Tesla Model S P85D – 0 To 60 MPH 3.3 Seconds In Rain – Video

JAN 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Model S P85D - 0 To 60 MPH 3.3 Seconds In Rain

Tesla Model S P85D – 0 To 60 MPH 3.3 Seconds In Rain

On December 27, the DragTimes team still was busy wrestling with Tesla Model S P85D (Christmas gift?!).

In the wet, DragTimes measured a 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds, an exceptional result.

If the P85D is able to do 3.3 seconds in the wet, we expect much quicker times in the dry (in fact, Motor Trend measured 3.1 seconds).  Maybe under 3 seconds is even possible.

Sadly, DragTimes does not provide us with a look at the P85D’s state of charge, which could give us a glimpse on that affects acceleration.

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OK, should this be a surprise when the highest performance setting is labeled….”insane?”

Just saying….

Massive torque is one thing … managing it in 0-60 on rainy wet street is what is incredibly impressive. Anyone see similarly dry street fast car get tested in a similar environment and get times so close (dry vs wet)?

Just don’t end up being this guy in his BMW

Just don’t race on the street, period.

Mark, the videos you posted recently all depict “demonstration of speed” on public roads, something illegal and obviously dangerous to anyone unlucky enough to be around.

What about insideevs not promoting illegal activities further, so as to maybe encourage drivers itching to test the limits of their vehicles to do so on the track instead?

Thank you.

I’m curious what happens when you put reaching slicks on it.

Also want to see it at the drag strip.

Purpose built RWD drag racing EVs can do well under 3 seconds 0-60. Electric drag motorcycles less than 1 second 0-60. It would be interesting to see what the P85D can do with some super sticky tires on all four corners at a drag strip with a good launch pad. Ultimate performance is ultimately limited by vehicle software. Elon has hinted that there is more performance available from the car by tweaking software settings.

The real question is can they do that on a wet road?!? We are talking about the AWD traction control software specifically.

On a wet road? It is unlikely that there is _any_ car out there that can match the P85Ds 0-60 performance due to the four-wheel traction control that reacts in _very few_ milliseconds coupled with the 691 horsepower output.

As my grandmother used to say, “Now, that’s just showing off.”

You know . . . even if Tesla never gets around to producing an EV that is affordable to the masses, they have certainly accomplished a great thing: They made EVs cool.

The Germans have been blown away by the Model S. After dragging their feet for a long time, and doing compliance vehicles at most, now every German automakers has a REAL plug-in line up of vehicles for sale or on the way. Tesla helped inspire GM to do the Volt. Tesla gets in the news if Elon sneezes. EVs are not going to disappear again like they did in the late 90’s and that is partly due to the great work of Tesla.

What is the point of having all that acceleration in “wet weather”?

So the idiotic owners can crash faster b/c you obviously can’t stop nearly as fast or turn nearly as quick…

Modern day tires are design to grip almost as well in wet weather as dry weather.

If Model S can do the same on ice/snow, I would be more impressed…

Maybe saving lives of women and childrens with the best possible grip in ordinary emergency situations on every day roads and any weather?

Ice and snow? impressed? The Model S has the best traction control ever!

Let speak one of our famous car reviewer and race pilot of our snowy Québec, Jacques Duval : (google translate)
“Let me tell you about the 4WD. WOW. The technology that enabled Tesla to achieve such results on icy or snowy roads is such that It Should Be Made Mandatory on all Cars. I had the chance to drive the P85D on very slippery roads and I swear that the accelerations are absolutely breathtaking in such conditions. Pirelli winter tires combined with the AWD system are pushing the limits of adhesion to such a level that we imagine driving on wet pavement rather qu’snowy. Thus on a little secret route copiously covered in snow and with the complicity of some Renaud, we obtained an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h in eight seconds, a time that many cars struggling to realize on dry pavement. More than that, I had fun doing the worst follies to cause slips and various traction control systems of the Tesla opposed I lost control of the car.”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s just another ‘typical’ BMW driver!
Why is the number plate blanked?
This footage should have gone to the police so the owner can explain who was driving!