Tesla Model S P100DL Versus Porsche 911 Turbo – Race Video


Street Car Drags posted video of a race between the Tesla Model S P100DL and a highly modified 2011 Porsche Turbo S.

It's Go Time!

It’s Go Time!

On paper, the lightweight Porsche would seem to be the favorite, but we all know that the Tesla blasts off the line in a flash.

Which vehicle takes home the win/ Watch the video to find out.

Video description:

1/4 mile Drag Race between the newly released and most powerful Tesla ever, the 2016 Tesla P100D and a 2011 Porsche Turbo S modified by Champion Porsche.

The Porsche Turbo has a GIAC Tune, WERKs air intake, Tubi Exhaust, and Champion Intercoolers.. The Porsche makes about 600 Horsepower and 600 ft/lbs of Torque.

The Tesla is all electric, all wheel drive and has a base MSRP of $134,5000 USD. The Tesla has dual electric motors – the front motor makes 259 HP, and the rear 503 HP.

Both the Porsche and the Tesla are equipped with stock tires. Tell us which car you rather own and why ???

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NOTE=Tesla Admits To Sometimes Limiting Battery Output / HP If Launch Mode Is Used Too Often.

It is a bit confusing, but actually the P100D is the only model we know for 100% sure that doesn’t have the excessive use/output limit on it (new pack/hardware/BMS design).

“…using launch mode places an increased stress on the entire powertrain accelerating aging and fatigue of various components. The computer systems automatically track launch mode usage and continually estimate fatigue damage. Depending on how launch mode is used, the computer may eventually limit the available power during launch mode to protect the powertrain. Note that this is a common strategy also employed in other high performance cars. As discussed, upgrading to the P100D ludicrous will remove this limit and will not be limited in the future as the P100D does not have this limit for launch mode.”

…Ludicrous will run sub 11 seconds, so there you have the difference.

The Tesla driver delayed a lot of time in the start.

yeah someone needs to analyse the video to see what the delay is between the two cars. seems like they ran 1/4 mile in about the same time

The Porsche driver cheated a bit at the start. It wasn’t a delay

Tesla driver delayed,, Tesla by itself —

Couldn’t they electronically adjust/calculate the time based on when the nose reaches a point an inch or two after the start? Seems that would settle all of the false, poor and delayed starts. Or is that one of the few remaining pieces that make this an “art”?