Tesla Model S P85D & 85D Tour North America For Test Drives (Update)


Right now, Tesla Motors is touring North America in a black-on-black Tesla Model S P85D & 85D looking for individuals interested in test driving the AWD, dual-motor electric monster of a machine.

The dual-motor test drive event has a nifty name too: “Double Black Dual Motor Model S Tour”

Update: Here’s where you’ll find the test-drive P85D & 85D (dates included):

February 6-8: New York 
February 13-15: Toronto
February 20-22: Chicago

Other upcoming cities include:

Washington, D.C.
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL

To request a drive in a city near you, head to Tesla’s “Request a Test Drive” page here.

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model S P85D & 85D Tour North America For Test Drives (Update)"

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Troll fodder.

To me, it just confirms that the production version Model X won’t be revealed in Q1 ’15.

I consider this “Advertising”… Demand must be down.

This is definitely marketing, just not conventional marketing. Every time Tesla bumps up production, they do something to stoke demand to match it.

My understanding is that Tesla claims to be able to generate additional demand “at will”, not that they have an infinite wait list.

Lots of Texas cities on that list. Trying to raise awareness to get the public to pressure the politicians?

They can only allow test drives in Texas at “events”, because of the sales ban.

Some locations say “Experience Dual-Motor Model S” while others say “Test Drive Dual-Motor Model S”. Trying to see a correlation with the locations.

Is it just me or does it appear that if you are in a location that may be considered “less enlightened” than others then you are just going to get a ride in one instead of being allowed in the pilot’s seat?

I’m probably reading too much into this.

I think “Experience” is in every state that has a ban on direct sales and test drives.

Elon likes showing off his ‘D’



Go TESLA!!!!