Tesla Model S P100DL Versus McLaren 650S – DragTimes Race Video


You win some, you lose some, right? Or, in the case of the Tesla Model S P100DL, you win almost all of the time, but an occasional loss is inevitable.

Model S Versus McLaren

Model S Versus McLaren

Video description:

“Watch the Tesla P100D Model S battle it out against the McLaren 650S Spyder during an all out drag and roll race.”

The S smokes the McLaren off the line, but this is a long race and the McLaren’s top end grunt edges it ahead for the win.

Tesla’s recently announced software improvement for its P100DL version of the Model S and Model X (that improves 0-60 mph time to 2.4 seconds and shaves a bit of time off the 1/4 mile) will help The Model S in the future to lengthen the amount of distance it takes the McLaren to catch up.

One thing is for sure, in the real world of light-to-light driving, the S still conquers the mighty McLaren, and has no peers.

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“…The S smokes the McLaren off the line, but this is a long race and the McLaren’s top end grunt edges it ahead for the win…”

Need rematch post 0.1sec Easter Egg…

0.1 secs is good for an extra ten feet or so to 60 mph, but it’s clear from the video that the McLaren can out accelerate the Tesla significantly at the top end, so unless the race ended in those ten feet, the result would be the same.

It’s more than to 60. 10+ seconds elapse from start to when the McClaren overtakes the Tesla.

With the update the P100D has a good shot at beating it in the 1/4 mile since it currently is in the 10.6 seconds range.


…which means the Model S beat the 650S @ 0-60mph.

The Rimac Concept One is the electric car you need for the higher paces. It’s got the needed gearing for upper-end acceleration.

Anyone else getting bored of these drags?

If it’s not your thing, then simply don’t watch!?

You assumed I watched it?????

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time…”

My answer to your original question… No. You didn’t watch it and are still complaining? How long would it take you to see the title of the post and just skip it? I’m tired of posts about all these vaporware electric cars but I just skip them.


Shh… I think he’s sleeping. Post some more drag race videos!

These contests mean nothing: The Tesla weighs about 5,000 lbs and the McLaren about 2,800 lbs. Wonder what the McLaren would do with the Tesla drive line, a 10 kWh battery with 1/10th the battery weight and a 1/4 mile drive ratio?

Ya, I watch actual racing and oddly enough you almost never see a Tesla and when you do they’re getting their asses kicked…

Still, 2.4 seconds of 0 to 60 is impressive for a sedan. Too bad it just can’t win much in the 1/2 mile or on the track but then again that isn’t what the Tesla fanboys seem to care about 🙂

Im’ curious, how much energy does one of these runs burn? All we ever see are the times or the speed. What about the kW used?

kW is a measure of power, not energy.

kW vs kWh, know the difference and keep them straight!

In the EV business we say that not knowing a kW from a kWh is like a car salesman not knowing the difference between horsepower and how much the fuel tank holds. ☺

I’m not bored of the ones done legally on actual drag strips.


I’m guessing this is SR84 that runs parallel to the 595, here in south Florida. I believe the speed limit on that stretch is 55 mph. So it’s obvious, the speed at which he catches the Tesla is 54 mph!?

Well, at least it’s flat, unobstructed and free of traffic!?

The thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t go to a drag strip? This was obviously planned, and they both had cameras setup and everything. A dragstrip only charges like $10 to race, and it isn’t like these guys can’t afford it.

That’s what puzzles me about so many of these drag race videos, too. Why in the world would they choose to use a frontage road beside a highway, when they could use a real drag strip?

And please, no excuses about “Well, they made sure the road was clear.” There quite obviously are no roadblocks preventing traffic from entering the road.

These drag races are neither safe nor legal, no matter what they may claim.

The race goes from roughly :37 to :49

That is roughly the same amount of time it takes a P100DL to do a quarter mile at 125 mph.


Sorry, but doing that on a road that appears to be open to the public makes both drivers losers.

This is just stupid of them. Even on the dragstrip (which is obviously closed to the public) if you are going that fast, they typically want you wearing a fire jacket for safety.

See 2 minutes in:


At the racetrack safety is primary. Even if you are racing your mom’s station wagon you will have to pass NHRA tech inspection.

Also… A drag race is a specifically measured thing done on certified equipment. It’s not a drag race without a time slip.

Also this… http://www.nedra.com

I’ve never seen a tech inspection at test-n-tune nights at the strip. It’s been a few years, but pretty much anyone could run.

Is Tesla working on a drag strip version of autopilot? It could finally take the human factor completely out of the equation, by actually detecting the green light and triggering the launch all by itself. How exciting that would be.

That comes with the Jura One Touch Espresso maker, early spring of 2017.

That’s the ticket!

Take the racer completely out of the car and it can race by itself! ☺

I predict(ed) that an autonomous Model S will win Pikes Peak before 2020. They already won it (the production vehicle class) this year with a human driver, and programming the course should not be difficult at all. A few logistics at the beginning and end, and voila!

Hellcat drivers will just say the Tesla cheated and jumped the light…

…and that they must have forgot to use their red key.


Keep the drag race videos coming! It’s a comparison the diehard petro-heads can understand and appreciate. Get the quarter mile down to 10.3 and it would be phenomemal. As a comparison a newer tuned RWD BMW M5 is running 9.9 sec in the quarter mile at 141 mph. And over 172mph in the half mile. The tuned M5 would leave the 650 as bad as the McClaren left the Tesla at higher speeds.

These 1/2 miles races are what the exotic/luxury higher HP cars compete in. Here is a thread on our last event. Just to give you an idea of how fast these modded newer street driven BMWS are, watch the last video in the larger compilation of how bad a Hellcat gets beat in the 130mph range in which a Tesla would be absolutely non competitive.



Your right. 😉