software update to increase performance, unfortunately the car will still be slightly shy of the mythical “2”s

Tesla CEO Confirms The Model S P85D Will Get An "Over-The-Air" Performance Improvement

Tesla CEO Confirms The Model S P85D Will Get An “Over-The-Air” Performance Improvement

Yupe, Unsurprisingly Elon's Car Is A P85D

Yupe, Unsurprisingly Elon’s Car Is A P85D

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The Age of the ICE is coming to a close.

Only for the first 1/8th of a mile.

Tesla is knocking down reasons one by one why people think that electric cars won’t work. 0-60 times really aren’t that important to the avg person, it’s more of a bragging right. It represent what’s POSSIBLE with electric drive.

Also, if acceleration of electric car is too quick, it is always possible to electronically limit the maximum acceleration.

They already have, informally. Grandma’s not going to turn on insane mode. Only those who seek the full power will have it. A good system

One of the other changes is the top end performance. Tesla even mentions that on the build part of their website.

Top speed now matches the same 155 mph limit that the Europeans limit their sedans to.

I want to see Jeremy Clarkson Review it.

I dont

He will just ruin it.

Jeremy Clarkson review an EV?? Have you seen his manuscripts..?

He would go 0-120 about 3 times w/only a few kWhs in the tank, then Broder it.

I wonder how long they will/can pretend that the p85d does not exist. It is after all the fastest saloon in the world.

Quickest. It’s nowhere near the fastest.

Top Gear doesn’t review cars. They write story boards ahead of time about what they plan to find when they “review” the car, and then set up shots to match their pre-written story boards.

Top Gear admitted to this in court after Tesla found story-boards on the set that had been pre-written before the Roadster review. (Complete with descriptions of how they would shoot the Roadster being pushed as if it ran out of charge — it never did.)

The judge’s response was basically that everybody understands that those three grey haired, pot bellied, self-described “buffoons” are comedians/entertainers and not serious car experts.

Well said !!

In. Sane.

I wonder if they will give another setting for 2.8 seconds, and what will it be called? Ludicrous Speed (see Spaceballs, Mel Brooks, 1986). I will be severely disappointed if it’s not called Ludicrous.

Warp Drive. For a trekkie, nothings faster.

You cannae break the laws of physics, Elon.


Dejavu… 😉

Awesome for those that light their cuban cigars with $100 bills. For the rest of us, how about a max range config called Sober… as opposed to Insane… I guess that wouldn’t sell as well… less sizzle… 😉

Actually kudos to Tesla if true. One of the coolest things about these cars is that the ones you already own keep improving and evolving.

How about a Hyper Looping mode for long distance travel 😛

what is so crazy about this is the amount of time that it takes to recover the charge that you blow to get a few seconds of thrill. at least in an ICE, if you blow a tank of gasoline on thrill driving, it only takes 5 minutes to refill.

this underscores in my mind that Tesla is really being operated as a technology incubator that is building intellectual property assets for eventual sale to a larger company. in the meantime, i suspect that Tesla is going to squeeze out companies that seek to be niche producers of high performance BEV since the pricing of the Model S will make it hard to justify paying $800,000+ for a low volume BEV with similar performance to the Model S.

Yeah, it took me 10 seconds to recover that energy. (To plug in the car and then go up to bed.)

The “it takes a long time to charge an EV” argument is an old one. Most people charge their EVs at night or while they’re at work. It takes virtually *zero* time out of their day at all — and certainly less than going to the gas station every week.

with reasonable driving you could probably get 150-175 miles of range out of a Model S during the winter in a cold climate area. if you engage in showboat driving, you might be lucky to get 100 miles. if you end up needed some of that extra 50-75 miles in a given day, you would probably be kicking yourself if you had to cut your travel short to get home for the “10 second recharge” of which you write.

the problem with showboat driving is that when you have gotten your fill of thrills, you are left with less range with which to get around such that if you end up needing to recharge during the day, the recharge time would be a lot longer than the time to refill a gas tank.

of course, if you live in a mild climate area, the challenges of BEVs are much less. in such an area, you would probably have enough range even with showboat driving.

233 miles driven in -6 degree weather, with another 25 miles remaining. Yes, in the absolute worst conditions range could drop to 175, but you don’t need warm climate to exced 200.

0-114 mph sprint with coast down uses 0.5kWh total to travel 1 mile. You could do that highly illegal driving 150+ times on a single charge. Nobody drives like that.

You’re lying about both cold weather range and aggressive driving range. Stop spreading misinformation.

Yeah. No comment is a douchbags


bjorn nylund is an elon musk fanboy; so you have to take his comments with a grain of salt. his claims that you only incur range loses in 5% to 10% as a result of winter driving are not credible. as someone who actually drives an EV and lives in a cold weather climate, i can say that i generally see a 50% reduction in range, from the highest to the lowest, during the course of the year. i don’t personally do a lot of aggressive driving because i like to maximize range, but the editor at the gm-volt website did drive a Tesla Model S aggressively in cold weather and he reported that he was using electricity at a rate such that he would have gotten less than 100 miles of range on a full charge. with a BEV the careful person should always consider the worst case range (and not the most optimistic range) because it takes so long to recharge the battery. you suffer range losses with ICEs as well, of course, but in that case you are only 5 minutes from a refill and gas stations are generally not far away. with a Tesla Model S,… Read more »

Are you serious? Bjorn actually makes part of his living driving all over Norway delivering items people have bought over the internet, and gets those mileages.

You try to counter the experiences of people who actually own a Model S with your own uninformed, personal conjectures, and therefore have zero credibility.

It is actually reversible so if you break from 60 mph you recuperate most of what you put in. That is the magic of it all. Try that with a gasoline car.

“When I woke up and pulled my car out of the garage its 0-60 time improved by almost half a second from when I went to bed.”
Said no ICE owner ever.


Well, maybe, if he lived at the top of a steep hill.


Seriously, new faster mode should be called, “TransWarp”. Add a third button!!! 😉

I didn’t think this would come out until Model X was released, and premiered the update… Hmm.

“Hyper” mode.

(plug for the hyperloop)

And everyone behind them will say “They’ve gone to plaid!”

(Movie reference)

Here is a compilation of people reacting to insane mode acceleration:

That’s the best reaction compilation I’ve seen, and it was all from just one guy and his friends!

The cool thing about these DragTimes videos is that Brooks Weisblat is just a regular car fanatic, not an EV die hard, and has been posting videos of performance cars even before Tesla shipped their first car. Now he loves showing off the P85D.

+1 thanks very entertaining.

If this is true then the Model X will definitely reach 0-60 in under 4 seconds. Even before this rumored update it still may achieve that.

Updates like this to existing Tesla owners is one of the most underrated benefits of ownership. Absolutely amazing.

P85D – Stop what you’re doin’, cause I’m bout to ruin’:


No, you can’t buy it, but watch Chris Harris come apart over its acceleration.

Get ready for a set of new street racing vids in 3….2….1….

A very quick launch like that could help improve the quarter mile by two to three tenths of a second. I would have so much fun in a car like this!

Elroy your an idiot. What do you know about 1/4 mile drag racing? It’s illegal to drive on public roads like that. You likely wish you drove an electric car. Stop dreaming and start helping the environment.

They would have to call this mode Teletransportation!

Can you repeat after me? “Insurance Premium” “Insurance Premium” “Insurance Premium”

“Insurance Premium” “Insurance Premium” “Insurance Premium”

When you buy a $130k car insurance should not be a worry

Who knew the key to great acceleration was weight. Seriously, if you have lots and lots of power, then the problem always becomes traction. Because an EV can provide ideal instant wheelspin correction, then the considerable weight of the P85D actually helps, since they’re not putting on giant gumball slicks.

That is correct. Someone demonstrated that normal ICE suv can pull a passenger airplane. But first they needed to load two tons of sandbags as a ballast to provide enough traction for the wheels.

Nice… Existing P85D will smile with this news…

Nice but 0-60 mph performance is a low hanging fruit for an electric car. Real achievement is long range at low cost, not much regarding this lately at Tesla. Ironically we might come to realize that car makers such as GM and Nissan do show more commitment in that respect.

Today low cost is irrelevant because global luxury car markets are about 3 million cars. Tesla can increase 100 fold their production rate before they are starting to see limits for electric car demand growth. And all this is possible just by concentrating on luxury car sales for the rich 4%.

There is a very large battery factory currently under construction in Sparks, NV that is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to lowering the cost of long range BEVs. In the meantime, they need to sell cars that are exciting and provide strong gross margin given the limits of their cell supply.


Pretty soon the feds will start regulating performance for “Safety Purposes”……lol

Please, oh please don’t give them any ideas. 🙂

??? They had bad software loops inhibiting the motor?

Or was the power input limited on purpose?

A lot of decisions were made wrt the gearing and the controller programming. This comes down to controller programming and figuring out what they can get away with without either of the motor/controllers overheating.

Yeah, I think the major problems limiting top acceleration are available power and overheating.

The battery pack has plenty of -energy-, but delivering that rapidly to attain high -power- using the inverter and the motor controller — or rather, two inverters and two motor controllers for the “D” — is a bit tricky. Continued tweaking may help a bit there.

And, you can find current car reviews where they took a Model S P85 to a racetrack and ran it flat out. It overheats in just a few minutes, causing the car to go into reduced power mode.

As with every complex engineering problem, the solution involves a tradeoff. In this case, finding that “sweet spot” between more power and too much waste heat. The last thing Tesla needs is a car fire caused by the battery pack overheating, one not caused by damage in an accident, but merely accelerating hard. Given the ridiculous amount of media attention given to every single EV car fire, regardless of the cause, caution is in order.

any automaker should be cautious when developing an automobile, and if the kinds of problems that you describe develop, that would be the result of negligence on the part of Tesla. it is reasonable to expect that any automaker would take care to limit the performance features of its cars to not predictably fail under known conditions. while reckless driving is the responsibility of the driver and any accident that would result from such irresponsible operation is solely the fault of the driver; but reckless or not, automakers are in the best position to know the limitations of their automobiles and should develop cars that operate only within those limitations. drivers should not have to discover these limitations by trial and error as a result of the automobile maker failing to exercise sufficient care in auto development and manufacture.

Name a single ICE car that gets BETTER performance after time of purchase … and with over-the-air software updates.

My neighbor has 4 Nissan Pathfinders getting infinite mileage right now. The weeds around them are getting rather tall…..

Be great when I need to escape the cops or from this married chick’s place when her hubby gets home.

Way Cool Tesla….

Can you ever imagine the other manufactures giving you a boost like that …..?

GM please note – Tesla is doing it right !

This will make the Tesla’s “Insane Mode” even more insane!

At 0.69 g this is a sexy acceleration indeed.

Calculation error or typo?

0-60 mph = 0-27 m/s, so 2.8s => 0.98g on average.

Right, calculation error at²/2 instead of at.
Thanks for checking.
No so sexy after all. They should have stopped at 4 s.

Pardon me while I peel my eyeballs off the inside of my skull.

Looking out the front window, everything has a slight blue tint to it, while looking in the rearview mirror, everything has a bit of a red cast to it….

Ok then, five points to the first one who gets it…

A car is not an amusement park ride. Acceleration of this magnitude is irresponsible and represents a danger to the occupants and neighbors. Drivers under the influence and irresponsible teens will eventually get behind the wheel of these cars.

The latest firmware (6.2 (2.4.168)) has the following release notes:
“Insane mode is now more insane!” as it brings the official time down from 3.2 to 3.1.
Additionally, Elon tweeted on March 31st to Zedd that 2.8s 0-60 may be coming as part of the April 30th event.