Tesla Model S P85 Versus V10 BMW M5 – Video


M5 No Match For Model S

M5 No Match For Model S

“Drag race between Tesla Model S P85+ vs. BMW M5 E60 V10 on a 1/4 mile strip in Iceland.”

And the winner is…

By the numbers, the V10 BMW M5 has the Tesla Model S P85 easily beat in terms of raw horsepower, but in the real world, numbers aren’t all that matters.

BMW M5 E60 V10

500 HP at 7,750 RPM

383 pound-feet Of torque at 6,100 RPM

Redline 8,250 RPM

Notice how high the RPMs must be for the BMW M5 to achieve max figures?  That alone puts it at a distinct disadvantage to the Model S.

The Model S wins this one…with ease.  In fact, off the line it downright embarrasses the M5.

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As a hard core drag racing fan the Tesla clearly got a big jump. The BMW was catching up fast on the big end, so it probably would have tied or a BMW win if it was a even start. Stil pretty impressive for the Model S, really shows just how far production EV’s have come.

The Tesla did not jump the signal. It simply out-launched the M5 by epic proportions. Watch the video closely again. They both hit the go pedal at roughly the same time. It is just that the Tesla launches so much better that it leaves the M5 behind.

Looking online quick a new V10 M5 will do a 11.80 1/4 and Telsa MS P85 is in the 12.20 range.

I find 12.5 second 1/4 mile for the V10 M5 (2010 E60).

All the newer F10 M5s are twin turbo V8s and are faster.

Patrick, Those are track numbers, done on a specifically prepared surface where layers of rubber and traction material provide optimal traction.

This is a street drag, where the surface will have significantly less traction. The M5 has been measured by an independent third-party to have a 52.4% front and 47.6% rear weight distribution. The Tesla Model S has the opposite weight distribution, of approx 48% front and 52% rear.

This gives the Model S a distinct traction advantage the less traction the road surface offers. In other-words, the BMW will be slower than those track numbers on real world roads, compared to the Model S.

Not having to shift gears on the Model S, only amplifies this effect. Because of the two, only the BMW has to worry about spinning on gear shifts. This is a huge advantage for the Model S off of the Drag Strip on real roads.

You can pretty much throw the Drag Strip numbers in the trash when it comes to bench-racing the two cars on actual roads.

443 pound-feet of torque from 0 RPM. Gets them every time 😀

Billy Dee Williams approves.

To me the 20 minutes of charge probably a couple
bucks while half a tank of gas, just guessing but maybe twenty five, is what really matters.


Nicely produced video. In the first scenes with the two cars, they appear to be at a track. Later, the race seems to be at a closed road. Is there any dialogue or narration that explains where they are?

I used the closed caption toggle. They had rain, so they moved to another location.

New BMW M5 has better torque at lower RPM range and also it has much better traction control, so even in slightly wet conditions, new M5 should give better challenge for Tesla.

A bit of a joke isn’t it? “The new M5 should give a better challenge”

For a car to cost so much more to “maybe have a fighting chance”….

Don’t get me wrong, I love my V8 car but Tesla is showing what a well-designed BEV can do.

The new M5? What about the new P85 Tesla AWD? The AWD version of the Model S, with an additional front motor and 2 more drive wheels is going to be a bigger technology jump than anything the new M5 will offer.

When Tesla S AWD arrives — perhaps in early 2015 —, it just blows all ICE competitors such as BMW M5 and top line Audi Quatros out from the existence, because it will provide just unseen driving and handling experience.

When AWD electric cars arrive, it just redifines what we expect from a car. And it is not just having huge acceleration due to twice as big torque, but it is matter of basic safety, as electric AWD provides better level of active safety in extreme driving conditions — such as in snowy and wet conditions.

And 500 miles per charge

It’d be great if the new ‘S could hit 500 miles but I haven’t read that Tesla has those plans. Can you provide a link?

the new M5 still uses gas

Got to give the BMW that it is a nine year old car, which probably cost less than half the price of a Tesla Model S.

The BMW spins in 1. 2. & 3. gear, so you could say that this is new traction control winning over traction control designed ten years ago. Or lack off it?

You have to understand the different power bands. The Tesla has better Low end power. The V10 doesn’t even come alive till 100+ mph. Car traps at 116mph and cruises at 155mph all day on the autobahn like it’s nothing. New M5 traps at 122mph. Tesla runs 107-112mph. Tesla would need about 120 more HP to trap at 122mph. In the popular 60-130mph run that high power cars use (discounts traction issues), the M5, or M3 will walk the S like it’s standing still. The modded 2014 My I had did 60-130 in 7.1 seconds. The Model S is probably close to double that time. All the new Super sedans from Audi, BMW, AMG do 0-60 in 3.6-3.9 sec and trap over 120 mph in the quarter mile. M5 is severely traction limited as I doesn’t have AWD.

Spinning the tires and getting sideways will kill your chances in most drag races.


While spinning the tires and getting sideways on the street will simply kill you.

probably not killing you as large sedans tend to be also safe, but pedestrians and cyclers are for sure in danger!

Tesla is geared to do 0-60mph.

its max torque to the wheel starts to drop off around 60mph due to 9.74:1 gearing ratio…

That is why Tesla’s top speed sucks and also most performance cars would start to catch up to tesla around 100mph…

Gears or not, the Tesla will not make up the difference with these German supersedans that make over 100hp more and weigh 300lbs+ less.

as mentioned earlier, (and author, please note if you are still able) the closed-caption tells Much more story.
Replacement M5 = $265k
(arguably better, as some have mentioned)
Every option MS – $130k (speed limited, both gear and electronic).
eagerly await a non-professional drag-rage between today’s MS vs today’s M5. at twice the price Plus 12 gallons of gas per play, it had Better win..