Tesla Model S P100D Still Quicker Than Challenger SRT Demon


Well, well, well … it seems this brings us to phase two of the FCA “Accelerationgate” scandal.

We reported that Jeep has decided to exclude the Tesla Model X P100D from its list of SUVs in order to lay claim to having the “quickest” production SUV in the world.

But wait, Tesla Model S P100D does 2.3 seconds to 60 mph … without any asterisks

Now, Dodge has come forward with the “fastest production car” ever produced. It’s the all-new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, and they say it can also tackle a zero to 60 sprint in 2.3 seconds.

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) banned the Demon due to a lack of safety equipment necessary for its type of performance (it only has one seat and has been substantially stripped down to reduce weight). It’s a street-legal drag car, by every definition.

FCA’s somewhat obvious goal with the new Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk, was to be quicker than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, the Bentley Bentayga, and the Tesla Model X. This is, of course, because these are the three SUVs to beat in today’s market. While Jeep, with its impressive 3.5-second stat, succeeded in topping both the Porsche and the Bentley,  it couldn’t come close to that of the Tesla Model X. So, Jeep just applied a workaround.

Similarly, the Dodge Demon had to set out to beat the Tesla Model S P100D, because there is no other production vehicle that even comes close. What better than to premiere the world’s quickest car and the world’s quickest SUV at the last major auto show of the season? And, to beat Tesla twice!

But not really …

Of note is the stripped-down drag-ready, Electric GT, Tesla Model S P100D, which can pull a zero to 62 mph run in 2.1 seconds. (Although it is not a production vehicle, it is interesting for comparison).

Depending on where you look, or who you talk to, the Demon’s 2.3-second zero to 60 sprint may have just succeeded in topping the Model S. According to Tesla’s website, the Model S P100D is capable of a 2.5-second time.

However, that information was posted prior to the new Ludicrous Easter Egg updates. If Dodge simply had to beat 2.5, the challenge may have not been so difficult. But published figures for the Tesla Model S P100D with the new Ludicrous upgrade show a 2.28-second time.

What’s there there? 2.28 seconds you say? Image Via Motor Trend

Motor Trend did the testing and is sticking by its methods, a similar real world result has since appeared. We don’t know who did the Demon’s testing, but it’s assumed it was in-house, and we have no idea how the testing was carried out, but we do know it wasn’t in the real world, in real world conditions. However, we have exhausting details regarding the Model S’ testing, along with published times, videos, etc.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – making noise on stage in New York

Did the tested Demon have the optional passenger and rear seat in? We think not. Elon Musk will be happy to tell you that if you take the seats out of the Tesla, or strip it down (remove the frunk), it will fare even better. For now, for the Demon, we just have a sign that says it’s true.

Did Dodge use the familiar and standard method for testing, which factors in rollout? One would hope so, since this would get the Demon a better time, like that of the Model S. Not testing it this way would be silly, since it would make beating current records even more difficult..  And what is that connecting the Dodge to the pavement? Looks like it needs some serious drag radials enabling 1.8 g to get to that number.

If the Dodge was tested factoring rollout, then the Model S is the winner, by some hundredths of a second. That is, if the Demons’ 2.3-second publicized time is not rounded in any way. It’s almost certain that it wasn’t precisely 2.3, but rather 2.34, or 2.29 or something similar. If Dodge didn’t include rollout, a few tenths of a second would be added to its time, like that of the 2.53-second P100D run. And again, the two cars’ stats would be within mere decimals. But based on modern math, the Model S would still take the win.

On the contrary, if the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon pulled off a 2.3-second stat without an included roll-out, this would be astronomical. If this is honestly the case, then the P100D will be defeated with an (*) asterisk … if you can get past all the various “non-real world” scenarios, and again “drag radials”, “optional” seating, and non-NHRA track-only.  So ultimately, does it even matter?

Video (below):  How “easy” is it to even attempt the 0-60mph run?  Check check out the “easy” instructions from the 2:02 minute mark of Dodge’s official Challenger SRT Demon demo ride.

Video (below):  Now let’s compare that to Tesla’s verified 0-60 mph run in 2.28 seconds. Look at all that ‘pressing the accelerator’ a driver has to do … to repeat that performance all day long.

In Dodge’s defense, like the Cherokee Trackhawk, this is a brand-new car, just premiered at the New York Auto Show. Even when it does come to market, it will only be produced in extremely limited numbers. In time, there will be more official stats and tests for comparison.

You better believe that as soon as this new “world’s quickest production car” becomes available, there will be a plethora of tests, races, stats, etc. The truth will eventually be told. By then, however, Tesla will likely release a new Ludicrous Easter Egg that is even faster, or how about optional seats?

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I’d like to see it do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds every single time

Let’s see that

This is getting silly. How many times can the Tesla? We already know that power is reduced as the state of charge is reduced and to protect the battery. How about top speed? How about lapping Road Atlanta a few times? 0-60 is a worthless metric. Tesla needs a new party trick – this one has gotten old.

What are you talking about? New party trick? The Model S is a great car that is very comfortable, can actually and comfortably carry 5 to 7 person (instead of just one…), can basically drive itself and looks good without using a drop of gasoline and gets better with time with updates. Really, new party trick…

I’ll respond to you rather than try to address everyone individually. My point is that 0-60 is but one metric of a car’s performance. If Tesla or its fans want to tout Tesla’s prowess based on that one metric, then they can expect to have other performance metrics brought to their attention. The Demon or any muscle car is not one that I personally would consider. I prefer Porsches and generally speaking they never excel at any one metric. But taken as a whole package it’s hard to argue the 911’s prowess as a performance car. Hope this makes sense.

Guess I’ll leave it at that.

Yawn. Goaterguy just named about four other metrics that the Porsche will never compete in. The Model S beats most cars in most “categories” *in addition to* beating muscle cars in the — yes, highly prized — 0-60 metric. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about or are deliberately spouting nonsense.

Apparently, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The subject of the article is performance – as in high performance – tests of speed and agility. Carrying passengers, driving itself and not using gas don’t qualify. Pay attention.

No, you don’t understand. This article is merely pointing out that while the Tesla model s excels in so many other categories it can still beat a brand new muscle car 0-60. It’s not claiming this car would be a better track car than a Porsche or anything like that.

I’ve seen videos where. Tesla has walked there dog on the hellcat. Oh please. And many others. I’m sorry I ever bought the 2017 Nissan Maxima that I have because I could have been driving something much better my boyfriend bought this for me. And we are paying 63,795.35. Years. 7. He’s got great creat. To. There’s nothing that compares to a tesla That will be my next car

English, please!

“My car can swim faster in water” comments don’t matter. There are more “track guys” picking Teslas for the street, you should just give up, or “join” those you can’t “lick”.

The only thing more common than 0-60, in public, is 0-30, 0-40, but go ahead, take the Demon with its front drag wheels to Road Atlanta. Leave the pits in 2.3 and see how she turns.

Drag slicks? One seat? An engine pushed to the nth degree? How far do they have to go to match a five seat family sedan?

Zing! Bwah hah hah hah!

A 5 seat family sedan that costs how much?

Lets imagine that you’re going on a cross coutry trip. A demon will be able to transport more people FASTER even by only having two seats then the tesla as it doesnt take more then 2 minutes to fully “recharge” it

Tesla’s are very consistent when launching. I mean the P90D did 0-60 in 3.6 seconds in the rain with ZERO wheel spin.

The Hellcat broke down many times because you have to launch it a certain way and it’s not consistent.

But 0-60 doesn’t even matter. What matters is 0 to the speed limit and passing power at higher speeds.

And the Tesla is superior in all categories, without burning a drop of gasoline.

I’d be all over the Demon if Tesla’s didn’t exist… but they do. Rendering all other cars very non comparable.

Sorry but Tesla isn’t impressive.
Overall they are useless vehicles with limited ranges, long charging times and gigantic price tags.
Its already been proven that it gets slower and slower as the battery wears down, meaning that your performance is really only available if you just take the car around the corner, because on any sort of drive the performance will just get worse and worse.
Also there are battery limits and protection temperatures, you cannot beat on the Tesla the way you can with traditional cars.

Why do you think there are no circuit times with Tesla’s? They literally cannot even make it around the track without having all the power pulled or the car turned off due to “critical battery temperatures”.

0-60 and 1/4 mile are their party tricks because they are infact the only tricks a tesla can do. In every other metric it makes no sense to own or purchase one.
I also don’t think they look that nice (especially the hideous model X) and their owners are often the highest tier of jerks.

Yawn. Next?

The massive V8 is inherently a failed application for acceleration. Throwing 8 pistons in the air and then having to explode gas to get them to go in the Opposite Direction every time, works against you as the size of the engine gets bigger.

They should have been researching Large Rotary Engines.
But, there’s just nothing better then an electric motor.
And as batteries continue to get better every year, the size of the electric motors will increase, and the weight of the batteries will continue to decrease.

And Tesla, yet, hasn’t increase the rubber on those tires too.
Tesla has a lot of top end to grow into. ICE is just a Dead End.

Thats actually not at all the case.
I think you should learn something about engineering before just spewing nonsense.

Tesla can only do 0-60 and 1/4th mile, in everything else it cannot even compete because its batteries suck and its performance exists only for a few seconds…. There is really no comparison and electric motors are a dead end.

Electric motors are a dead end? LOL They are just comming to crush ICE.

What are your thoughts about fuel cells?

How is it a dead end when you have solid state batteries coming out?
What can ICE do? Add more pistons?
Lmao #lawyered

It’s a family car, not a race car.

The demon can do it in 2.1 with rollout according to Fix News, the best news. The tesla was recorded with Rollout when it did it at 2.8 with out rollout the tesla is 0-60 at 2.58

Quicker or Faster?

With over 1,000hp, I’d bet on the Demon in 1/4 mile run. Both time and trap speed.

0-60 is kind of a ridiculous stat. On the street, 0-30 is more important. On the track it is meaningless. “Track” is a drag race or course time. Tesla can’t do either. 10+ seconds 1/4 mile is SLOooooW. 155mph is SLOoooooW.


I’d suggest “the track” is always meaningless when you are talking performance on production cars…Tesla Model S or Dodge Demon. But people enjoy watching the videos apparently, so we provide all they can handle, (=

But, you just know Billy Bob that hangs out at the track every weekend has something in his garage that is going to go quicker/faster than either.

In the real world aka “street legal”, its generally whatever the acceleration is between zero and and the ~speed limit that matters.

The Hellcat on the track will beat up the Tesla. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news.

Not sure who you are replying to? Maybe a /miss?

Your comment really doesn’t connect/contradicte in meaningful way to what I was saying.

Dodge is faster than tesla. Watch how motortrend explains it very well in this video. https://youtu.be/RWQ-dnpplaA

Once again, not sure what that has to do with my comment? My only point was that in the “real world” for a production car, only the acceleration rates between 0 and the approx speed limit are what is of value…not whatever the top speed, or what the quarter mile time/speed is, or what even the 0-60mph is on the track with special equipment/tires/complex launch procedures. But with that notwithstanding, the oxymoron/issue here is touting it as a production, street legal vehicle…comparing it against other cars with its 0-60mph 2.3 second, 9.65 quarter mile/140 mph that can only be done off the street with (*)asterisks and modifications that need to be done after the point of sale to be legal at the track. But then again, maybe when a 80 year old lady in a P100DL takes you down at any stop light in America by a half dozen car lengths before you are going 25 mph over and you have to slow down, you can hold up a sign or something at the next light that says how great your car theoretically could be at the track. Again my issue/point isn’t at all with the potential maximum performance, my… Read more »

I didn’t read your comments. I just replyed because you are insideevs staff. That guy who wrote the article doesnt know the difference between fast and quick.

Sigh, well if you didn’t read my comment…

That withstanding, the title (and point), of the story is:

“Tesla Model S P100DL Still Quicker To 60 Mph Than New 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon”

…so what am I missing here about what the author doesn’t know. It’s completely about the 2.3 second, 0-60 mph of the Tesla versus the claimed 0-60 mph time of Chrysler to 60 mph. I see zero reference to the 1/4 mile time, or the top speed of the Model S or the Demon in this story at all.

Maybe people are reading through the comments and getting the discussion mixed up? Or maybe someone is looking at the picture of it on the stage today and it happens to say “fastest” behind it in that one shot? But there is no correlation to the point being made by the author…at least not that I can see.

Maybe the Doge is. But but no other car is.

There is no doubt the Demon is going to beat the P100DL in a 1/4 mile race if the 9.XX time holds up. But to say 10 seconds and 155 mph in a production car is slow is just crazy.
Not sure if you have run the quarter mile yourself, but I thought doing 12 second quarter miles on my motorcycle was quick. You launch hold on and it is over, doesn’t seem anywhere close to 12 seconds.

Tesla is the most rapid.

Oui, très rapide.

And it’s got the most “zip”.

If the car is strictly for the drag strip, strip down a Tesla to the same degree, and according to Elon, 2.1 sec

It does NOT have over 1000 horsepower!

I bet the P100D is going to prove quicker on the 0-60.

But if they are so close in 0-60, it’s likely the Dodge will win in the 1/4 and possibly the 1/8th as well.

I’m pretty sure the next gen Model S will be something absurd.

Maybe 1,700, or 1,800 amps above 30mph, but without getting hostile, Tesla is evidently not committed to supporting specs, through either update or not their meeting them in the first place (P90D). Even Drag Times is starting to call this out (on TMC).

No dash, and “humans are dangerous”, are the future Musk wants for Tesla. His choice. The field is ripe for a cheaper Rimac, or some other maker of a driver’s EV. The current Model S dash may not be around much longer. It’s funny because Elon tweeted used Model S values are holding up quite well, just today. Go figure.

I’m gonna say the p100d is meeting “SPECS”.

But what happens after 60 mph like in the quarter mile? All Tesla cars are toast at that point. It’s instant torque is only an advantage at the start up to 60 mph.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to watch quarter mile drag videos of Teslas in action before commenting.

Whichever one you salivate over, do it quickly.

Once automated driving kicks in for real, the insurance companies will recognize the safety benefits and charge a fortune to “drive it yourself”. Then the automated driving software will be mandated to offer only modest acceleration and top speed.

Oh, and this will apply to race tracks too – only automated driver-less cars will be allowed.

We’ll all tell our grandkids that driving use to be fun before our kids (who’ll write the automated s/w) ruined it for us.

Who cares about the race track, next to each other, at a red light, tesla wins every time, and n consequence may be the first one to be t-boned by a late yellow chaser.

Before Tesla S showed up 0-60 was the base performance acceleration metric. Now that it excels at that they need to come up with some other base metric…no worries, I’m sure a future electric will beat whatever metric they come up with.


How about an EV that handles as well as a Miata ND or Cayman? Still waiting….

Tesla quickest? The slowest cars on the streets are those teslas. Its not Ludicrous mode, it should be better called the farce mode. What is it good for if you can only use it a few times and nobody dares to use it

Alternate reality Mr Trump?

I’d like to care about either one but then again I’m not a redneck so I don’t…

Musk tells meddling investors to buy Ford:


Maybe some took him up on that, as today the stock got hammered.

HaHa I would love to see Tesla come out with a drag strip option just to prove a point. Could you imagine a one seat P100D going down the track:)

“Applied a workaround”. LOL, “There were more people at MY party than YOURS! YOU just couldn’t see them!”

They must have been watching all those videos of Hellcats getting their lunches taken, to feel the need to create this monstrosity.

I hate when I want to show off my new ride’s acceleration, but I only have ONE FRICKING SEAT! I’m thinking the optional passenger seat is going to have many takers!

Just give your passenger a milk crate lol

Tesla racing channel will destroy the gas guzzling smoke producing demon lol

Quick and fast are not the same thing… Fastest as in top speed. Motortrend explains it simply in this video https://youtu.be/RWQ-dnpplaA

Until Chrysler has four-wheel traction control that updates every 30mS with more than enough power to break traction on each wheel like a Tesla, Joe Sixpak isn’t gonna catch the Tesla with these cars.

Tesla’s don’t need a burnout before turning in these kind of times.

Now they’ve done it. All the “100 kWh is the max pack size” talk is out the window. Look forward to the P120DL with larger motors coming at the end of the year (just in time for the 20700 cells).

Per: “(just in time for the 20700 cells).”, who is making thos cell? Samsung? The Gigafactory is producing cells called 2170: 21mm Diameter x 70mm Length!

2070 is Teslas code, 20700 would be the industry standard, like the 18650 Tesla is using now in their cars.

Uh sorry didn’t catch the 2170/2070 thing.

Someone explain to this blogger that there is a major difference between the words Quickest and Fastest in the auto world.
Thanks in advance 😉

A Hellcat, not to mention a Demon , will destroy a Tesla with a proper driver. Screw the 0-60 and Quarter mile. Do a race for 2 miles and it won’t even be close. At a quarter mile a Challenger is just getting warmed up while the Tesla already peaked.

The author never compares anything on a “fastest” metric. The word is used, but everything is about “quickest”.

In fact, there is never any mention of the “speed” of any vehicle, Challenger SRT Demon or Tesla Model S P100DL, only acceleration.

Again, maybe people that really want to find flaws with the conclusion are looking at the top photo, which just happens to contain the word “fastest” in huge letters, are going for the easy way out?

I think its fine to debate the point of the article, that the Challenger SRT Demon can actually be as quick/quicker to 60 mph that the Model S P100DL on the street (or track)…but I don’t think a random call out on which car is “fastest” has much to do with the price of soup.

Yeah, have fun scheduling your 2 mile run on the salt flats!

If you look at the Dodge Demon website it has a disclaimer,:
“Excludes non-mass production vehicles and hybrids, based on 0-60 times.”

I bet they consider the Tesla a hybrid and so I am sure the Tesla beats the Dodge otherwise they would not have put in a disclaimer. Or they consider the car not mass produced

Nice find!

That would be a “douche-claimer” then.

(Yes, I just coined a term.)

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Anyway…today is a good day to start shorting Tesla….

Good now troll elsewhere

A fit man can outrun a horse for the first 10 feet or so. Doesn’t mean he wins.

If the Fat Man shoots the horse, he can win every race!

If the Demon stays together, it might win, but it might just twist off a drive shaft and go nowhere!

With slicks that is a given.

Just a matter of a little time.

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time…

Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bulls***. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free”

There was once an internal testing prototype at Tesla Motors, before the dual motor version came out called Godzilla, likely because it was green (I miss green). It was also a monster. It had two performance motors, one on each axle. It was also built with the 85kWh battery, before the Insane Mode iconel contactors and so forth in the last couple years. Those motors were 421 HP each, as I recall. What Dodge, in its, um… panic, has done here is start to do drag race modifications to what would otherwise be a useful personal vehicle. I believe the Hellcat has made trips to the store, airport, and maybe even a hardware store. I don’t think anyone has done road trips in a Hellcat. Americans are driving their Tesla vehicles across this country every day and night. Is there a single racing circuit involving the Hellcat, or is it a private owner drag race car? Will the Demon become a new breath of life in auto racing? I believe this move too far will be remembered as the last ICE power move, principally because of the extreme efforts FCA is making here in making a numerically competitive vehicle. What… Read more »

Honestly, this obsession over 0-60 times is pretty much just a huge pen15-wagging contest, with manufacturers fluffing their numbers. Whatever.

“A 0-60 time is the ultimate measure of a vehicle’s acceleration, and the Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon delivers the fastest acceleration of any production car”

I thought that 0-60 times are meaningless now that Tesla beats everything. Now the metric is again “the ultimate measure”? Pathetic.


“and does 0–60 in 2.3 seconds (2.0, if you factor in rollout”

Okay, I guess that slams the door on argument … the Demon should be noticeably quicker 0-60 than the P100DL, even quicker than the hypothetical stripped down P100DL that could do 0-60 in 2.1 sec with rollout.

It’s a beast of a hot-rod. Ridiculous in a lot of ways, but I can appreciate the over-the-top pursuit of top power.

Tesla is going to have to significantly up their game if they want to catch the Demon. :^D

They’re both great cars. I wish people wouldn’t get so hot and bothered.

And I’m not sure Tesla should really bother trying to go faster, unless that’s the world they want to get sucked into. I don’t see that they have anything to prove here.

Yeah, I don’t know how much it would cost Tesla to take back the title or if they could recoup their investment plus some profit.

Some people will pay up for top performance and bragging rights. If Tesla produced a P100DXL (say) next year that shaved weight, boosted power and part strength, ran street legal drag tires, etc … required to beat 2.0 0-60mph then they could certainly charge another premium for it. How many people would cough up $200k for such a car? Not a huge number, but if Tesla could sell a couple thousand it might be worth it to take the car up another notch toward super-car level performance.

I think the point is that for drag racing, at least, electric cars are really cheating, using a much quicker and easier way of going quickly compared to the challenging smoke, fumes, noise and launch process akin to a carrier takeoff. If you aren’t disturbing the neighbors, panicking the onlookers and flagging the cops while whooshing ahead its just not the same. I think Tesla should produce a “silly” mode, requiring a launch sequence, spinning each axle in turn to waste some tires, broadcast a lot of noise inside and outside the car with those great speakers, and add a smoke generator that will only run for the couple of seconds necessary to make things seem “authentic”. Then they might be taken seriously.

All this would only matter if a network of quite straight tunnels connected all the places that I tend to go to and if those tunnels would only allow autonomous cars and have no speed limit…

That way I would save 30 minutes a day. With the given roads and traffic, my RV carries me as slowly as the rest and any 0 to 60 and quarter mile talk is wasting more than 2.3 seconds…

Well “fun” is an array of strings which usually contains different values for different people.

That said! Have fun!

And when will we hear more about TUNNELing?

Once again you Teslaits ignore process. The Tesla 2.28sec is a rollout 0-60 not a dead start. The Demon from dead is 2.3 and 2.1sec with rollout. The rollout is what is used by many auto magazines it takes multiple factors out of the time. Please show the Tesla 0-100mph or even worse for the Tesla 0-150mph. Nice try manipulating data though… and let us know when you do a 9.65… Oh that’s right a second isn’t much…lol

Motor Trend tested the Demon at 11-lish second based on the on-board computer. And why would Dodge demand the drag strip timer to be turned off.. got something to hide :). Oh and read how comical is the startup procedure, yeah, street legal, but by the time you did all the prep for max acceleration, a granny in a Corolla already passed you and at the next block. What a joke of a car. Don’t even get started at the environment requirement. Not at sea level? It is 80+ degree or under 60 degrees? It is raining? Snowing? http://www.motortrend.com/cars/dodge/challenger/2018/2018-dodge-challenger-srt-demon-first-drive-review/

Fast != Quick

Tesla does not have the fastest production car.

Demon is nothing more than a heavy modified SRT Hell Cat been mass produce. The car has one purpose only; Marketing. To be the best you must beat the best, but sadly, they exhausted all resources to do so. Instead of building an electric car to compete, they chose to throw everything even the kitchen sink at this old technology. This is it, the very best of the ICE has to offer to compete; a car with front tricycle tires filled with special racing fuel, and a stripped interior except the driver’s seat. Wow! I am really impressed. Desperation is the only explanation with this oversight by management. But I can’t blame them, I would have made the same decision after watching multiple YouTube videos of Meow Cats been destroyed at the dragstrip by one single Model-S.

i im late like 1 year late, but the 2.28 from the tesla is from rollout. 2.53 is from a deadstop. the demon with rollout can reach up to 2.1 seconds. 2.3 is with no rollout