Tesla Model S P100DL Races Modified Hellcat Challenger – Video


It’s widely known that the Tesla Model S P100DL is the world’s quickest sedan, but quick doesn’t necessarily mean that it can outgun all others on the 1/4-mile track.



Sure, we’ve seen a few Model S EVs beat some Hellcats, but this particular Hellcat is modified for track use, so how does the P100DL fare against this race-ready car?

Also: Check out the interesting interaction after the race at the Model S picks up his time slip.

Video description:

“In our New Tesla P100D Ludicrous Mode at Atlanta Dragway. Of course, whenever Hellcats are around it always good to try to hunt one down and get a race. In the 1/4 mile some might think the Tesla doesn’t have enough for a Hellcat, especially a modified one with Pro Drag Radial tires, a pulley swap and a tune.”

“Wanted to race him the first go-around but it didn’t work out pairing wise so next time we saw him we made sure of the drag race going down between the two. Watch how the Tesla P100D stacks up vs a Modified Hellcat Challenger at a quarter mile dragstrip with Tesla Racing Channel!”

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19 Comments on "Tesla Model S P100DL Races Modified Hellcat Challenger – Video"

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why don’t we be car enthusiasts, and admit facination with the “drag strip”? No need for the propoganda.

Tesla is disrupting southern culture on the drag strip lol

Yep. I suppose a few of them good ole’ boys swallowed their chaw when they saw a Tesla stomp down some ice rival for the first time.

I think eventually as more Tesla’s and other high powered evs come onto the scene the past time of drag racing will become an activity whose time has passed.

I don’t think so, Southerners are stubborn people…many think that the south will rise again and oppress blacks.

EV will take over drag racing. It will not disappear.

The RIMAC has already beaten La Ferrari and Porsche 918.

The 918 was even the quickest of all hypercars the Cupbangers tested, yes also the than Bugatti

Agree. Good way to test overheating of motors and power electronics. Just as interesting would be to compare how many times each car could race without maintenance, except tire changes.

Go Tesla! ROFL at the modified hellcat.

lol, yes lets laugh at the hellcat that was actually faster.

Why don’t you ever show a Tesla beating an internal combustion engine car in a road race? Could it be posaably that you know it would loose?

Z milo needs EV education

You seen what Tesla did on pikes peak? Your comment is very blind, without any info about road racing for EV’s, especially Tesla.

The Hellcat runs for 12 minutes at full throttle before emptying the 18 gallon tank, so it can’t really road race without being modified with something like a 60 gallon fuel cell.

At 3-4 mpg the idea that it is a decent road racer is pretty silly, just like the drag radials it needs to launch reasonably well are completely impractical.

These Tesla drivers gave to stop racing with the windows down, its like racing with the brake on.

Windows up A/C on…who wants to inhale toxic fumes?

Running your A/C on the track will get you kicked out.

Also running with your window down is a big no no too and will get you a warning.

10mph trap speed difference is pretty huge. Takes about a 100HP difference. As far as the faster/quicker Hellcat, the Tesla couldn’t quite make up the difference even with a good launch. Yes the Hellcat driver took off last, but the time slip shows how much faster his car was.

There Hellcat did have a faster time, didn’t it? I guess I’m not clear exactly what I’m looking at here. The Tesla was ahead the whole way, and it’s a race against the other *car and driver*, correct? It is only a race against the clock, then why is it so important to find a good “opponent” to drive down the track next to??

( If it is only a race against the clock, then why is it so important… )

I am not here to bash the Tesla. They are cool cars, though ridiculously expensive when compared to a hellcat.

E/T is E/T. The Tesla was beat by 2/10ths. My stock hellcat ran a 10.74 which is still faster than this Tesla.

If you don’t understand how a car can cross the finish line first but still be slower you don’t understand drag racing.

If this was a grudge race then yes the Telsa would have won. He treed the hellcat. But, that does not indicate the ET of the car which is clearly shown on the board.

Reaction Time + Elapsed Time = Grudge race. in other words the first to finish.

Reaction Time – Is all driver skill

Elapsed Time – Is all car potential

Ray Cooper PR & Comms Director NEDRA

NICE! We love seeing the Teslas on the track. A lot of our NEDRA members are Tesla owners, and our member Brooks WWiesblat was the 1st P90D to beat that Green Hellcat in Florida. This guys should become a NEDRA member and start getting his times on the record board. We’d love to have another P100D member.