Tesla Model S P100DL Races All Sorts Of Drag Cars – Video


More racing excitement for your viewing pleasure!

This video features the Tesla Model S P100DL up against all sorts of real drag racers, some with slicks and wheelie bars.

Race Time!

Race Time!

Now, we all know that the Model S P100DL basically beats any street/production car out there, but how does it stack up against these strictly racing machines?

Video description (it’s a long, detailed one):

Racing our Tesla P100D in a variety of competition classes.

Ranging from Pro Tree Door Slammer, which is a eighth mile bracket race on a 5tenths pro tree, you can your change dial in at any time. Open Comp, which is a 1/4 mile bracket race on a 5tenths pro tree except that your dial in is what you qualify with along with you’re able to break out by a tenth of your dial in so if you had a dead on consistent car you would want to dial in an exact tenth slower. The final class of the day is the 7.00 Index which is a eighth mile race on a 4tenths pro tree.

Basically this Tesla turns into a race car the minute it hits the dragstrip, in this case the Fall Sportsman Wars at Rockingham Dragway. All of our Tesla’s have been hauled just depending on which track we go to if there’s a supercharger or a 80amp charger in the area.

Tesla P100D ludicrous vs A lot of Drag Cars. In the end I did as good as I could minus not being able to cut great lights all day because of the crazy amount of rocks on the tires which in turn killed y 60′ times along with my reaction time. Also had an issue not understanding the rules of one class and red-lighting in another. With an unsuspecting turn at the end of the day after all the racing was owner I decided to call out the track owner in his 700hp Cadillac CTS-V

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Would drag slicks on the Model S lower its time by increasing tire grip over the stock tires, or do drag slicks only help if you spin your tires like ICE cars? I’m just wondering why the Tesla owner would truck and trailer two Tesla’s to a drag race competition with heavily modified ICE cars all of which were racing on drag slicks, and not use drag slicks himself.

If only White Zombie would show up.

So this kid wears his race helmet without strapping it on? Brilliant.

Some of those gas car are practically doing a wheelie on launch. Now that’s how you compete against Tesla! All those other videos of gas cars at idle at launch are just beating up on novice driver.

If Tesla has just as sticky tires on all four wheels, would it do better? Probably not to quarter mile since Tesla is only one gear, but it could be quicker to the point when the torque begins to taper.