Tesla Model S P85D Defends “Luxury Car Over $80,000” Title – Video

JAN 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous

Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous

Tesla Model S defended its “Best Luxury Car Over $80,000award from last year in Australia.

One year ago, Drive selected Model S P85+ as the best for 2014 and now the all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S P85D won for the 2015.

New versions of the Tesla Model S are coming to Australia with some delay compared to U.S., as it’s separate market with RHD, so next year the contender there probably will be the P90D, with future improved Autopilot.

Back to the award, Model S beat out the BMW 740i and Mercedes S500 Coupe, which won’t make the German manufacturers happy.

According to Drive, Model S is the most affordable – $148,758 AUD ($104,000 USD, plus on-road costs) with great AWD acceleration, the lowest running costs and a superior 17-inch touchscreen.

Tesla Model S isn’t perfect, folks still complain of the lack of cup holders for example, but that’s not big deal.

“2015 Drive Car of the Year: Best luxury car over $80,000: Tesla’s updated Model S defends it crown against high-tech, but traditional, luxury icons from Mercedes-Benz and BMW”

Source: Drive.com.au

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Just of note, Tesla is phasing out the S85/D and P85D. Tesla’s Canadian site already only has 90D/P90D and 70D, no S85 models.

Interesting. I was wondering how long they were going to support the 85 kWh pack. Did the price grow by $3K (or the difference in $CDN between the 85 and 90)?

That RHD in Australia caught me out every time I entered a roundabout. The most awkward moment came from turning back onto the road from a single lane road, i drove onto the right lane through cause of habit.

force of habit.

curse of habitat

You wascally wabbit.

As well it should.

FWIW, the Canadian version of an all decked out P90DL with the most expensive paint, interior, etc is $206,903.50 That’s after taxes without incentives. If you live in Ontario, it’s $198,403.50 Cheapest 70 RWD no options is $101,983 or in Ontario $93,483

So maybe the P90DL can win the best car over $200k award up here 🙂

That’s a lot of Dough …Canadians get no breaks!

Neither do the Aussie’s

I like how they acknowledge other established automakers are now “cutting and pasting” bits of Tesla’s designs to catch up in the EV segment.

Awesome. 🙂

Australia, such important market.

Agree, Australia is a very important market.
Now Tesla needs to open in New Zealand as well.

Yes, the most important market for tesla at the southern hemisphere.

An important market for all auto makers not only Tesla and for all trade.

Seriously… Mentioning “high maintenance cost” in terms of luxury is more than ridiculous. If somebody can’t afford the cost of having a luxury product then he should not buy it. This is one reason a product called luxurious, because only a few people can afford to own it. If something is a mass product, that is far from luxurious.

I like Tesla (and EVs in general). It’s a great tech toy and in many terms it’s much better than the other two. But calling it luxurious… maybe premium but it’s definitely far from luxury.

I agree the 2 german cars are more luxurious and even that the Tesla is just premium but being low maintenance can still be just as luxurious if not more than a high maintenance car especially when comparing BEV to ICE. Even though this car does not exist yet. (that I know of)

I didn’t mean low maintenance cost cannot be luxurious and all luxury cars have to have expensive maintenance. I just wanted to point out a luxury car/product comparison should not be based on price or maintenance cost because this is irrelevant in this class.