Tesla Model S P85D Drives Up 16% Grade Covered With 6 Inches Of Snow – Video

FEB 12 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

As one would expect, the Tesla Model S P85D, thanks to its all-wheel drive, performs very well in the snow.

Here is sample video uploaded by one of the first owners of the P85D, who not only drives it through snow, but also up a 16% grade starting from standstill.

The video uploader states that he wouldn’t even consider doing this from a standstill in a P85, so we assume that differences between the RWD Model S and the P85D must be significant.

“6” of fresh, wet snow and a 16% grade are no problem for the P85D with Nokian Hakka R2 Snow tires.”

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8 Comments on "Tesla Model S P85D Drives Up 16% Grade Covered With 6 Inches Of Snow – Video"

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Matter of time before someone puts a plow on it.


Rich people are fun!

Impressive stopping in the that deep snow on that grade. Worth the watch just for the scenery.

I am SO glad that I have left “snow country” forever. Great to see, impressive to visit, but living in that….for those other guys!

My P85D is very happy for 67 degree February days here in California!

Is this what they call becoming comfortably numb? 🙂
Snow might be a hassle for many, but they just don’t know how fut it could be.

Cheer from Québec!

Fun is the word.

My P85 is fun in the snow with the TCS off but wish I waited for the P85D. It works really well.

Love that old-time black and white (mostly) photography!