Tesla Model S P85 On Nurburgring – Video


Bjørn Nyland’s recent Autobahn adventure with his P85 Tesla Model S wasn’t thrillful enough?

Tesla Model S Nurburgring - Bjorn Nyland

Pulled out of the turn with instant torque.

Bjørn had the eventful opportunity to have a go around the Nürburgring/Nordschleife. The track consists of different types of turns, bends, uphills, downhills, and straightaways.

This track is sure to put the Model S to the test

Throughout the video, you will see that there is a perfect view of the center screen display and the instrument cluster of what exactly is going on while he puts his P85 Model S through many different variations of acceleration and braking.

Note that Bjørn did not push the Model S to the max.  As he stated in the video’s description:

Bjørn Nyland driving Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance on Nordschleife for the first time. I had to take it easy around the track so we could make it safely back home to Norway.

Average usage around the ring: 516 Wh/km.

Suspension: low for most of the ring
Regen: low
Range mode: off
Steering wheel: comfort

Tesla Model S Nurburgring - Bjorn Nyland

Completed in 11:34.28 with his driving style and settings.

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This video proves the Tesla has the turn radius to complete Nürnburgring. The M5, which it is often compared to, does it in less than 8 minutes.

Would be interesting to see both the Tesla and the i8 with professional drivers.


This video does not show the true potential, or the real driving capabilities or characteristics of the Tesla Model S. The driver was babying it around the track. Every turn was carefully calculated how to make sure you didn’t get into an accident. If you watch the video he states that at almost every turn.
This is not a bad video, but it is not that good of a video to show the real power and how fast it really could go around this track.


Yeah, but (wiki) there are No Tesla official times, we await (j/k) the Stig’s results with eager anticipation.

Dear Elon – please consider putting a supercharger at Nurburgring, complete with adapter for ANY car capable of accepting 135kw, LOL. (yeah, I got several laps in, hadda’ fill up at the Tesla station 16 times, though).