Tesla Model S P85D 0 To 104 MPH – Video


We believe Tesla Motors picked the right word to for the Model S P85D’s quickest acceleration setting… INSANE!

"Testing out my new P85D a little…"

“Testing out my new P85D a little…”

There is no more appropriate word to describe what you’ll see in the videos above and below.

For a family sedan that weighs almost 5,000 LBS, being able to achieve 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds is absolutely unheard of and is literally insane..

The video above is a 0-104 mph test done in dry weather conditions. The video below is a 0-80 mph test in the rain, claimed to clock the 0-60 mph at 3.6 seconds, per the video description.

Both are highly impressive and we hope that P85D owners get the same thrill that we got, just by watching these two videos:

*Editor’s note: Acceleration and/or speed tests should be done on the track. Not on public roads. 

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i tend to not like to see these “race” type videos because they encourage irresponsible driving. the person who did this stunt on what appears to be a public road is an IDIOT.

This one with the sound of the rain from outside!

Oups sorry I wanted to make a new post… but to answer you, you are an idiot only if you don’t know the road you’re on.

I could point out that the braking is also awesome on the Tesla.

@ no comment +1

Don’t watch them and leave “no comment”.
*Editor’s note: Acceleration and/or speed tests should be done on the track. Not on public roads.

please stop your whining, there were no cars on the road

driving fast with no other cars around isnt dangerous, driving fast and reckless with cars around is

know the difference

i can’t believe how incredibly STUPID some people are; does it make your head hurt to be so stupid? i kind of wonder…

here’s how it works: when you are on a public road, you don’t know what unexpected events might happen. when you are on a public road, it is potentially the public that is put at risk when you engage in reckless behavior – people who did not ask to be put at risk by the stupidity of others.

when you see automakers promoting “performance” in commercials, the reason why they prominently display the disclaimer: “professional driver on a closed track, do not attempt this at home” is so that they don’t get sued for encouraging idiots who try to replicate the feats on public roads that results in someone getting hurt.

I am encouraged by the number of comments showing disgust of drag racing / ‘performance testing’ on public streets. Truly it is one of the most self-centered, thoughtless, careless acts possible.

Public roads are public. You have no idea when roads that may appear empty from your limited perspective may all the sudden have traffic. Nobody really knows if the road ahead is “empty”, because unless the road is closed, anybody can pull onto it at any time.

On a crowded street, yes. But this WASN’T on a crowded street. So wind yer neck in and get back into your cotton wool lined box!

I for one have never understood the seeming exhilaration people get from sudden acceleration, but I know exists, since I had a friend that was enamored with roller-coasters.
I rode some, went fast in a car a few times.
Big Whoop!
While I tend to take a risk once in a while. later my mind will say something like, ‘see now was that really worth doing’? Like jumping off the garage. I did it once.

“Like jumping off the garage”

I’ll never understand that unless you were practicing for a parachute jump without a parachute—–

Actually that was what gave us the idea watching a movie about training paratroopers, tucking and rolling. So we had to try it. Thing is when you are 10 you weigh a lot less, and land softly, and it is a thrill. Time seems to contract, though that has been shown to be incorrect, it sure seems that way. Falling backwards off a ladder will also induce this effect, but I don’t recommend that.

So now you understand we are like that little boy of 10 who are thrilled with the performance and ride of the “D”—We didn’t buy this great auto to pussyfoot it along—-

All humans are all wired differently or we men would all be chasing the same woman—-

The tesla acceleration in greater than 1G, so it is faster acceleration than jumping off of your garage. May be more like jumping off your garage on Uranus. It pulls 1.29 G’s of lateral acceleration, which is more than I think any roller coaster – hence the large smiles, you have not ever experienced in your life. Maybe you would change your mind if you experienced it?

I have been slammed back in the seat of a Funny Car, which is pretty close, and was scary. I just don’t care for that feeling. Out in the rural areas of some Texas towns, man that’s what everyone was doing out there. Nothing else too do. It’s just not my particular poison, that’s all.

But you should take a Tesla for a ride.
It’s really a unique experience.
You will have “G”s and “Geeee”s

I’m guessing the difference between the push you’d feel in the Tesla compared to the funny car would be like a light slap on your cheek compared to a piece of 2×4…

How do you not understand it?

1. The feeling

2. Leaving every car around you in the past

3. Accelerating away in one of the coolest looking, sleekest sexiest cars in the world, making no noise using no gas.

what dont you get exactly?

As a Tesla Roadster owner with almost as fast acceleration I would never do this at night on a two-lane road > just be glad a child or animal didn’t suddenly pop up in front of you. Grow up!

Actually you raise a valid point there. Me and my mates used to race along country lanes, on the assumption that the sound of high revving engines at around 2 in the morning coupled with spot lights blazing away would alert any animals (and lost children wandering around the countryside) that we were there. This wouldn’t be the case with a fast electric car.
Just one more reason why they should all be fitted with external speakers making a sound to warn people of it’s approach.
I’d still go for the sound the Jetsons ‘cars’ made. Or, alternatively, a rising pitch of a theramin matching the motor revs.

bet summayou won’t fly air asia anymore either, right?

google-level odds are just lost on a few (usually loud) people.
I personally worry about asteroids hitting me in my lefty while bobbing in my pool during a 5/8 eclipse..