Tesla Model S P100D Still World’s Quickest Car

Red Tesla Model S P100D


It’s a three-way tie for the #1 spot, but Tesla still carries the torch.

If you desire owning the world’s quickest road-going production car, then the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous is by far your most sensible choice.

With its 2.28-second time from 0 to 60 mph, the Model S P100D became the world’s quickest production car some time ago. It’s top spot has been challenged, but no vehicle has surpass the mighty Tesla yet, not even the single-seat, stripped down Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Autocar compiled a list of the Top 10 quickest production cars available today and sure enough, the Model S P100D sits in the number one spot (shared with two other cars, both of which are single-seaters and one is a plasticy kit car).

Ultima Evolution Coupe

Here’s Autocar’s blurb on the trio of #1 quickest cars:

1: Ultima Evolution Coupé, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Tesla Model S P100D – 2.3sec to 60mph

The term ‘race car for the road’ is bandied around fairly liberally, but it’s hard to envisage a more accurate description for the 1020bhp, 6.8-litre supercharged V8-engined Ultima Evolution Coupé. Meanwhile, Dodge strapped a mammoth supercharger and other performance parts to the Challenger Hellcat to create the wheelie-pulling, 829bhp SRT Demon, and Tesla upped the largest battery pack of its Model S saloon to 100kWh, and managed a time of 2.28sec.

And here are the remaining Top 10 (yep, that’s a second Tesla on the list – the only automaker with two in the Top 10. And there’s the electric Rimac Concept One too):

2 – Bugatti Chiron

3 – Ariel Atom 3.5R

4 – Rimac Concept One

5 – Koenigsegg Regera

6 – Hennessey Venom GT

7 – Caterham 620R

8 – Tesla Model S P90D

9 – BAC Mono

10 – Ferrari F12tdf, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 Turbo S

Source: Autocar

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Is the Demon out yet? Or has it only been unveiled?

Who cares whose is faster or bigger??? Jesus…grow up!!!!!!!

If you want to go on about it, the Demon isn’t in the top 10 if you are talking about cars in the traditional sense that can actually be driven on the street. The Demon isn’t legal from Chrysler as sold on the street or on the dragstrip.

In street legal form the 0-60 time is much higher like 3 seconds. The only way to get 2.3 seconds (or lower) in the Demon is via removing the front and rear seats, outfitting it with drag radials, running 100 Octane, and buying the optional direct connect powertrain controller.

So if you want to throw to throw flags on the play, Chrysler’s has bigger ones.

Amazing how many people fall for the Demon story. This is proof that people stop reading after reading the titles. How could you possibly think a stripper car with drag tires and other tacing mods will be a production car?!

Passenger seat, rear seat are not required for street legal vehicles.

The Demon ships with and was tested with Nitto NT05R competition tires. These are DOT legal but give up a little performance to an unrestricted drag radial.

There are street-legal 100 octane race fuels. It’s not clear that the “Direct Connection” ECU is street legal; if so, it’s not unusual for ECUs to have various maps for different fuel octanes so it’s not clear why a second switchable ECU was required.

there are other street-legal ways to enlarge one’s ego. can’t share that excitement with your friends though

I just wonder how much insurance is on all these cars. I see these Challengers with so much power on the road that the drivers can barely keep them under control on dry pavement.

Little known fact on the Demon….but you have to be an ex gas head to appreciate.

The Demon has the only inter cooler that is cooled via the cars refrigeration system.

This allows them to get very low inlet air temps.


Yeah! — way to eek the most out of that old-fashioned explosion-powered crank box. Awesome.

Quickest is defined as 0-60? Yes, flying along at 60 mph in a straight line is truly racing. For extra thrills, stop and then get back to 60 again. Amazing. Nürburgring times? What are those?

Who are you kidding...

Because people take their family sedans to tracks? I don’t think so, but they do like the idea of being able to overtake real quick. And probably the idea that they could win any traffic light drag race if they wanted to…

They do take their cars to the track as much as “four electrics” drives his imaginary Model X around every time he closes his eyes.

I took my 99% street legal daily driver Subaru Legacy GT to the track quite a few times. MUCH cheaper than speeding tickets…

The article is on quickest cars. If you are more concerned about times around a race track, then you need to find an article on the fastest production cars.

A stripped Tesla can do <2s 0-60, how is a stripped 1 seater Demon at 2.1s considered better??? Not to mention it literally is ONLY good for the track whereas a Tesla is a great daily driver with tons of space and no need for racing fuel or special methods to get the quick acceleration.

Without pricing, the ranking is meaningless for most people. If you assume linear, formula used is price in USD * 0-60 time. Lower is better.

Chiron: 2000*2.5 = 5000
P100DL: 125*2.3 = 287.5
Demon: ???*2.3 = ???
Leaf/SoulEV/eGolf: 25*10 = 250
Hellcat/Corvette: 80*3 = 240
Bolt: 28*6.5 = 182
SparkEV: 16*7.2 = 115.2

EV prices are post subsidy in CA.

Your ranking has very little to do with speed. It mostly just rewards cheap, where the Nissan Versa would come in under 130 on your scale, just because it is cheap.

Do you really think the low scoring cars on your list can be considered “world’s quickest cars”?

If price is no object, any fool can make “world’s quickest car”, but that means little.

For linear relationship, the low scoring in above list are indeed better value in terms of quickness. If you don’t like linear, you can make up some other metric. Below is time squared ranking (Versa=$13K, 10sec).

Chiron 2000 2.5 12500
Leaf/SoulEV/eGolf 25 10 2500
Versa 13 10 1300
Bolt 28 6.5 1183
SparkEV 16 7.2 829.44
Hellcat/Corvette 80 3 720
P100DL 125 2.3 661.25
Demon ??? 2.3 ???

Now Tesla ranks better than SparkEV and Hellcat. Happy?

NOPE! Top ten quickest/fastest production cars to 60 mph, still means TOP TEN QUICKEST/FASTEST PRODUCTION CARS TO 60 MPH!

SparkEV — Actually, yes I am happy with that metric. And not just because of where the Model S lands on the list.

Your time squared ranking actually does a fairly good job of accounting for how much more expensive it is to cut 1 second off a car that is already fast, than it is to cut 1 second off a car that is slow.

The square actually accounts for the VALUE, instead of just the COST, if that makes sense.

(of course that metric doesn’t account for every single other feature/option that is of value in a car’s price besides 0-60, but that obviously also isn’t the point of your metric.)

I appreciate it. Thanks.

PS — I also agree with the positioning of the SparkEV in your second iteration, as it does indeed show that GM did a rather good job at making the SparkEV a rather peppy car for the price. GM actually put some effort into making it quick compared to other EV offerings in the same price range, and there is indeed value in that. They earned that position. High torque motors FTW.

Lol Spark…..L…O….L
I suggest adding the Smart car to the bottom of that list.

SmartED is $15K and rated 13 seconds. Linear would have score of 195, worse than Bolt. If time squared, score is 2535, worse than Leaf. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t make it rank better. It has to be cheap AND deliver performance.

Ok then, 2018 Spark it is! Oh….wait…

SparkEV proved to be so advanced that they may skip few years until the rest of the world catch up. But don’t worry; it could be back by year 3000. 🙂

Technically if there is a 3 way tie for first, there is no second or third place…

Judging from the complaints of some P90DL owners, maybe it shouldn’t be on the list. Not so much because of its acceleration times, those seem fairly accurate. It’s because of how much horsepower it makes while doing acceleration runs, that appears to be the rub.

Oh well, first world problems.

It makes power, not horsepower. The physical quantity is power.

Comparing 1 seater Demon with 7 seater Model-S is not fair.

Then Tesla can also install just 1 seat to hit 0-60 MPH in 2 seconds. But Tesla wants to sell car to families where you can go with your wife kids and grandparents.

And will Demon go 10 miles to a gallon or demand a gallon for every mile.

At this point I’d ask BMW, Audi, VW, Subaru and rest of the GT Racer Ponzis to pack up. And include Lambo, Aston Martin and Porsche to that list!