Tesla Model S P85 Versus Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale – Video


The Race

The Race

In this DragTimes video, a Tesla Model S P85 challenges the supercar with the most ridiculously long name: Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale specs:

  • Weight – 3,348 pounds
  • HP – 570

Clearly, the 1,300-pound heavier Model S P85 is way out of its league here, but it’s amazing to see how easily the Model S crushes the Lamborghini off the line in the first run.

With instant max torque on tap, in everyday driving, where it’s more a stop light to stop light grind, the Model S can hold it own against almost any vehicle on the road.

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So it takes a Super Car to beat the Tesla?


Yes, yes it does.


Lambo: MSRP $256,300 – seats 2, God knows how much to insure, 7 mpg…

P-85+ MSRP $122,000 fully loaded – seats 7, has two trunks and family-car/station wagon utility, uses no gasoline, 83mpge est…

Why is this even a comparison?

This supports Jay Coles assertion that people mash and beat the crud out of Model S to prove or justify the cost… True, this must happen with AMG Mercs and BMW-Ms, but perhaps not to this foolishness…


actually it gets 16 mpg city and 20 highway


1:50 slingshot acceleration 🙂


Want to know something? The guy that owns that Tesla also owns that Lambo…. along with 4 other sports cars. lucky bastard


The P85 is going to crush a BMW i8!


They are street racing. That’s really dangerous and should not be condoned. In the last clip, it looks like the Lambo is coming up on a car.

The Model S does not “crush the Lamborghini off the line in the first run.” The Model S has a small head start in that clip and the Lambo quickly closes. In the 2nd clip, there is an even start and despite all that instant torque in the Model S, the Lambo pulls away quickly.

The Lambo driver is a really good driver. The shifts are nearly seamless. Power and acceleration are maximized.

The only way the Model S (and most other cars) have a chance against that Lambo is with a bad driver behind it. In this case, there is no chance.


Hell, in the 80s, I whipped a Lamborghini Countach in my turbo Dodge Daytona. Why? Because the Lamborghini didn’t know how to drive his car or shift it properly. With a good driver, the Lambo would have easily smoked me.


7 seater family sedan vs. 2 seater supercar.

And during the first run the Model S was ahead for a solid 12 seconds.

This speaks volumes for Tesla.


The Model S had a head start in the 1st run.

Electric Car Guest Drive

Street racing is really stupid.