Tesla Model S P100D Versus Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Red Tesla Model S P100D

JAN 16 2018 BY EVANNEX 25

Tesla Model S

Mercedes E Class is ready to rumble with Tesla Model S (Source: Top Gear)


We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany’s finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany’s most lethal cars wasn’t on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these two beasts against one another.

Could the Mercedes-AMG E63 S be a car that challenges this ludicrous competitor? Top Gear notes, “The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a deeply, deeply fast car. I can’t express that enough. It’s a super saloon with astonishing reactions, phenomenal traction and epic torque from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. 604bhp and a vast 626lb ft of torque from 2,500-4,500rpm. That’s colossal, even for a car that weighs almost two tonnes.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Above: Top Gear hosts this epic showdown (Source: Top Gear)

How does that stack up against its all-electric rival? It’s reported that “The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does a phenomenal job of overcoming its mass (it weighs a quarter of a tonne more than the Merc). Its twin electric motors develop 762bhp and 687lb ft, giving it a power to weight ratio of 339bhp/tonne, against the Merc’s 303bhp/tonne. But there’s more because of course, the Tesla doesn’t have a conventional rev band. That power is available everywhere.”

Tesla Model S

A look at the numbers (Source: Top Gear)

How does the Tesla fare throughout the race? Well, it’s just “… bloody quick. The acceleration rates are interesting to analyse because the P100D goes through every increment roughly a tenth faster than the E63S… at all relevant speeds the Tesla is faster – just look at the 30-70mph figure to give you an indication of what it’s like joining a motorway. The Merc makes the leap in 2.68 seconds, but the Tesla is almost exactly half a second faster.”

Tesla Model S

The winner… of course, the Tesla (Source: Top Gear)

The winner… of course, the Tesla (Source: Top Gear)

Is Tesla’s launch control impressive? Top Gear reports, “Tesla’s launch control did play up. With amusing results for everyone watching as my head snapped back. That was less impressive. Gave me neck ache the following day, too – which goes to show just how hard these things go off the line.”


Source: Top Gear

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

These comparisons really should include the “Price as tested” for each car.

Interesting idea. The Merc *starts* at $104,400. I was easily able to get the car over $130K on the website configuration page.

These comparisons should try doing this 10 times in a row at say 1 minute intervals, or maybe an hour of hard driving at a track. Very different results would occur. Or see how far you can drive at 250 KPH on a full tank/battery.

The point is you all know the T will win the quarter mile race on the first and only run, so what’s the point really. When car and driver ran the T in their lightning lap test at VIR it couldn’t even finish.

Test them as they will actually be used by their owners (tesla might still “win”). That might provide some meaningful/useful information

How about driving over a frozen lake test with a car full of penguins? That would be practical LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

I take it you have never been in a Tesla at a track. I have raced dozens of times one day at a track and was within .1 second from the first to the last.

Another 400m race? Why not go around a track?

Why not go hill climbing?

I never drive my car on a track or hill climb. I do however drive 0-60 every single day, multiple times as well as passing in highway traffic.

Those other challenges would be amusing and fun to watch but aren’t as practical of a benchmark to determine which car would be more fun to drive day to day.

Of course at that level of acceleration for either car it is no longer “practical” in any sense anyway.

Good points. As well consider passing and merging speed vs 0-60 and these numbers are impressive too.
30-70 mph: P100D 2.19 AMG-E63-S 2.68

braking also

While you’re at it, how about nurburg loop for daily commute?

@Someone out there
How’s about going 100,000 miles without ever stop at gas station, go to dealer for oil chance … ?

When the Mission E comes out, track superiority will be a thing of the past too.

OMG, I never thought a car advertised with 0-60 in 2,6 sec would be faster than a car advertised with 0-60 in 3,2 sec

As well consider passing and merging speed vs 0-60 and these numbers are impressive too.
30-70 mph: P100D 2.19 AMG-E63-S 2.68

That AMG is a torque monster!

I cannot wait for the AMG Electric cars.

Yeah, too bad these “innovative” German auto-makers didn’t see the electric revolution coming a decade ago, and instead focused on producing more “ultimate” driving machines and “the best of nothing” cars based on dirty “tiny-explosions in a metal box” technology from the last century.

Model S acceleration hits a wall at 120 MPH.

Takes 9.97 seconds to reach 120 MPH, but then a full 1.11 seconds longer to reach 124 MPH.

The Mercedes takes longer to reach 120 MPH (10.8 seconds) but then only .55 more seconds to reach 126.1 MPH.

Although… really, it seems like the Model S hits the wall at 100 MPH or so… only takes 6.4 seconds to reach that speed, but then takes 3.5 more seconds to reach 120 MPH.

Who cares? You driving your family around at 120 mph every day?

Haters gonna hate LOL


If I bought a tesla it will be powered by coal! Lol

Who cares? Even if you care about pollution and CO2 (and it sounds like you do), that would leave only about nine (9) reasons why one would choose a Tesla over almost any gasser. So why do you even mention it?

Thank, u!

With Mercedes everything is optional – even customer service at least in Australia where the dealership points their finger at MBA and they point it back with the customer being the meat in the sandwich. People wonder why I hate the dealer selling model of car sales where everyone rips you off and no one provides accountability. Lemon laws required in Australia NOW!

I would be interested in watching the same drag with ’17 E63 wagon which I own. Despite what specs have for it, it appears to beat the sedan by 0.1 on 0-60 because of a different mass distribution unique for wagons. That combined with optimal torque distribution makes it faster than sedan. This is what I’m hearing from other AMG wagon owners albeit it’s just a very few of us in the country.