Tesla Model S P85 Hits The Dyno – Video


“2013 Black Tesla Model S P85

So much torque, It reversed the rotation of earth.

So much torque, It reversed the rotation of earth.

21″ Wheels – Continental Extreme Contact DW Rubber

Dyno maxed out at 2000 lbs·ft but on paper the car should be putting 4301 lbs·ft of torque to the wheels.

416HP Official Rated at the crank
436HP Measured at the wheels

Environment: 80% Charge on the battery, 26ºC outside temp, 24% Humidity, 1157 meters”

States the video description.

It is undeniably cool to see almost any vehicle pump out everything it has on a dyno.

Even cooler when it’s a top of the line Tesla Model S 85 kWh Performance giving it a go.

Fortunately, you don’t need to cover your ears for this dyno run, nor will those nearby be put off by the harmful emissions that don’t exist.

Typically with an ICE vehicle, the crank horsepower rating is substantially higher than what is measure the rear wheels. Not true with the Model S.  We’re sure that these results will surprise you.

Here is another view from a GoPro Camera:

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I wanna see the charts!


This Tesla belongs to one of members of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA).

More charts on TMC link above.



I think you slipped a decimal on that torque figure.


Nope, the numbers are accurate because the dyno is measuring wheel torque, nearly all transmissions will multiply your crank torque by several times, however since the tesla can rev to 16,000 RPM the reduction gear will multiply the torque by a ridiculous 9.71 : 1 (nearly 10 times the torque at the wheels), Vipers will have a similar torque but only in first gear.


Funny to see it burn rubber on Deceleration.


Oh, and as the French say: formidable!


I don’t think the dyno was connected correctly. Neither the torque nor the RPM make sense for the Tesla electric motor; and, the HP doesn’t mean anything because it is calculated using Torque and RPM. HP=Torque x RPM; then divided the results by 5252.


You don’t need dyno to know the results.

It is a simple math. 9.73:1 gear reduction x 443 = 4310 ft-lb torque…

The question is why do you need that much? It is pretty much beyond the grip that tires can generate at that rate….

A typical ICE performance car has about 400-500 ft-lb and with generally 3.5 to 4.5 in reduction gearing.

That puts them around 1800 to 2200ft-lb at the wheel and they get similar 0-60mph times anyway…

If the gearing reduction is cut in half on the Tesla, the top speed would be much higher…

mike w

well yes in the “Drive” gear for an ICE your right but in the lower transmission gears you might expect to see a multiplier of 3 or 4 on top of the number your thinking about. So I’m thinking a “final drive ratio of 9. something for the Tesla at a dead stop is actually a very high ratio.

Warren M


Similar to the power output of a new stock BMW M3 with the 3liter S55 engine. However the BMW weighs over 1000lbs less, and with a simple plug in tune makes about 50hp more.


But the Tesla will probably still be more fun to drive just by the nature of the drivetrain.

Warren M

M3 sedan or M4 coupe have been getting rave reviews everywhere. Beat the 911 in a head to head in Car and Driver. Faster than a stock Corvette which is lighter and rated at higher HP. Underrated HP as usual for BMW. Whips a similarly HP rated Mustang 5.0. Undoubtedly another international engine of the year award coming for BMW. 119mph trap speed, means the Tesla would need another 100hp to trap just as fast in the quarter mile. Big difference.


Why on earth are you comparing to the M3? That’s a compact.

The Model S has more interior room and luggage space than an M5. It’s a completely different class of car.


the BMW cannot rev to 16,000 RPM and cannot take advantage of torque multiplication through the transmission like the Tesla can which is why it is slower 0-60 on a lighter chassis.

Warren M

Wrong, even severely traction limited, the M3 has run high 3’s 0-60.