Tesla Model S P85+ Hard Rock Edition – Video


Tesla Model S Hard Rock Edition

Tesla Model S Hard Rock Edition

Here it is, the “Hard Rock Edition” Tesla Model S P85+ by Del Rey Customs.

Why “Hard Rock Edition?”  Well, as Del Rey Customs explains, a recent stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was the driving force behind this modded Tesla Model S:

“So we are in the business of picking a theme and building a car to match it. This Tesla Model S we went with The Hard Rock Edition. Recently, we stayed in Vegas at The Hard Rock Hotel and the HRH Towers.”

Del Rey Customs explains the modification to the Tesla Model S as follows:

We put together a great color scheme using 4 of the Avery-Dennison Supreme Wrapping Products. The colors we choose were

  • SW900-436-O CARMINE RED
  • SW900-180-O MATTE BLACK

The carbon fiber mirrors and front nose cone inserts matched to the rear lower bumper valance make the car look more aggressive.

We choose to put the 21 inch TSW Alloy Amaroo Forged wheels on it in a Matte Black finish and some quailty Hankook V12 Ventus tries to grab the road.

The final touch was a 20% GeoShield Nano Ceramic Window Tint on all the glass with 80% heat rejection to insulate the car and keep the heat of the hot desert sun out so where every you go you arrive in style.

Finally we had to add a touch of red to make the logo stand out against the Gunmetal and the Carmine Red completes that rock star look.

We get the sense that the Tesla Model S is easily the most modified electric vehicle out there today.  We’ve seen a slew of aftermarket companies mod the Model S, but we’re still waiting to see which tuning house will be first to rip into the Tesla’s powertrain in search of even more performance.  When that happens, then the Model S will join the world of tuner cars.

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Meh. I like chrome…

I’m not in love with this Edition.

Even though I’m not wild about the stock model S nosecone, this one is even worse.

Also I just don’t love the carbon fiber look.

I really like these custom jobs, but they always fudge it up with the wheels. Tesla’s turbine rims are the best thing for it, that and the very nice rims that are found in Europe. If you don’t know what I’m babbling about, they are the sleek, areo-looking, 5-spoke wheels that Bjørn Nyland has on his red Model S. To be honest, I prefer them far more than the lage 21″ turbines.

The aero wheels were not a Europe feature. They were available everywhere, but the option did not last too long, a few months at most.

Not sure why they are no longer offered. I liked those too. Supposedly they gave you about 1 to 2% more range, especially at speeds where drag is relevant. I’m sure Bjørn got them for that reason.

I suppose they weren’t popular, possibly because they kind of look like wheel covers, to the uninitiated anyway. But Tesla really did not give them a chance to be accepted.

Well at least they are consistent with their stylistic vision. This sort of begs the question of whether there is much artistry in that vision.

That painted nosecone is hideous