Tesla Model S P100DL Versus Dodge Challenger Hellcat On Drag Radials – Race Video


Here are the combatants in a seemingly well-matched pairing:

Challenger Hellcat: 6.2-liter supercharged V8 boasting 707 horsepower and 650 pound feet of torque, and its riding on drag radials.

Tesla Model S P100DL:  763 horsepower (503 hp to the rear and 259 hp to the front) and of course AWD.

The Hellcat Jumps The Gun

The Hellcat Jumps The Gun

Video Description from Drag Times:

It’s our first time out drag racing with our new P100D Tesla Model S, watch us race a Dodge Challenger Hellcat on Drag Radials 1/4 mile in an all out heads up drag race at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Our Best run of the night was a 10.76 setting a new world record for an electric production car.

Race summary (caution – spoilers):

The first time, the Hellcat takes off way ahead of the green light. The Tesla, with no launch control, and while behind in the beginning as a consequence, still nets the better time in the end.

In round two, the driver of the Hellcat times the tree perfectly; the Model S keeps up a bit better due to the more even start (even though the Model S sedan’s RT was somehow again not that great). By the end of the quarter mile, the Hellcat wins the race, and Tesla wins the 1/4 mile timing.

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8 Comments on "Tesla Model S P100DL Versus Dodge Challenger Hellcat On Drag Radials – Race Video"

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Hellcat knoweth no fury like Tesla P100D driver with decent RT.

Short Squeeze, as Tesla reports better than expected earnings. Up at $213 around 6%.

Put some tires on that Tesla!

Hellcat is still half the price, RWD and designed by a bunch of rednecks with a relatively small R&D budget. Its obvious it needs slicks for drag racing.

The tesla model costs about twice as much and nothing too interesting about it’s external aesthetics/shape for the price point it is sold at.

The hellcat/challenger is only RWD, about 300 kilograms heavier and has PRESENCE related to it’s retro history.

I prefer the challenger any day.

I’d rather have a low end Model S priced the same as a Hellcat. Utility of 5 or 7 person seating, space, efficiency vastly better, sophistication, and looks are all IMO better than Hellcat.

Performance of a low end Model S is plenty fast enough for me, and I’ll take the 100 mpg-e and quiet comfort over the 15 mpg and racket of a Hellcat.

The RT of Tesla second launch was really slow.
Whatever, I’ll take the Tesla at the price of the Hellcat!

why the mirror been folded in the first run?