Tesla Model S P100DL Versus Corvette Z06 – Drag Race Video

OCT 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

A Corvette Z06 was the first contender to try out DragTimes’s new Tesla Model S P100D on the quarter mile.

Surely, a 0-60 mph time of 2.52 seconds and another sub 11 second run on the 1/4 mile would prove just about all the Chevy could handle?

Tesla Model S P100D takes on a 650HP Corvette Z06 Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

It’s our first time out drag racing with our new P100D Tesla Model S, watch us race a new 650HP Corvette Z06 down the 1/4 mile in an all out heads up drag race at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Our Best run of the night was a 10.76 setting a new world record for an electric production car.

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I’d imagine no so fun for these high-performance gear-heads to be going down the 1/4 mile looking at the rear end of a large family sedan.

Note the Tesla costs $55,000 more than the Corvette.

And weighs 1500 lbs more.

And carries for adults in Rocket Comfort.

And it’s red instead of blue, but none of this has anything to do w/the point I was making, which was $ vs speed. Most supercars (many of which Tesla can beat) cost close to $1 million. In this case, it was racing a car that delivers at the high end of speed for money.

LOL. What supercar Tesla can beat? And beat in what? On a track Tesla would not stand a chance against the Vette. Tesla is good only for fast acceleration on straight (!) and short(!) line.

That said, Tesla is awesome car. It just not sporty.

Tesla will be racing soon in autonomous mode. That gives some tens of a second advantage too.
It wil contain a small routine like:

Sub Drag_race ()
if green_light = 1 then
Torque_setpoint = max_torque
End if
End Sub

Syntax error

Yeah, I forgot something for this routine to work:

Sub Drag_race ()
if green_light = 1 then
Torque_setpoint = max_torque
‘comment 😀
End if
End Sub

And that’s exactly what American cars have traditionally been good at. All the muscle cars of the 1960’s? *Terrible* track cars, which is why NASCAR tracks have been banked ovals for so very, very long.

Also note Vette didn’t use launch control as you cannot hear the engine rev at launch. That suggests the guy isn’t rich enough to afford blowing up the transmission for best times.

If money is no object, I’d like to see the electric Genovation Corvette Z06 ($330,000) race the Tesla P100D.

True, and I like the looks of the Z06.
It’s a sweet ride.

Just another reminder that Elon has small hands.

That might be so, but Elon clearly is heavy fisted !

Wait a minute. This is getting personal. I’m a Vette fan but I own a Tesla Model S. Hmmm. I love both cars. I guess still have gas head genes left over:)

Give your Vette to Genovation and they will make it electric. Just a mere $330k

And people think the Tesla is ugly…

Tesla racing channel is a lot more entertaining than this dude.

Why do I not get tired of watching these? 🙂