Tesla Model S P100DL VS Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 (video)

SEP 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 57

As the first of the newly updated Tesla Model S P100Ds (with Ludicrous mode) are just arriving now, you knew they would be coming…the square-offs against the rest of the world’s petrol supercars!

Tesla Model S P100D takes on a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Drag Racing - DragTimes

Tesla Model S P100D takes on a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Drag Racing – DragTimes

First out of the gate (as one might expect of them)is DragTimes, pitting a Tesla Model S P100DL against Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 and…

…it’s certainly is not that easy for Lamborghini to win the races anymore, as was the case against the P85DL.  

More and more road and speed is now needed to reign in the Tesla, and the differences at higher speeds is becoming negligible – one more Tesla upgrade would probably put Lamborghini into the growing group of quarter mile drag losers.

Think you know how fast the Huracan was travelling when it caught the Model S? DragTimes is giving away a free T-Shirt to whoever gets it right (leave your guess in the comments here if you want to win one). Of course once the contest closes, we’ll update the story with that number.

As a point of reference, the P100DL does 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, and the quarter mile in 10.8 seconds.

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I love EVs, but I have to say that, while the Lambo is less efficient at putting down the power, drama and excitement is on her side. At least, it takes a modicum of skill to launch her, and the result is not pre-ordained.

…hardly a good reason to pick a car that pollutes and makes the weather worse for all life on the planet

So just exactly how is the electricity generated to charge this vehicle? Surely not coal, or gas or nuclear. Of course not, its environmentally pure. And the batteries they are pure dilithium crystals.

Go educate yourself. Then come back.

So much of the energy in the gasoline is lost as heat in the internal combustion engines (ICE). The battery is more efficient, hence the ~80+ MPGe rating the Tesla gets. Sure a coal plant isn’t 100% efficient- i bet they get pretty hot- but likely moreso than each individual ICE. Not to mention most grids you plug into are not 100% coal/gas/nuclear.

MPGe is a good topic to read about. check out the MPGe’s of the plug in cars like tesla, volt, bmw i3, etc and compare that to the 55ish mpg of the prius.

When we’re talking about drag racing it’s a little hard to take the high moral ground. The whole thing is a waste of energy. (enjoyed watching it!)

These are exactly the same criteria for selling a compelling high performance BEV:

1. Higher Efficiency = More Power put directly to the Road, i.e, less waste noise, heat, pollution.

2. Special Skill Not Required. Anyone can be a Drag Racer.

3. Reliable Drag Performance = less driving /ownership anxiety.

4. Higher 0 – 60 times gets more media attention and sells more BEVs.

5. Not having to take it into the shop after every 30 or so launches to repair clutch or ragged out engine.

6-More interior space, its a 4 door car, I love that to me personally yes speed is important but also space.

I don’t disagree, but what is the point of “racing” with an EV? You’re not a “racer” if no skill is involved. That is why I am unimpressed by these videos. It’s not unlike watching a human playing chess against a computer. I know who is going to win, but I still root for the guy.

I agree with you on the drama of the ic car, but I think that the ev fans (including myself) get gratification from seeing a 7 passenger grocery getter spank this sexy Italian. And let’s face it, to watch a car on video versus the trouble of buying, owning and servicing the multicylinder monster are two different things. The situation is like comparing a B17 to a modern jet airliner. B17 wins for “cool” every time but would you want to be operating that as an aurline?

Don’t forget that today’s supercars, including the Hurrican, have AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS. Oh no! God forbid we don’t have a manual transmission! It’s not a real sports car if you don’t have to row your own gears!!!111!11one!!

Launch on something like the Lamborghini takes little to no skill, these days the computers do all the work. They come with launch control. Pretty interesting to feel how well it puts the power down.

The Huracan has a launch control. The driver needs same amount of skills like for the Tesla (just step on it).
The enginners at Lamborghini surely took out the best of it. This is the limit for ICE technology.
Just remember a modern electronically commutated electric motor recalculates output torque at a rate of about 1000 times per second. Higher rates are also possible if needed. For a traction motor this is more then enough,
And it puts out constant torque from zero to hero.
With is combination the ICE stand no chance against EV!

Strongly disagree that this is the best ICE has to offer. Let’s see Tesla vs Veryon.

ICE cannot have high torque from 0 MPH is simply wrong. Launch control is one way to achieve it, and with enough skill, one could get even more. Combined with multiple gears in ICE, ICE would not be torque (or power) limited at least through the first gear, probably even to higher gears.

In my Corvette analysis, it could get 0-60 in about 2.4 sec (or even quicker) given enough traction. But with RWD and stock tires and unwillingness of most Vette owners to sacrifice their car for bragging, that isn’t going to happen.

This is the beauty of Tesla (and EV in general). That acceleration is available in everyday driving while ICE would have to run it once or twice and then have to take it in the shop to replace various engine parts.

Have u heard of ‘field oriented control’ of electric motors? 100% u didn’t so don’t explain me that launch controlled ICE does the same as EV. They have the same purpose but can’t compete with each other.

To put it simple so u finally understand: electric current ist very fast, mechanical movement is very much slower. Thats the physical difference between them and nobody can do anything about it.

U comparing Veyron with Tesla? It’s like comparing Tesla with Corvette.
Watch Rimac vs LaFerrari

Obviously, you’ve never driven a manual transmission car. If you had, you’d realize that even 50 HP car can out accelerate Tesla upon launch (ie, break traction) by popping the clutch.

For most performance gas cars with multiple gears, their acceleration through lower gears (ie, to 60 MPH) is limited by traction + driver skill / willingness.

As for best ICE has to offer, Veryon is an example, why not? Granted, it’s a stupid example (and so is Huracan), but an example none the less.

Well I actually drive manual gearbox. I’m talking here about the difference between electronic and mechanical control systems. The purpose is to bring the propulsion force down to the asphalt (launch control). So how do we get maximum grip out of the tires? The ICE is regulating the clutch and motor torque to do it. They are both reacting slowly so it can regulate a few times a second. It uses ABS speed sensor as an input parameter which is very fast and accurate. But the output parameters react slowly (motor torque und clutch). The EV has no clutch because it doesen’t need one (maximum torque from zero to max power). So it is doing launch control just by regulating motor torque which is very fast. That’s what I meant with ‘electric current is faster then mechanical motion). It can repeat the control sequence every milisecond. As you can see, the driver need no skills in either case. For ICE to launch the driver needs to clear the brake pedal while having the other foot on the accelerator. For EV, well he just has to step on it. To really measure the diferrence between those systems, one should drag race… Read more »

100mph is when it caught up.

94 miles per hour

I guess 115 mph


“Lambda” would be a great name for a Tesla all electric Lamborghini-killer…

124 is my guess!


I don’t know what the speed was, but the noise that the Huracan made was certainly annoying. Me no want.

Some d-bag where I work has a small pe— er, I mean, Lamborghini. Every day when he leaves the parking structure (from the third level), his monstrosity of a commuter vehicle produces so much noise and vibration (simply driving “normally” out of structure) that it literally sets off every motion-sensitive car alarm in the structure. He leaves the place sounding like a New York city traffic jam.

I want to get my groceries THAT fast!?



Another Euro point of view

On a wider point of view, this is very good publicity for the car electrification process in general. So well done Tesla.

I’ll guess 118 mph. I used to really want some sort of Italian exotic when I was younger. But owning a Model S cured me of that desire. I realized this a couple of years ago when I had to drive past the Ferrari dealership to get to the Tesla service center in San Rafael, California. The Tesla service center kept expanding and eventually the Ferrari dealership had to move to another location.

U mean out of business!

118 mph

123 mph

It must really burn to see the rear profile of a full size sedan sitting in the cockpit of a lamborghini that is wide open.


Feel The Burn! 😉

Too soon? Sorry. 🙁




The P100 should next race either a Porche 918 or a Lamborghini Aventador.

Look on YouTube. Novel idea, I know.


To all posting their guesses:

I’m not sure if you are simply sharing your guess with the rest of us or trying to win a t-shirt, but if it is the latter it would better if you posted your guess over at DragTimes.

The text says to post your guess in a comment “here”, but the word is a link – to the page where your guess must be posted if you’re going to have any chance of winning a t-shirt…

Drag “racing” is just that – a drag. And just because some people do it with Teslas doesn’t make it EV news. I’m not sure why InsideEVs doesn’t cover women’s handbags as it is just as relevant as this to its purported mission.

Handbags? what does that have to do with EV’s? Stupid

And this has everything to do with EV’s. The fastest Tesla smoking a Lambo

Another Euro point of view

Terawatt, had read many of your post and you are obviously way too intelligent for the average level of posters on this type of article specifically. So my advise (if I may) is do not waste too much of your time posting, I am sure your time would be much better invested elsewhere.


Great, more street racing!?!? Is that what EVs are for?


I would like to see the model S V Kawasaki ZX14 and Kawasaki H2 track version.

Tesla would lose 1/4 mile by wide margin, but 0-60 could be close. For a bike, it’s how well they control the throttle and body position to prevent front end from getting too light, thus requiring considerable rider skill and varies widely from run to run.

What is remarkable on those bikes is that how do the riders not lift the front wheels on every ride? It must take enormous amount of control and patience.

I’d like to see a match-up of the Tesla vs. a Zero SR. I’m sure the Tesla would win but I’d like to see how close the race is.


lol my car is charged with solar and I enjoy the speedlimit.

douches to do this on a public highway… makes us all look bad.

Tesla Model S owner 😀