Tesla Model S P85 Gets The “Regular Car” Review Treatment – Video

AUG 3 2015 BY JAY COLE 7

Regular Car Reviews has finally got its hands on a Tesla Model S P85 – and yes, while we understand that it is not a P90D, a “Regular Car Review” isn’t your typical review.  In other words, keen observations, sarcastic observations and a good amount of NSFW comments are in store.  (Although we don’t care much for the intro song)

Tesla Model S Gets Its Most NSFW Review To Date

Tesla Model S Gets Its Most NSFW Review To Date

How do they like it? They like it a lot.

“Everything I will drive from now on will be based against this…everything I drive from now on has to live up to this.  This is the new benchmark for me.”

Refreshingly, they don’t gush over everything – because well, not everything about a Tesla Model S is to die for.

“You get into a Tesla Model S, the interior is very nice, very well thought out, but when you start touching stuff, it is about on the level of an optioned-out Honda Accord, or maybe an Infiniti.  It is not that it is bad, but it is like getting a cheesesteak in Citizen’s Bank park (home of the Philadelphia Phillies) – it’s a good cheesesteak, it’s just not a $7 good cheesesteak.”

Anyway, watch it (if you aren’t easily offended that is) – you get the idea.

Hat tip to offib!

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The article says:

“…not everything about a Tesla Model S to die for.”

Uh-oh… the Tesla Cheerleaders are gonna dis you for that!

P.S. — My inner Grammar Nazi says that should be “…is to die for.”

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I don’t know, I think they died off from this site, especially when we value everything with a plug, not just the Tesla.

I think they may be hanging around AutoblogGreen.


I wouldn’t die for a Tesla…. I also wouldn’t die in one 🙂


Okay, I suffered through this so-called “review”. At the end, it actually had something to say: “A good experience is the point of your life.” That’s insightful, possibly even profound. But was it worth sitting through a barrage of random obscene jokes and non-sequitur asides whose sole purpose seems to be to convince the viewer that the reviewers are both “hip” and well-educated?

I have this strange opinion that a car review should focus on the car, not the reviewers.


Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“At the end, it actually had something to say: “A good experience is the point of your life.””

The first sentence of the video was also insightful/profound: “You know what, the future is going to be OK.”

This cold be both the worst & best review ever done to the Tesla Model S.


Lol? The Tesla’s interior “feels” high quality,

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of these little sh*ts that whine about the most abysmal thing i swear

“It doesn’t feel good” I couldn’t give a sh*t ROFL!


Hate to break it to you but most people don’t want to spend $100k on a car that has interior quality compared against an Accord.