Tesla Model S P85 Gets Smoked By Electric Mazda Miata – Video


The world’s quietest drag race ever? Oh yeah, don’t blink otherwise you will miss some of the racing action.

You wont be needing to cover your ears for this race.

You will not be needing ear plugs for this race.

Watch this purpose-built electric dragster go against a Tesla Model S P85.

The electric Mazda Miata, known as “Assault and Battery,” is propelled by a 333 volt LiPo pack and two 2000 amp Zilla controllers feeding dual NetGain 9-inch motors.

Who says you need a huge gas-guzzling engine to reach a speed and drag time like this?

Obviously, the Model S is out of its league here against “Assault and Battery,” but the S is certainly no slouch in the quarter mile.

"The Miata runs an incredible 9.27 @ 142 mph to the Tesla's very respectable 12.72 @ 102 mph."

“The Miata runs an incredible 9.27 @ 142 mph to the Tesla’s very respectable 12.72 @ 102 mph.”

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I have a racetrack a few miles from my house. I wish all of the races were as quiet as this one.

Posting an article during the world cup final? Someone must really hate sports and social events. 🙂

Impressive, and it won’t even fail a smog test like most 9 second cars out there!

Even the Tesla eat the light and fail anyway.
You have power or even a lot more power

That electrified Miata needs to take on more gas burners.

or White Zombie

forklift motors?

Probably NetGain Warp motors.

I think you know you are in trouble when you casually roll up to the start line, while the guy next to you is smoking his tires to warm them up.