Tesla Model S P100D Versus Roaring Dodge Demon


Equipped with every item from the “Demon Crate”, the Dodge was out for blood

This video gives us a third take on the drama that is the drag racing bonanza between two usual suspects: a Dodge Demon and a Tesla Model S P100D. One is dubbed the king of the drag strip, the other one is the unwelcome ringer, mostly ruining the day for the drag king on many occasions. The first race between this Dodge Demon – a factory tuned drag race car – and the Tesla Model S P100D – a full-size all-electric luxury sedan – the result was surprising but also eye-opening for many; the Tesla won.

When the owner brought the Demon for a rematch, it featured a set of OEM tires, once again proving that it couldn’t topple the electric sedan. Now, for a third time, the Dodge Demon is back again to claim the drag strip title. But this time, the V8 powered American muscle car came prepared.

Equipped with every that is found in the “Demon Crate” – a set of factory tuning parts designed to maximize the drag strip racing potential of the muscle car – the Demon was out for blood.

The Demon Crate includes:

  • a hydraulic floor jack with carrying bag
  • a cordless impact wrench with charger
  • a torque wrench
  • a tire-pressure gauge
  • a fender cover
  • a tool bag
  • a foam case that fits into the trunk and securely holds the front runners
  • a performance powertrain control module with high-octane engine calibration
    replacement switch module containing high-ocane button
  • conical performance air filter
  • passenger mirror block-off plate
  • front-runner drag wheels

For this race, the Demon was equipped with a pair of skinny front-runner drag wheels and Mickey Thompson slick tires. Furthermore, the Demon was loaded with 100 octane racing fuel. This means that the hulking muscle car could count on its 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine, boosted to a whopping to 840 horsepower, thanks to a Race ECU and a Race Air Filter. The Tesla Model S, however, was completely stock. Not that it matters.

Find out how the Demon fairs against the Model S in the third, and what we think a deciding drag race between these two owners in the video above.

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That’s a lot of effort just to keep the ICE relevant. The best is when the Tesla just drives off and goes home while the Dodge has to jack up his car and swap all of that crap back off.

What kind of article is this? The video is just rambling text.

InsideEVs, you can do better.

Painful to listen to text->voice speech for 4 minutes, jump ahead to 3:00 mark, Dodge won one, Telsa won one, – You can thank me for saving 5 mins of your lifetime on a painful video!

Yes, most painful video I’ve ever read. Ugh.

The linked video is just a slide show with a robot voice. And obnoxious.

Here is the link to the DragTimes video:

Thanks. What InsideEVs should have had in the first place.

yeah, no kidding!

They actually did use the much better video when InsideEV’s covered it originally the first time back in APR 29 2018 when it was covered by ERIC LOVEDAY


Same race. New writer (Vanja), new source.

Blah Blah Blah – enough with the synthesized voice – really!

You have to have a certain length of video to qualify for click revenue. The video can be beefed up by including a bunch of text with a synthesized voice. Very disingenuous video publishing technique.

It doesn’t even contain any video. THERE IS NO VIDEO IN THIS VIDEO. It’s just a bunch of slides.

The entire “KITI NEWS” youtube channel is literally hundreds of videos made from slides, it’s a Chinese site, the oldest videos are all in Chinese, the newest ones have the English speech synthesis. They are designed to get clicks. Lots of “Thai rescue” headlines, and now Tesla headlines. They publish ten videos a day!!! A lot of them have zero views!!!

No reporter from that Chinese video channel ever visited the drag strip, there’s no way to determine if they are publishing true information or not.

Suggest you don’t re-publish stuff from the “KITI NEWS” channel any more.

Insideevs should pull this slide show / fake video from their site.

Vanja, did you even watch the video?

Since the meme when Tesla is faster on the drag than another car, is to say “yea, but [Insert Losing Car] would beat the Tesla on the track”……

I bet with those front tires that the Demon would slide right off the first corner if it went out on the track that way.

/meme hijack complete