Tesla Model S P100D Versus Audi R8 V10 – Race Video

FEB 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

The Tesla Model S P100D in Ludicrous mode once again was put into drag race comparison – this time against a pink Audi R8 V10 (we reserve judgement on this color choice).

Tesla Model S P100D Versus Audi R8 V10 – Archie Hamilton Racing

Archie Hamilton Racing didn’t provided any data about the length of strip used to measure the two cars,  so we are not sure whether it was a true 1/4 of a mile or not.

Anyway, the Tesla was naturally quicker at the start, both from a standstill and from a rolling start, but the Audi R8 V10 with an endless track eventually runs down the P100D.

As the Tesla Model S is full-size sedan with 5+2 seats, and the Audi R8 is strictly ‘sports car fabulous’, the results are pretty encouraging to those choosing the Tesla as a daily driver.

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18 Comments on "Tesla Model S P100D Versus Audi R8 V10 – Race Video"

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Old boy in the Audi needs to ratchet it down a couple notches..

Losing in the short run and catching up in the long run will last until Roadster hits the road.
Roadster will have 300 MPH (480 km/h) and will race ahead until it hits top speed and will leave all these clumsy 2 seater vehicles with V10 engines in the dust.

Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan are the only 2 vehicles with V10 engines and their brother Dodge Viper left them recently.

E60 M5 has a V10?

Clumsy and Lamborghini Huracan or R8 don’t go together in the same statement.

I’ll take tge R8 anyday over the boring Prius looking Tesla

So when he says it wins what does that mean? Just to an endless top speed? Of course it will win. They both have almost the same 1/4 mile times so it wouldn’t necessarily beat the Tesla P100D at the 1/4 mile even.

+1 Leaving the distance out of it, is like believing in 7,000lbs of torque.

People buying Teslas are buying street cars. No matter how hard VWG insists on “Ring” times, or the repeatability of 0-150mph tests, they will still be losers on the street. Multi-geared cars, with arcane mechanical drive systems, are toast. The engineers know it, like they know how stupid it is to come up with a sports BEV, first.

It’s all smoke and mirrors by the bean counters, controlled by the dividend-hungry third generation of Ferry Porsche. It must be demoralizing to work there. You would know you can do better than Tesla, but your company won’t let you.

I’m sure the Audi will go close to 200 mph and run away from the Tesla on a road course. But the Tesla holds more people and is more efficient. For Valet parking cachet,the Audi takes the win there too. It’s basically very similar to a Lamborghini.

Much nicer color than that super boring bland Model S

Wrap the S in that purple instead

Pearlescent, Iridescent, or Opalescent Paints, with shimmering different colors depending on viewing angles, can vary from a white, to a purple, just from the Mother of Pearl Effect!

However – a Single Geared Model S will need another Gear for higher tops speeds, since the Torque starts to fall off the Knee at the high revs! Difficulty in getting changeable gear sets strong enough for the first Roadster pushed Tesla to go single speed gear sets, and have stayed with singles since.

That is part of the problem in Electric Motors with the Sudden inrush of electrons and outrageous torque – the gear teeth get chewed up! Even my lowly Student Build EV Conversion with just a 20.9 Hp Motor, Twisted the Axles on the car it was put in, that had an original 57 Hp, when the students first ‘Put the Hammer Down’ on it!

Apples-to-apples would be both cars racing in first gear… instead of just one.

Wait a minute apples to apples would be a 4 door Audi family sedan against model s. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

In my country a Tesla S P100D costs 153.000€, which is significantly more expensive than even an Audi RS6.

Other point: A car with 500hp to 800hp makes only sense in a country without speed limits, e.g. Germany. I´m travelling ca. 25.000 miles a year on German Autobahns and have never (!) seen a Tesla speeding at higher speeds, as the battery is immediately unloaded at typical luxury car average speeds, which are in the range of 160km/h to 250km/h. For me 153.000€ would be much money to impress some bunnies during a traffic light sprint.

Smells like bs… Looks like it was intentionally done to promote the Audi.

I think the Audi R8 is the world’s dullest supercar.
It looks like a special needs 5yr old was allowed to modify a TT with papier mache.
And don’t even get me started on that dismal drone that Audi call an exhaust note.
It sounds like someone went to a discount store, picked up a cassette recorder, a food blender, and a subwoofer – whilst still managing to get change from their buck fifty – then recorded the blender and played it back on the subwoofer.
An ICE has the potential to be evocative, visceral, or downright melodic in it’s sound. With the R8 though…it’s just a noise that happens when the engine’s running.

It is a sure sign that electric vehicles are now dominant and will crush all the competition in the future when it is a remarkable feat when someone beats one.
BTW Jeremy Clarkson beat the R8 with the slower Model X

LOL! Carbon fibre sports car barely handles full sized 7 seater!

Every germ farmer rolls audi or benz, not mentioning all the taxi drivers all over Germany.
Cars start to brake before 2 yrs warranty, but after that it’s a horror for the house budget.

German plain sausages selled for the price of gold.