Tesla Model S P100D Versus Mercedes-AMG E63 S Versus HSV GTSR – Video


This rather unexpected comparison/match-up from Australia pits the Tesla Model S P100D versus the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and the unknown-to-most-of-us HSV GTSR.


The video opens by describing the methods used by each vehicle to obtain massive power levels. Each of the three cars go about this in very different ways.

As Wheelsmag states:

“The P100D, AMG E63 S and GTS-R  are all large luxury sedans, with room for five on board plus luggage, offer similar dyno-destroying power, and pack autobahn-munching pace.”

“In each case, the method of generating startling figures and performance that used to be the preserve of vicious, compromised supercars is radically different in each case.”

Wheels.mag than asks:

“Can three such wildly different, and yet so surprisingly similar cars be compared side-by side?”

Guess you’ll have to check out the video to find out.

Video description:

“ON FIRST inspection, the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-AMG E-Class and HSV GTS might seem as similar as chalk, cheese and chicken pox, but a head-to-head battle between the most potent versions of each marque’s line-up makes more sense than you may think.”

You can check out the full written comparison here.

Source: Wheelsmag.com.au

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Just as a note the HSV stands for Holden Special Vehicles. This is a high performance version of the Holden Commodore built on GM’s now old Zeta platform that is going out of production.

In the US a version of this car was sold as the Chevrolet SS. The HSV version uses the same supercharged V8 engine that was used in the previous generation Camaro ZL1.

That Chevy SS cost $45K in the US. Tesla P100D cost about $150K.

“That Chevy SS cost $45K in the US. Tesla P100D cost about $150K.”

This is about HSV GTSR, NOT a chevy SS.


And that 110K is Aussi $, not American.

“This is about HSV GTSR, NOT a chevy SS.”

Chevy SS is the US version.

$110K Aussie is about $88K US. That is still way cheaper than $150K US of the price on P110D.

My favorite Aussie transport was the HSV Maloo — a 550hp car-pickup (think modern El-Camino).

Too bad UTEs are not popular in the US. . .an electric UTE would rock.

I think gear heads will always enjoy the fun of driving, but I think the clinical approach of Tesla will win out in the end.

It’s the fastest, handles the best, rides the best, and that’s the reviewer talking. But the steering is a bit numb and it’s not as much fun. It doesn’t make the throaty engine noises either, which so many enjoy.

“It’s the fastest, handles the best, rides the best, and that’s the reviewer talking.”

The reviewer said it was the quickest and best riding car among the 3, NOT handling the best…

The reviewer said: “What’s blanching, though, is the car’s ride and handling. If anybody was expecting a typical boring electric sedan here, nope. The ride is Alfa Giulia (maybe even Quadrifoglio)–firm, and quickly, I’m carving Stunt Road like a Sochi Olympics giant slalomer, micrometering my swipes at the apexes. I glance at Franz—this OK? “Go for it,” he nods. The Model 3 is so unexpected scalpel-like, I’m sputtering for adjectives. The steering ratio is quick, the effort is light (for me), but there’s enough light tremble against your fingers to hear the cornering negotiations between Stunt Road and these 235/40R19 tires (Continental ProContact RX m+s’s). And to mention body roll is to have already said too much about it. Sure, that battery is low, way down under the floor. But unlike the aluminum Model S, the Tesla Model 3 is composed of steel, too, and this car’s glass ceiling can’t be helping the center of gravity’s height. Nearly-nil body roll? Magic, I’m telling you. Magic. And this is the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive starting point. The already boggled mind boggles further at the mention of Dual Motor and Ludicrous. The photographers stare, looking bummed they haven’t gotten everything they wanted, but Franz… Read more »

Correction, ‘a reviewer said’. The review quote I have is from a different review, URL posted below it.

Yes, that is the Model 3. But why do you use MT’s early review of Model 3 to “deflect” the review of Model S in this Australian comparison?

It is like someone who did a review on Watermelon and some internet poster tries to deflect that review of the watermelon with a review by another site on Honey Dew…

You summed up the Internet nicely!

Because Michael is a bit of a dope!

That review is not about the Model S. It is about the Model 3.

Another Euro point of view

Well, it is rather ironical that Elon Musk, who owned a Mclaren at a very young age (then likely a petrol head himself) has such a sense of urgency to push for development of self driving. Perhaps he realized while driving a Tesla that best was for this car to drive itself. At least the conclusion of this video is supporting this speculation.

It’s hardly ironic when you consider what he did to his Mclaren.

Yep. NOISE is the most important ‘quality’ in a car. Dork!

“Silence Is Golden” Noise & Exhaust Fumes , The Brainless Just love Choking themselves…