Tesla Model S P85 + Featured on Fully Charged – Video

MAR 31 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

A Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S lives to be featured in Fully Charged series.

Robert Llewellyn first had the chance to test drive this gorgeous electric car a little while ago and then a few weeks later was loaned one for a longer experience.

As usual, Llewellyn presents this episode with a dash of humor.

Lots of heavy accelerations and calls for Jesus Christ are included:.

“My first experience driving the hair raising, breathtaking, game changing car from Tesla Motors. During high speed cornering some profanities were expressed but I’ve beeped them. I apologise in advance.”

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*BEEP*ing awesome. 🙂


“I just want to remind you, that when you buy a gallon of petrol, you can’t use it twice” Fabulou. Robert needs to improve the beeping, as I could hear exactly what he said, which was very similar to my statements when I did a test drive :O)

Why is the copilot not wearing his seat belt properly? Just sayin’…

I think he liked it.

Wait a minute, where is he? One would think UK (driving on the left of the road and note the license plate), but wasn’t that the Golden Gate Bridge (7:04-7:07)? Then a glimpse of C&H across from Vallejo CA?